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America’s obesity problem just keeps getting, well, bigger

New data from the CDC reveals that obesity rates among adults rose from roughly 35 percent in 2011 to 38 percent in 2014.

Climate & Energy

American cities keep fighting climate change while Congress stonewalls

Sixty-two U.S. cities aim to meet or surpass the national target for cutting carbon emissions, and Obama is encouraging more to join in.

Portland, being Portland, says no to new fossil fuel infrastructure

City leaders just flipped the bird to the oil, gas, and coal industries.

Climate & Energy

4 charts show what’s ahead for renewable energy

With the Paris climate talks around the corner, the future of clean energy looks promising.

Climate & Energy

Here’s what you can fight now that Keystone XL is dead

Exploding trains and leaky pipelines: There are plenty of hotspots that climate activists could pursue now.

Climate & Energy

Electric cars are better than gas cars when it comes to emissions, study says

It's true even when you account for the extra pollution from manufacturing EVs.

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New photos of China’s awful air quality make us nervous about coal plant plans

Air pollution in parts of China is the worst ever recorded.

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Pope Francis gets more people to care about climate change

In just a few months, his holiness achieved what environmental activists have been trying to do for years.

Climate & Energy

A major Greenland glacier is collapsing

Scientists say that the melting Zachariae Isstrom glacier may raise sea levels by 1.6 feet.