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Good show, old sports

Britain’s most powerful politicians agree fighting climate change is a jolly good idea

The leaders of the country’s three major parties signed a joint pledge to aggressively fight climate change and phase out the use of coal.


USDA goes FBI on crooks who sell gross meat and run cons on food stamps

Sure, government swindlers and food stamp fraudsters are alarming. But we're catching a lot of them -- and, often, getting the money back.


12 ways you and everyone you know could die

Scientists ranked humanity's worst existential threats, and guess who's at the top of the list? Our old pal, extreme climate change.

Climate & Energy

What is a ‘sky river,’ and why is Miss Piggy flying in it?

Scientists recently flew through the thick of the wet and wild Pineapple Express on an airplane called Miss Piggy. Top that, Kermie.

Climate & Energy

Oil trains are blowing up all over the place

Two tanker trains full of crude oil have derailed and burst into flames recently, one in West Virginia and one in Ontario.


Michelle Obama thinks carrots are better than Ariana Grande

Watch Michelle Obama and Big Bird compete on a bizarre game show -- all to get kids to eat more vegetables.

Climate & Energy

“More research” into geoengineering is not such a hot idea

In the geoengineering debate, "just research" is the default position of Serious People. But it's more problematic than they acknowledge.

Climate & Energy

8 ways Obama sucks on climate

Think he’s doing all he can? Au contraire. Again and again, the president encourages fossil fuel exploitation and goes soft on polluters.


Should I take notes on my laptop or with a notepad and pencil?

These students want to green up their study habits. Umbra gives them the Cliffs Notes.