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Does your kid want a BMX bike or homemade soap? Grist investigates

Watch our video to find out how unsuspecting children really feel about more heartfelt, useful presents.

go watch eleven pipers piping

How to skip the gift wrap and enjoy the present instead

On the 11th day of DIY Christmas, I dispensed with material good altogether and had a really fun time.


Help! My neighbor is gassing me out with her dryer sheets!

A reader wonders how to convince her neighbor to stop using toxic dryer sheets. Umbra suggests stopping by and shooting the sea breeze.


Eat less. Get healthy. Feed the world.

Whether you end up changing the world or just your own health, eating less -- and spending on quality over quantity -- is a great idea.

Ten Lords a-Feasting

This bourbon balls recipe will knock your socks off

On the 10th day of DIY Christmas, I made my true love these delicious bourbon balls.

nine ladies fragrancing

Make your own Febreze, no benzisothiazolinone required

On the ninth day of DIY Christmas, I gave my true love a fresh-smelling alternative to chemical-laden air fresheners.

Business & Technology

Villains who poisoned W. Va. drinking water could end up behind bars

Indictments have come down for execs at the coal-"cleaning" company that contaminated the drinking water of 300,000 people.

Climate & Energy

Obama sounds like he’s about to reject the Keystone pipeline

The president said surprisingly smart -- and skeptical -- things about the proposed pipeline at a news conference on Friday.

Climate & Energy

Is China’s demand for coal going to keep rising? Don’t bet on it

A report from the International Energy Agency suggests that demand will grow steadily for years. There are lots of good reasons to believe that's wrong.

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