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In search of artificial muscles, scientists have turned to onions

How squishy robots of the future could one day be made of gold-plated onion skin.


How water woes will mess with food businesses

A new report makes the business case for food producers to do more to protect their water supplies by supporting action on climate.

Climate & Energy

Good news! Climate change could make weed more potent

We’re pretty sure these scientists were stoned when they wrote this study.

We spent the last month talking to farmers about food. Here’s what matters

Farm size matters because farmers should be able to make a living raising our food without becoming a gigantic operation. Here's why Grist matters, too.


It’s time to panic. Olives are in big trouble

Olive oil is like liquid, edible gold -- so we're bummed that olive trees in Italy are being eaten alive by an invasive pest.


Chris Christie accepts the reality of climate change — and doesn’t want to do a damn thing about it

The presidential wannabe isn't a climate denier, yet he opposes cap-and-trade and just about anything else that might curb emissions.

Babe Alert!

An attorney general, gene-editing biochemist, and a child-free farmer: It’s Woman Crush Wednesday

This week's roundup of badass women in the news also includes the woman behind the first certified organic restaurant in the country.


Dear Vienna: Stop patronizing people who aren’t straight

Putting stick-figure same-sex couples on traffic lights is an attention-getting gesture. But actually naming things for activists is more meaningful.


This weird plant might be the future of Alaskan agriculture

Rhodiola rosae is a frost-tolerant succulent that just might be the biggest commercial crop the Last Frontier has ever seen.