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Meat Shmeat

This meat lover isn’t giving up on the test-tube burger

Grist grills New Harvest's Isha Datar on her love of flesh, her beef with factory farms, and how close we are to lab-grown meats on shelves.

Chicken tender offer

A meat giant gobbles up another meat giant

Tyson will acquire Hillshire Brands -- further concentrating corporate power in the already centralized animal-farm industry.

Business & Technology

Here’s how California could fix its drought-time water woes

By improving irrigation, efficiency, recycling, and stormwater-capture practices, California could free up enough extra water to meet all of its cities' needs.

Business & Technology

Guess which company got the first U.S. commercial drone permit?

Oh – hello, BP! Always a pleasure to hear from the Charlie Sheen of the oil industry.

The beading edge

Illinois becomes first state to ban lake-fouling microbeads

The plastic microbeads will be barred from personal-care products starting in 2017. Other states might soon follow Illinois' lead.

Climate & Energy

Will Obama’s power-plant rules lead to an international climate agreement?

They'll help, but they're not enough on their own. And now other countries, like Australia, are trying to gum up the works.

There’s gold in that there drinking water — which can’t be good

Residents of Whitehall, Mont., are finding heavy, er, precious metals in their kitchen sinks and toilet tanks. Eureka! Or maybe not.

Minimum wage against the machine

Why we’re watching this climate scientist turned socialist politician

Jess Spear was a driving force behind the $15 minimum wage campaign in Seattle, and now she's running for the Washington State Legislature.


Airbnb thinks your apartment would make a great illegal bistro

Not content to make a fortune off of other people’s houses, Airbnb wants you to make dinner for people you don’t know, and pay Airbnb for the privilege.

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