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It's just a baby

Happy first birthday, U.S. Climate Action Plan!

How much has Obama accomplished since he introduced his plan one year ago?

Climate & Energy

Ma, why does my scratch and sniff smell like a gas leak?

When it comes to sniffing out leaky natural gas pipelines, it's time for kids to join the fun.

Ship to be square

This pop-up solar station looks like Optimus Prime, goes anywhere, and has wifi

The Ecos Powercube brings energy, water, and communications to remote places without using fossil fuels -- all packed into a shipping container.

Climate & Energy

If you think climate politics in the U.S. are crazy, wait till you see what just happened in Australia

The latest addition to Australia's climate circus? Al Gore.


Everything we know about neonic pesticides is awful

A review of more than 800 scientific papers has painted a terrifying picture of the ecosystem-wide impacts of neonicotinoids.

Climate & Energy

Watching polar bears swim for ice will make you want to hug them (but maybe don’t)

It’s hard not to love polar bears, but this video has made us adore them in a whole new way.


Why the Voting Rights Act and Freedom Summer matter in the climate justice struggle

The green movement needs as many voters as possible on its side, and minorities are more likely to support climate action than whites.

No country for old men

Why the food movement and family farmers need to learn to get along, little dogies

Perspective on the food movement from a writer who grew up shoveling manure.

Ubuntu for aubergines? Apache for patchouli?

Open-source seeds: While they spread shoots, they plant ideas

"Linux For Lettuce," a writer's account of the movement to counter seed patents with open source licenses, gets to the root of a growing problem.

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