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Climate & Energy

Grist is taking a deep dive on oceans

Take a deep breath, we are going under the surface of some ocean issues for the next few weeks.

Climate & Energy

California just banned free plastic bags. Hold the rejoicing.

For a paper bag to be better, you have to use it four times.

Climate & Energy

A massive hurricane just slammed into Cabo

Hurricane Odile is the strongest storm on record to hit the resort town … and just the latest monster storm from the Eastern Pacific this year.

Climate & Energy

Why we’re getting ready to march for climate change

The largest climate march in history is happening on Sunday, right through the middle of Manhattan. Here's why the event organizers think you should pay attention.

We fixed the ozone layer (sort of). Can we fix the climate?

With the ozone layer on the mend, there's proof that international cooperation can work. But the climate is a different can of worms.


Why New Jersey is doing tomatoes right

How First Field is building a better food system.


California dairy farmers are going nuts for almonds, but at what cost?

This cash crop is keeping some farmers on the land, but the almond boom offers no long-term promise of security.

In cod we trust

As farmland runs out, seafood looks better than you think

When it comes to producing more food from the ocean, the possibilities are bottomless.

hung out to dry

Do I have to hang up my gardening tools during the drought?

A reader wonders if her green thumb has to go for the sake of saving water. Umbra says she can grow her kale and eat it, too.