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In Richmond, Calif., it’s Chevron’s $3 million vs. a green slate

A refinery town's reputation as an environmental-justice pioneer is in peril, thanks to a pile of oil money and a torrent of negative ads.


Is snacking on a scorpion sexy?

Enter SexyFood, a French startup that's trying to get you to eat bugs -- hopefully with more success than we've ever had.

Climate & Energy

We pay inmates $3 a day to fight California wildfires

The program is sold as a way to teach criminals the virtue of hard work. But who are the real criminals here?

Oliver, Clothes Off

John Oliver takes on ALEC, state legislatures, and (we hope) a threesome with us and Jon Stewart

John Oliver of "Last Week Tonight" shreds ALEC and the ridiculous politicians who support their shite-for-the-climate policies.

Grumpier old men

The Weather Channel founder is the climate-denying grandpa you never had

John Coleman is a climate denier, The Weather Channel co-founder, and a serious grumpus.

Join Grist for a night of comedy with Mike Birbiglia, Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman, and more in NYC

Come yuk it up with Eugene Mirman, Mike Birbiglia, Todd Barry, Maeve Higgins, and Brooks Wheelan at The Bell House on Nov. 16.


Farm life without modern tech looks beautiful and backbreaking

A stunning video shows just how beautiful the Ethiopian landscape is -- and just how demanding the farm work is.


From two Ethiopians, what small farmers really want

A new middle class can put down roots when small family farmers get the tools and education to produce more food.

Climate & Energy

Wait, who says people of color don’t care about the climate?

A new poll claims that blacks and Latinos are far too busy fretting about jobs and schools to worry about climate change. That's just bunk.

Got 2.7 seconds?

We've devised the world's shortest survey to find out what kind of actions our readers are taking. You know you want to.