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Seaweed is healthy, delicious, and legal in all 50 states

"Meh" about seaweed? Not for long.


California (finally) gives cyclists a little more room to ride

A new California law requires that drivers steer clear of cyclists by at least three feet. What took you so long, Cali?

Climate & Energy

What’s the deal with this U.N. Climate Summit?

It might not be the sexiest event in New York next week, but it could help lay the groundwork for climate action down the line.


Amazon’s cloud is about to get dirtier

The company's cloud computing services rely heavily on fossil fuels. A new billion-dollar data center isn't going to help that.


Sea beans are delicious. Here are 7 ways to eat them.

They may look weird, but these crispy foraged greens are a delightful way to step up your usual seafood routine.


Why New York is doing pasta right

How Sfoglini is building a better food system.

Business & Technology

Progress rarely glows blue: EEStor and the lure of new technology

What can we learn from the collapse of a much-hyped battery company?


Fewer hungry humans — but still too many

A new report from the U.N. suggests how far we've come in bringing down the total number of hungry people around the globe. But awful disparities remain.


36 bits of good news to cure your ocean blues

These stories of measured success and cute animals suggest the ocean may not be entirely screwed!