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Meet the Wisconsin Republicans who love solar

Yes, there are conservatives who support renewable energy in the midwest. However, they do tend to lose primaries.

Grist Test Kitchen

You heard it here first: Foraged blackberry sauce is the new hot fudge sauce

Watch our video to find out how to make your new favorite ice cream topping.

Squeaky Clean

What to do with an old bus? Turn it into a shower for San Francisco’s homeless

A new program in San Francisco provides mobile showers to the homeless by retrofitting old buses.


Pittsburgh’s kale-lovers crying after another loss to the frackers

Like many well-intentioned things, an organic farm's fight against a natural gas compressor station failed.


Just living close to Walmart makes you fat

A new study finds that people living near big box stores have higher rates of obesity and diabetes. What's the connection? Look at the streets.

Treaty rights and totem poles

How one Pacific Northwest tribe is carving out a resistance to coal — and winning

A Grist fellow visited the Lummi Nation, to find out how the tribe has been able to successfully push back (so far) against Big Coal.

Climate & Energy

Why the scientific case against fracking keeps getting stronger

Anthony Ingraffea argues that fugitive methane emissions turn natural gas from a climate benefit into yet another strike against fossil fuels.


Killing young black men like Michael Brown is unsustainable in every sense of the word

In a world that is heating and cooling at increasingly uncontrollable rates, we need more black youth learning how to work with sustainable technology, and less of them in jail or dead.

Climate & Energy

There’s oil-by-rail good news, and oil-by-rail bad news

Under new rules, old tank cars won't be ferrying explosive Bakken crude. Instead, they'll carry dirty tar sands crude.

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