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Climate & Energy

Obama gets personal as he talks about climate change and clean air

The president gave an unusually passionate speech as he unveiled his Clean Power Plan, complete with an anecdote from his college years.


Here’s what the presidential candidates think of Obama’s climate plan

From Marco Rubio to Bernie Sanders, the leading 2016 candidates had a wide range of responses to Obama's Clean Power Plan.

Climate & Energy

How are environmentalists reacting to Obama’s Clean Power Plan?

Their public statements are celebratory, but scratch the surface and you'll find that feelings in some quarters are more complicated.


Hungry Arctic mosquitos are coming for you, Rudolph

Climate change is giving Greenland's mosquitos a leg up on their caribou prey.

Green Screen

True Detective is almost over, and almost everyone is dead

How many people have had to die in this season of True Detective to make California's high-speed rail happen?

she went to Harvard

Megan Amram brings the sadlaughs on women and science

Finally! A silly and sexy take on science that we ladies can understand.


How will technology change farming?

Billions in startup investment are driving a new wave of "Ag 3.0" innovations that could make farms more productive, efficient, and responsible.

Climate & Energy

Ted Cruz thinks scientists invented climate change

The Texas senator has some strong beliefs on climate change. They're all wrong.


This video explains America’s love affair with meat

Americans eat nearly twice as much as the average Norwegian and roughly nine times as much as the average Ghanaian.