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A podcast for those who like food for their brain

"Gastropod" is a podcast about understanding food and agriculture through the lens of science and history.


Why New Mexico is doing chilies right

How My Chilito is building a better food system.

Climate & Energy

There’s a place in the world that is fighting poverty with solar power

Solar power is taking off in villages where connecting to the grid is seen as a bad joke.

Climate & Energy

Black church leaders rev up for climate justice

The good revs. Lennox Yearwood and Otis Moss III say it’s time to get serious about caring for our planet — and our fellow men.

Mitigators gonna mitigate

Preventing climate change and adapting to it are not morally equivalent

Climate change mitigation and adaptation are often discussed as though they are interchangeable. They are not.

Climate & Energy

Grist is taking a deep dive on oceans

Take a deep breath, we are going under the surface of some ocean issues for the next few weeks.

Climate & Energy

California just banned free plastic bags. Hold the rejoicing.

For a paper bag to be better, you have to use it four times.

Climate & Energy

A massive hurricane just slammed into Cabo

Hurricane Odile is the strongest storm on record to hit the resort town … and just the latest monster storm from the Eastern Pacific this year.

Climate & Energy

Why we’re getting ready to march for climate change

The largest climate march in history is happening on Sunday, right through the middle of Manhattan. Here's why the event organizers think you should pay attention.