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The Norwegians just made a huge move in palm oil divestment

A big pension fund just divested from a massive conglomerate because a sub-subsidiary was cutting down rainforests.

it's not a bug, it's a feature

When they’re not busy weaving leaves, these ants make great insecticides

Ants can work together to fight pests that prey on crops. But can we learn to work with them?


Can supermarkets supplement failing schools?

A new study looks at how grocery stores in low-income communities can be extensions of the preschool classroom.

blending nemo

We’re basically putting the cast of Finding Nemo in a blender

Warming ocean temperatures are scrambling ecosystems, as species migrate to cooler waters.

Evil corporate henchman attacks Chipotle

An ad from a shady PR guy claims your favorite burritos will make you fat.


What America can learn from Europe’s high-speed trains

As California builds its own high-speed rail line, it has a great opportunity to invigorate cities along the route.


We better figure out a smarter way to take care of the world’s refugees — before the climate multiplies them

Hungary is building a wall to block refugees from entering the country. Sound familiar?


In the face of war, immigration, and climate change, let’s take care of our human family

On parenthood in the face of catastrophes, Aylan Kurdi, and the best thing for people and the planet.


Dakota Johnson is in a new climate change movie. Too bad it looks awful

We're all for climate change movies. Just not this one. Watch the trailer and you'll understand why.