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Baked Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska, is so hot right now

For the first time in recorded history, temps in Anchorage didn't drop below zero all year. Alaskans are freaked out.

Business & Technology

Smart meters could inspire better energy habits, or make you hate your roommate

Smart meters, used unwisely, will sow discontent rather than inspiring better energy habits, says science.

Hop Dreams

When it comes to naming craft beers, there’s a perfect legal storm a-microbrewin’

There are so many craft beers that microbreweries are now fighting over names.

Climate & Energy

Leave it to West Virginia to confuse its students about science

The state board of education is introducing nonsense into teaching guidelines for climate change.


Congress will soon approve Keystone, say Republicans

The new GOP-led Senate is pushing the pipeline as its first priority this year. Will Obama respond with a veto?


How can I keep my cat’s fur from coating my house?

A reader is tired of lint rollers and cat fur. Umbra sheds light.


Here’s the right way to make transit and density work in the suburbs

Bethesda, Md., a suburb of D.C., is a great example of smart growth. Let’s hope the state’s new GOP governor doesn’t screw that up.

smog list

This new app takes a swipe at China’s worst polluters

The interactive map shows, in real time, exactly who is spewing smog.

drillers gonna drill

Gas prices are way low, but U.S. oil production to grow in 2015. What gives?

A worldwide glut of the crude stuff should mean less oil drilling in North Dakota, right? Wrong.