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Climate & Energy

Your winters could be more rainy and less snowy thanks to climate change

Precipitation is increasingly likely to fall as rain rather than snow, according to new analysis.

Climate & Energy

Flint isn’t alone: America has a coast-to-coast toxic crisis

There's a grim broader history of lead poisoning in the United States.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is awfully hard on native plants

California plants are struggling to keep up with warmer temperatures.


Is climate change giving the Great Barrier Reef herpes?

A new study suggests that bleaching and viral infections go hand-in-hand on coral reefs.

Business & Technology

Toyota’s sick paint job could cut carbon emissions

This solar-reflective lime-green paint could cut gas bills, too.


Whole Foods pop-ups might offer tattoos next to the asparagus water

Yes, really.


Debate moderators should ask Hillary and Bernie about climate plans

Hillary and Bernie have differences on climate. Why don't we hear about them at the debates?


Gravitational wave discovery gives us reason to save humankind, I guess

If we don't live to tell this incredible story, then what was it all for?

Climate & Energy

Republicans should not assume that climate science denial can’t hurt them

GOP operatives say the issue of climate change won't affect the election, but they might be missing the bigger picture.