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Climate & Energy

Here’s a radical idea: Climate activists need to engage conservatives

When U.S. climate activists talk about diversity, they don't mean political diversity. But to make real progress, we'll need conservatives too.


People of color suffer through extra long commutes

If you're Latino and live in the Twin Cities, you burn more than a month of work time each year just getting to the office, when compared to your white counterparts.


The world is finally buying less Keurig Krap

Keurig Green Mountain -- maker of throwaway coffee pods in myriad tempting flavors -- is in the middle of a sales crisis.

It puts the lotion in the basket

L’Oreal is about to 3D print human skin — because you’re worth it

3D printing human flesh to test cosmetics: Humane, horrifying, or both?


Can the sharing economy get this guy from Seattle to London by bike?

Former Grist fellow Sam Bliss just gave away most of his belongings and set off for the other side of the world. Here's hoping karma is really a thing.


Genetic engineering could make DIY heroin as easy as brewing beer

Disclaimer: This is not the type of homebrew you should bring to a Memorial Day barbecue.

Clucking Nuts

John Oliver lays out everything wrong with our crazy chicken industry

Watch this segment that manages to condense the problems of contract farming and corporate consolidation into 18 hilarious minutes.

Business & Technology

Shell knows climate change is real, but it wants to drill in the Arctic anyway

Here's the real story behind Shell’s climate change rhetoric.


What’s the most sustainable wood for my new deck?

Redwood? Pine? That weird plastic stuff? Umbra nails it.