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Should I feel good about choosing clothes made from wood?

Cloth fiber from trees! Sounds like a good deal for the planet -- and it can be, says Umbra. But there's a few "gotchas" to consider.

Climate & Energy

Map shows the average hottest day of the year across the United States

Have you experienced the hottest day of the year yet?


Donald J. Trump State Park is a real thing, and just as pathetic as its namesake

Overgrown with weeds and marred by graffiti, this New York park does not live up to the hype it gets on highway signs. No surprise there.


Many residents of this California town don’t have enough water to shower or flush the toilet

Welcome to East Porterville, also known as "ground zero" of the drought.

Climate & Energy

A surprising link between superintelligent robots, global warming, and mass extinction? Nope, not really

It takes a lot of scientific stretching to suggest robots will rise from the ashes of climate change. But apparently this is an argument.

Business & Technology

Why you should fix your iPhone instead of buying a new one

Planned obsolescence is out of control.


Are scientists who collaborate with industry tainted?

A peek into the emails of scientists entangled in the debate over food, farms, and GMOs raises the question: How do we prevent business from skewing evidence?

McDonald’s announces move to cage-free eggs

The fast food chain's eggs will now come from giant barns without cages, instead of giant barns with cages.

This ex-Black Panther started an urban farm to create jobs for ex-inmates

Elaine Brown brings jobs to former prison inmates and fresh produce to West Oakland.