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Why shade balls aren’t such a great idea after all

Those plastic balls that got dumped into the L.A. Reservoir aren't even designed to fight evaporation, and they may cause ecological problems.

The Chef

This chef built her reputation on seafood. How’s she feeling about the ocean now?

Seattle chef Renee Erickson weighs in on the world's changing waters, and how they might change her menu.

Climate & Energy

EPA wants the oil and gas sector to stop leaking so much methane

The agency proposed new standards for methane emissions, but critics say they don't go far enough.

Climate & Energy

Google will now tell you whether you should put solar panels on your roof

If climate change isn't a strong enough argument, a new Google Maps feature will make the solar decision a whole lot simpler for you.

Climate & Energy

Muslim leaders call for climate action in new declaration

It's not just the pope anymore.

Clinton comes out against Arctic drilling

Her move comes one day after the Obama administration gave Shell the final go-ahead to drill in the region.

Climate & Energy

Letter from Texas: Floods didn’t drown the drought

Even before the rubble from the floods has had time to settle, the water’s effect on the drought has already started to recede.

The Cable Guy

How do you study an underwater volcano? Build an underwater laboratory

John Delaney is taking the internet underwater, and bringing the deep ocean to the public.


How microbes can make plastic from sunshine, carbon, and a little bit of love

Plastic is an amazing part of our modern world, but it comes with a lot of downsides -- so scientists are using synthetic biology to make it better.