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Climate & Energy

What is PPM, and what does it have to do with capitalism and climate change?

The nitty gritty of measuring atmospheric CO2 involves Algerian monks and Mongolian schoolteachers, and has some pretty major real-world implications.


A few miles away from where the pope addressed Congress, a black community looks for change

The neighborhood's fresh air has long been overtaken by a trash transfer station.


Pope Francis didn’t even say “climate change” in his address to Congress

The pope's environmental message in his speech at the Capitol was much more muted than his White House remarks.


Is Cargill backsliding on its promise to end deforestation?

Some environmental activists say yes. Cargill says actions speak louder than words.

Climate & Energy

Top 6 takeaways from Rolling Stone’s interview with Obama on climate change

The magazine's reporter got a Q&A with Obama during his trip to Alaska, and we've distilled it down for you into handy, digestible memes.

Tanks for Nothing

Are automatic toilets wasteful?

Umbra swirls around the topic of bathrooms, drought, and those seemingly unavoidable gratuitous flushes.


Immigrant women take a 100-mile pilgrimage to see Pope Francis

Marie Hernandez of Los Angeles, who joined the march, talks about why she traveled to bring the immigration issue onto the papal agenda.

Business & Technology

Volkswagen’s emissions cheating caused an appalling amount of extra pollution

A new analysis shows the company's cars may be responsible for nearly 1 million tons of air pollution every year.

Boeing wants to turn jet’s roar into energy

The airline manufacturer has filed a patent for an ambitious clean energy idea.