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Put a label on it

GMO labeling initiative heads to the ballot in Oregon

Similar ballot measures have failed in California and Washington. Have the Oregon activists learned from those defeats?

Fighting dirty

Congressional candidates compete over who is most pro–fossil fuel

In the races where energy is a big issue, both Democrats and Republicans are pledging their fealty to coal, oil, and gas.

Meet the one creature that isn’t bothered by climate change

If you guessed cockroaches, you would be WRONG.

Hubble brag

Smile! Satellites can see your illegal fishing from space

With high-powered surveillance, it may be possible to solve the problem of pirate fishing on the open seas once and for all.

Climate & Energy

Gay rights activists ally with greens in the climate fight

Queers for the Climate is a new activist group focused on "saving the straights" (and the planet) from imminent environmental ruin.

Escargot tactics

Snails already live in fear; now they’ve got climate change to worry about, too

It's tough enough knowing that everyone wants to eat you. But knowing you're going to be cooked, then eaten?

Eden Foods pulls a Hobby Lobby

This organic food company is refusing to pay for employees’ birth control

Just like Hobby Lobby, Eden Foods has sued the Obama administration, claiming its owner's religious rights should trump employees' rights to access contraception.


A shameless foodie & her ranching dad sit down for a medium-rare opportunity

Steaks in suitcases, the benefits of modern ag, no-till plows, and more.

This might get loud

Is this pipeline company ready for some whale hazing?

If an expanded pipeline in Canada threatens migrating whales in the Pacific with an oil spill, the energy company in charge knows just what to do.

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