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Climate & Energy

Study asks: What would it take for a nuclear-powered world?

About 35 years, a big shift in public opinion, and some serious cash.

Climate & Energy

Smarter forest and land-use policy could help make Paris climate deal a success

Too bad big countries' climate pledges are falling way short in this area.

Climate & Energy

Australia ousts climate-denying prime minister, gets new one who has argued for climate action

Outgoing PM Tony Abbott is a climate denier. Brand-new PM Malcolm Turnbull is not, but he still isn't planning to change policy anytime soon.


In times of drought, should I use hand sanitizer instead of washing my hands?

Choosing hand sanitizers over the old scrub-and-rinse may conserve water, but it might not banish germs, either. Umbra digs up the dirt.


How to make ketchup — and more! — from your leftover summer tomatoes

Can the homemade kind "ketchup" to the store-bought?


Republicans are going all out to sabotage a global climate deal

GOP congressional aides are calling foreign embassies in hopes of undermining the push to reach an international climate agreement this year.


Want a global carbon price? Help out renewable companies first

A new article in Science suggests good green industrial policy can help build strong climate coalitions.

There goes Antarctica!

You don’t even wanna know what happens if we burn all the fossil fuels

But it involves no more Antarctic ice and WAY more ocean.


World’s worst couple lives like it’s 1890. Here’s what they taught us

There is one aspect of this ridiculous experiment that we actually find rather profound.