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Climate & Energy

5 things I learned from DOJ’s elder statesman on environmental justice

A chance meeting in a Washington, D.C., bookstore turned into an hours-long conversation. Here are the highlights.

Opening the Gates

Teaching a humongous foundation to listen to small farmers

Sam Dryden led the Gates Foundation's farm program for five years, guided less by his background in Big Ag than his upbringing on a hardscrabble Appalachian farm.

The Life Aquatic

Fabien Cousteau pulls a Spongebob to live at the bottom of the sea for a month

This grandson of Jacques just lived in a James Bond-style undersea capsule, studying the effects of ocean acidification on coral reefs.


Ask Umbra: How can I green up my back-to-school shopping?

A reader frets that his buying binge could be bad for the planet. Umbra says this three-ring shopping circus can really get you in a bind.

Climate & Energy

Sort of like the love train, but with a rapping polar bear

From Emeryville, Calif., to the Big Apple, by rail, for the big September climate rally. It only takes three days. But there are workshops!


What to do with an overload of chard

Learn how to prep and use (lots of) Swiss chard -- a savory slab galette with Gruyère is a great place to start.

Language lessons

No, climate change won’t kill the planet. But it’ll kill plenty of people.

This new slogan -- "It's not warming, it's dying" -- is bad in so many ways.


Copenhagen’s newest bike lane totally rules

The famously cycle-friendly city has just outdone itself with a cool elevated roadway.


The little seed library that could … get busted by a state ag department

A modest local effort to build a seed library in Pennsylvania calls down the wrath of the state's farm regulators.

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