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Art trucks bring a little eye candy to the local underpass

Art is no longer confined to the outside of vans. It’s got a seat inside in a growing fleet of mobile art galleries.

The gas is almost greener

Here’s a new way to keep cattle burps from toasting the planet

Scientists have developed a powder that can be added to cattle feed to reduce their methane emissions by more than half.

Climate & Energy

Make Me Care: What’s the deal with Obama’s new CO2 rules?

In this episode of Grist's new video series, Ben Adler gives us the the lowdown on the proposed EPA emissions rules, which may be the U.S.'s biggest climate move yet. Or maybe not. We'll see!


African Americans helped take a beach in Europe before they got one back home

Speaking at a D-Day commemoration in France, President Obama said, “This was democracy's beachhead.” But on that day 70 years ago, black people were being swept off the coasts in the U.S.

Climate & Energy

The five ways to stop climate change. Oh, wait, make that one way

A new study ranks the actions we could take against climate change.

Climate & Energy

Tom Steyer’s latest project will help climate change’s victims

The billionaire climate activist is pledging some of his money to help people hurt by wildfires, droughts, and other climate-linked disasters.

Business & Technology

Finally, an electric car that crushes all the others (literally)

Drive an E-Bigfoot, pimped out with with a super quiet electric motor, and those cars you’re gonna crush won’t even hear you coming.

now you seafood, now you don't

Six ways climate change is screwing with your seafood (and what to do about it)

Think of this as a study guide for your climate-change-and-seafood pop quiz.


Climate change rocks a key Michigan Senate race

As conservative money takes aim at a Democratic front-runner, the climate emerges as a decisive issue for one of the races that will decide who controls the Senate.

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