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Climate change is killing bees

Bees are essential for life as we know it, but we're wiping them out.


Rick Perry stole my urbanist talking points. Too bad he doesn’t actually understand them

The presidential candidate made some surprising comments about city zoning codes recently, but he's totally missing the big picture.


Can fiction make people care about climate? Paolo Bacigalupi thinks so

"The Water Knife" author turns drought into drama in his newest book, and teaches us all a thing or two about ourselves.

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Here’s the vegan hip-hop playlist you never knew you needed

Many hip-hop artists have gone vegan. We put together a playlist for all your vegan hip-hop needs.


One Direction wants leaders to take direction on climate change

Could teen fan power change the world? One Direction thinks so.

Climate & Energy

Fossil fuel companies have been lying about climate change for more than 30 years

That's longer than many of you dear Grist readers have even been alive.

Climate & Energy

Fossil fuels are terrible investments, says top energy economist

The incoming International Energy Agency director warns that dirty investments could become uneconomic.


Artisans transform one small town’s economy

Welcome to Tieton, Wash. The town of 1,200 could hold lessons for rural America.

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Country rocker Hiss Golden Messenger performs a slow-burning ballad

Watch frontman M.C. Taylor perform a heartfelt acoustic rendition of "Mahogany Dread” at last year's Pickathon.