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What to do if you’re hit by a car while riding your bike

Here are five things you should do if you’re ever unlucky enough to be hit. And a shining example of what not to do.

Business & Technology

Your electric car isn’t making California’s air any cleaner

How California’s green-vehicle subsidies magnify the state’s income inequality problem.

Climate & Energy

Why Emma Watson’s feminist speech is all about climate, too

The feminist causes that Watson brought up are very much tied to the future of the planet.

Business & Technology

Funding evil lobbying group was “a mistake,” says Google

Google (might) stop funding ALEC, a notorious, Koch-funded outfit that pushes anti-climate and anti-clean-energy legislation.


Tackling climate change presents a “golden opportunity” for public health

Could improving public health help curb climate change?


Why Ohio is doing ice cream right

How Columbus' Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is building a better food system.

Climate & Energy

Is your meat in season?

Like tomatoes and corn, bacon has a season.

Climate & Energy

Carbon emissions are higher than ever, and rising

A rundown of the latest depressing research.

Climate & Energy

Steal this environmental justice journal

Free for the next two weeks: Some of the best research about the health disparities and environmental burdens suffered by people of color and modest resources around the globe.