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Climate & Energy

This year, a 3-year-old girl will be crowned “Coal Princess” in West Virginia. Seriously.

In a world where beauty pageants are going the way of the dodo, coal-themed beauty contests are still holding on.

Climate & Energy

Climate change threatens America’s ‘king corn’

Heat waves and water shortages could devastate U.S. farmlands devoted to corn crop, a new report warns.


Who would win the World Cup of climate change?

If we were counting carbon emissions (and a few other things) instead of goals, Switzerland and Ivory Coast would dominate, and the U.S. would still lose.


Here’s what happens when GMO antagonists get together for a friendly chat

With Monsanto and anti-GMO activists sharing a stage, you might expect fireworks, or illumination, or even both. Instead, this event was almost chummy.

Genetically engineered lawsuit

Big Food is already suing Vermont over its GMO labeling law

It only took 35 days. So now organic advocates and anti-GMO activists are raising money for a defense effort.

Climate & Energy

Germans spend vacations at wind farms and solar arrays because, duh, they’re Germans

A new guidebook to 200 green projects around the country sold out its first printing. Don't these people have anything better to do?

It's open season

Tesla abandons its patents, aims to spur electric-car revolution

The pioneering EV manufacturer is going open source, allowing competitors to use all of its patented technology.

All wet

Your clothes dryer is a huge energy waster

Washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators are much more energy efficient now than they were 20 or 30 years ago, but clothes dryers still suck.

Climate & Energy

Hurricane Cristina just set a scary record

For the first time on record, the eastern Pacific basin has now had two Category 4 hurricanes before July.

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