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All the best science experiments involve dynamite

Equipped with plenty of dynamite and seismometers, these geologists are major badasses.


New Yorkers’ review of New York is actually a poignant portrait of a city

Whether you're Jay-Z or Taylor Swift, the way you experience New York can change entirely from block to block.

Climate & Energy

Mounties claim anti-oil activists are a threat to Canada

A classified report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police warns that the "anti-Canada petroleum movement" contains "militants and violent extremists."

Fungal fever

Are shrooms the new pesticide?

Irish scientists have found that a little bit of fungus growing inside barley can protect the plants from pests, disease, and even climate change.


Catholics in 45 countries are fasting for climate action

For Lent, Catholics all over the world are giving up food and carbon-intensive habits to raise awareness for climate change.

The future will be damp, and voted for on the internet

Which underwater Boston do you like best?

As rising sea levels begin to threaten to submerge big chunks of the city, Boston holds a contest to spark novel ideas for saving some landmarks.


New York City could be 9 degrees warmer and 39 inches wetter by 2080

And other alarming details from the city's latest climate change report.

Climate & Energy

Now we can watch the oceans acidify in real time

This is a handy new tool for scientists, and a mesmerizing screensaver for the rest of us.

Who killed the gayborhood? A Grist podcast investigation

Join us as we explore the effects of woo girls and tech money on Seattle's Capitol Hill. Special guests include Dan Savage.

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We've devised the world's shortest survey to find out what kind of actions our readers are taking. You know you want to.