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Climate & Energy

Exploding oil-train owners want insurance slack — just like nuclear power

It costs so much to get adequate insurance for all those rail cars hauling crude across the continent! Why can't the railroads get the same breaks government gives nuclear operators?

Climate & Energy

How much do hurricanes hurt the economy?

Researchers trying to understand the costs of climate change say that increasing storm activity may run the planet nearly $10 trillion.

Life in the bike lane

This custom-built bike thinks it’s the coolest on the block. It’s right.

Seattle can add coolest custom-designed bike in the country to its list of things to brag about.


Turning swords to ploughshares is a balm for veterans

A new documentary about veterans turned farmers finds that working the soil can be an antidote to the hardships of re-entry.

Grape Expectations

A warmer planet means boozier wines. Trust us, that’s bad

Warmer temps will increase the alcohol content of wine -- which will first be good, then bad, and then very, very bad.


The Detroit Lions launch a stadium recycling campaign with recycled jerseys

For their Wednesday night practice, the Lions' quarterbacks will sport bright-green jerseys made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Climate & Energy

Frackers are strip-mining the Midwest for sand

First they poisoned the tap water. Now they're hauling huge quantities of sand out of the ground to feed their habit.


A Las Vegas community garden beats the odds

A silver lining to the economic downturn that brought Vegas to its knees: People may be setting down roots.

Business & Technology

Move over Elon — these kids built an electric car that beats the Tesla S

The student-created Sunswift eVe can travel 310 miles on a single charge and boasts a built-in solar array.

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