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Does the Obama administration care more about free trade than climate change?

The admin attacked India's solar policies through the WTO, and such disputes would only get more common under trade deals Obama is pushing.

Climate & Energy

Use behavioral science to help fight climate change, says Obama executive order

The first annual report from the administration's Social and Behavioral Sciences Team offers promising psychological nudges.

Paper industry spends $170 million to convince you to kill more trees

Paper manufacturers are freaking out that you're texting instead of scribbling, so this trade group is going on the offense.


Can Pope Francis convince U.S. bishops to care about climate change?

The pope's call to climate action received a lukewarm response from Catholic leaders in the United States.

Climate & Energy

Exxon has known about climate change since the ’70s and is still trying to block climate action

The oil giant has been suppressing evidence, sowing doubt, and blocking climate action for decades now, a new InsideClimate investigation reveals.


Turns out San Francisco didn’t need a hipster private bus company

San Francisco's startup bus line goes bankrupt. Maybe $6 tickets, wood-paneled interiors, and swiveling barstools weren't a great idea, after all.


Green AND lovely? Watch us share our favorite beauty secrets

"I don't shower regularly" and more beauty tips from Grist staffers in this embarrassing video.

Climate & Energy

Where’s the snow? It’s at a 500-year low in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains

An "ominous sign of the severity of this drought," researchers said.

Climate & Energy

While you’ve moved on to other news, drought-parched California is still burning

Things are looking grim in the Golden State.