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Climate & Energy

The oldest city in the U.S. could be totally screwed by rising seas

Florida state officials who deny climate change are leaving coastal cities to drown.


New York’s beloved hot dogs are becoming a lot greener

But not in the way you might expect.


The next big war might be over phosphorus

A new study of soil warns that we're pushing the limits of our planetary skin and in danger of pulling nutrients out of the earth too fast.


White House to Shell: Arctic drilling? Go right ahead

The Obama administration just gave a stamp of approval to Shell's Alaska drilling plan. *facepalm*

Climate & Energy

These composers put climate change across the globe to music

You’ll definitely get goosebumps when you hear the crescendo of climate change across the globe.


The newest threat to California pistachios: A nuclear deal with Iran

Well, this is nuts.

Business & Technology

What’s the cheapest new car to drive? Hint: It’s an EV

Electric vehicles can have higher sticker prices than gasoline versions, but things look different if you consider all costs over five years.

Climate & Energy

Who controls California’s water?

Hundley's "The Great Thirst" reveals some surprising wrinkles and twists in California's long history of manhandling water to meet its needs.

Climate & Energy

Should I source my home power from renewable energy?

A reader wonders whether "green tags" are as good as solar or wind power. Umbra does a little clean energy 'splainin'.