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Gloomy alleyways are getting a much-needed makeover

Seattle activists are turning dingy alleys into cool hangouts.

Business & Technology

This cleantech expert lays down the facts on solar and natural gas

Jessika Trancik wants to speed up the development of clean energy technologies

Climate & Energy

Climate change is a security threat. Make it a foreign policy priority

The Department of Defense agrees—so why aren't foreign policy officials on board yet?

Climate & Energy

Sea levels will rise by at least 20 feet — and that’s the positive scenario

Even if the world manages to limit global warming to 2 degrees C, sea levels may still radically reshape the world’s coastline.


There are sharks living in a volcano, and this is not a drill

Just when you think the world can't get any stranger or more surprising ... we find sharks swimming around in a volcano.


This video game will make you care about crumbling urban infrastructure

What could be scarier than playing a structural engineer facing down collapsing bridges and backed-up sewers?


This beautiful video of plankton eating plastic is also a little disturbing

Plastic really is everywhere.

Climate & Energy

Enviros, Tea Partiers, and the Christian Coalition all agree: Florida needs more rooftop solar

The battle over a solar ballot amendment just keeps getting more interesting.

Climate & Energy

It turns out Mr. Baseball is still the worst thing Tom Selleck has done

The media has been enraged about the story of Tom Selleck trucking water from a fire hydrant to water avocados. The truth is less exciting.