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Soft drink tax war to bubble up in cities across the U.S.

Soda taxes are finally gaining traction. Next year, they might appear at the polling booth in a city near you.


All those toxic chemicals in the ocean? Birds are pooping them back on shore

Guano is even grosser than we thought.

Climate & Energy

How to read the jargon at the Paris climate change talks

This guide translates the diplomat-speak to more common language.

Climate & Energy

Obama calls the climate fight an “act of defiance” against terrorism

As major U.N. talks kick off in Paris, the president acknowledged America's role in causing global warming.

Climate & Energy

Eiffel Tower turns green as Paris Climate Summit kicks off

An interactive light installation projects images of trees onto the iconic Paris landmark.

Climate & Energy

Check out these amazing photos from the world’s biggest day of climate action ever

Hundreds of thousands of people joined 2,300 marches in 175 countries, demanding a strong climate deal from leaders in Paris.

Permanent Depress

The dirty secrets of dry cleaning

Advice maven Umbra Fisk adopts a not-so-casual attitude to the question of dry cleaning, one of our most toxic personal habits.

Climate & Energy

Climate activists in Paris stage peaceful action, despite official ban on marches

Thousands formed a human chain through central Paris with colorful signs demanding climate action.


Nostalgic for fudge-striped cookies? Bake them at home!

Here's the recipe for a homemade version of a childhood favorite.