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Climate & Energy

We’re finding out what’s in fracking wastewater, and it ain’t pretty

Thanks to a disclosure law in California, we now know that frackers are polluting water with petroleum chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive elements, and carcinogens.

Climate & Energy

Geoengineering won’t help people who are stuck with dirty air

Re-engineering the climate might slow warming, but it does nothing for communities on the ground, says Simon Nicholson of American University.

I spy

This amazing interactive map is actually saving trees

This is how you use the creepy power of the internet to do some real good.


The 3 scariest words for the environment: President Scott Walker

From wind turbines to iron ore mines -- Walker is the absolute worst candidate for the environment.

The dirty side of selling clean energy

Bribing bloggers with free solar panels is apparently a thing now

A marketing consultant tried to get me to write a column about solar startup in exchange for a panel. It didn't work.

Sorry, Sardines

Pacific sardines are crashing — bad news for whales and my salad

Your grandpa's favorite fish (and mine) can't support a West Coast fishery — or all the charismatic megafauna -- that rely on them.

Recycled Cycles

This co-op bike shop will teach you to fix your own damn bike (and that matters)

The bike kitchen movement greases the gears of the real sharing economy.

Babe Alert!

Physics geniuses, Mexican rappers, LEGO Supreme Court: It’s Woman Crush Wednesday

This week, our roundup of badass women in the news also includes a controversial filmmaker and power-playing politicos.


The South Bronx isn’t falling for Fresh Direct’s dirty trucks

The company wants to bring 1,000 new trucks to the neighborhood, which is already home to high asthma rates and heavy industry.