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Farm Bill 2012

Will this Farm Bill do enough for young farmers?

By the time the next Farm Bill expires in five years, 125,000 American farmers will have retired. This fact may well be the biggest threat to national food security, but you wouldn’t know it if you’ve been following this year’s …

Farm Bill 2012

Would you like a bad farm bill — or a terrible one?

For food reformers, little has changed since the "Secret Farm Bill" process was exposed to the public last fall. But now the GOP-led House has turned their attention to food stamps and it remains to be seen whether Congress can …

Farm Bill 2012

Farm Bill 2012: ‘It’s a mess, but it’s our mess’

Daniel Imhoff, the man who literally wrote the book on food policy, talks about democracy, debate, and why we should feel thankful for the farm bill, even in depressing years like this one.

Farm Bill 2012

Farm bill fail: Is food policy headed back to the future?

If Congress can't pass a new farm bill by September, farm policy will default to a 1949 version of the bill that was constructed for a very different America.

Farm Bill 2012

Despite the headlines, Big Ag subsidies aren’t going anywhere

Is crop insurance just another way to say "handouts for Big Ag"? Or is it an excuse to send taxpayer dollars to overseas insurance giants? Our sources say it's both.

Farm Bill 2012

Corn, corn everywhere — and not a drop to eat

Record-high crop prices have all the big farms in the Midwest planting up a storm while farm state politicians plan to trim conservation programs. Put them together and what do you get? A Big Ag bubble.

Farm Bill 2012

Farm Bill update: Fewer secrets, more hard work

The Secret Farm Bill process is long over and the Senate Ag Committee has scheduled its first round of Farm Bill hearings. So where should the sustainable food community put its attention now?

A farm bill in 2012? Don’t hold your breath

Ironically, after the rush to push the Farm Bill through the congressional supercommittee this fall, some farm state politicians are admitting that a bill before November's election is looking unlikely.

Farm Bill 2012

Why the 2012 Farm Bill is a climate bill

The Environmental Working Group says climate change activists should be concerned about proposed cuts to farm bill conservation programs, which would be the carbon-emissions equivalent of adding 2 million cars a year to America's roads.