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Is organic food healthier? A new analysis adds … a question mark

A new study sums up all the other studies about the health impact of eating organic and finds that it remains a mixed (compostable) bag.

Cellar's market

A growing appetite for local food sends us back to our root cellars

Don’t want to buy carrots grown in Timbuktu? Good news: Local farmers may have a few tucked away underground.


What kind of environmentalist are you? This time, you decide

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a quiz to help you find out what kind of environmentalist you are. Here's how you answered -- and who we left out.

for whom the label tolls

Can we have our sustainable seafood and eat it too?

Ecolabels from certification programs like the Marine Stewardship Council align market interests with sustainability initiatives -- but can you trust what’s on the label?

Like father, like daughter

Liz Cheney scorns climate action, just like her dad

Dick Cheney's eldest claims that the EPA and the Clean Water Act pose "a much greater threat" to America than global warming.

Climate & Energy

Guess which two words can make your nonpartisan education reforms a hot potato?

Some states think that the new national standards for the science curriculum go way too far when it comes to teaching kids about climate change.

Business & Technology

U.S. tariffs on Chinese solar panels break trade rules, WTO says

Efforts to protect U.S. panel manufacturers from cheap Chinese imports have run afoul of the World Trade Organization.

dude, where's my water?

America’s largest reservoir is hitting new record lows every day

The drought and overuse of Colorado River water has led to an epic decline in water levels at Lake Mead.

Climate & Energy

Another court victory for EPA — this time on mountaintop-removal rules

The EPA is well within its rights to regulate mountaintop-removal coal mining, a federal appeals court decided.

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