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Can the sharing economy get this guy from Seattle to London by bike?

Former Grist fellow Sam Bliss just gave away most of his belongings and set off for the other side of the world. Here's hoping karma is really a thing.


Genetic engineering could make DIY heroin as easy as brewing beer

Disclaimer: This is not the type of homebrew you should bring to a Memorial Day barbecue.

Clucking Nuts

John Oliver lays out everything wrong with our crazy chicken industry

Watch this segment that manages to condense the problems of contract farming and corporate consolidation into 18 hilarious minutes.

Business & Technology

Shell knows climate change is real, but it wants to drill in the Arctic anyway

Here's the real story behind Shell’s climate change rhetoric.


What’s the most sustainable wood for my new deck?

Redwood? Pine? That weird plastic stuff? Umbra nails it.


Can these shareholders curb deforestation?

When shareholders in agribiz giant Bunge vote on a policy to curb deforestation, they'll be voting on both sustainability and the bottom line.


Scientists STILL haven’t figured out how to grow money on trees

Dang science. We'll write about it anyway.


How to make coconut quick bread with Key lime curd

A lime curd recipe — and a slew of other citrus-forward ideas — to bring a little bit of sunshine into your kitchen. 

The Paddle in Seattle

You have to see these pictures of Seattle’s kayaking climate protesters

The kayaktivists came out by the hundreds to protest Shell's plans to use Seattle as a staging ground for its Arctic drilling plans.