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Past gas

Living next to natural gas wells is no fun

From health threats to truck traffic, from rank odors to sinking property values, Coloradans explain what it's like to live near fracking sites.

Climate & Energy

How Western civilization ended, circa 2014

Two historians turn to science fiction to scare the hell out of you about climate change.

Slow your roll

Stephen Colbert can’t wait to belch exhaust all over bicyclists & hybrid cars

"Rolling coal isn't just a smoke-belching public nuisance," says Stephen Colbert. "It's a smoke-belching public message."

Climate & Energy

New Jersey reshuffles Sandy relief dollars, admits to numerous mistakes

The announcement follows an investigation by a scrappy local news site that found that the state’s scorecards for distributing relief money were riddled with errors.

Climate & Energy

Sierra Club chief weighs in on conservation heroes, green energy, & Bruce Springsteen

Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, visited the Grist office last week. We thanked him by making him play Vs., our new favorite game.

Climate & Energy

This crusty activist gave up on playing by the rules. What are they gonna do, arrest him?

Alec Johnson chained himself to an excavator to stop Keystone XL. A year later, he's still awaiting trial -- and hoping to set a helpful precedent for protesters.

Business & Technology

In 10 years, no one in Helsinki is going to own a car

Why would they? The Finnish capital will have a smartphone-enabled travel network that combines small buses, self-driving cars, bicycles, and even ferries.

Algal Pints

Another reason kelp will win over hipsters’ hearts: craft beer

Kelp's not only poised to become the next big thing to hit our plates. It's making its way into our brews, too.

hot at the top

Wanna see what climate change looks like? Check out the vicious fires in northwest Canada

Hot, dry weather is triggering wildfires that are eating up forests in the Northwest Territories in Canada, and in the U.S. West too.

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