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Ask Umbra: Will Teflon pans poison my food?

To stick or non to stick. That is the question. Umbra says 'tis nobler to stick.


Can the Motor City sell America on the Model T of bicycles?

Detroit Bikes aims to mass-produce simple, light, relatively affordable commuter bicycles -- but you'd better be happy with black.


What to do with an overload of garlic scapes

Whip those garlic scapes into shape -- but make sure you save some for sautéeing, deep-fying, topping pizzas, and more.

Climate & Energy

Lobbyists bidding to block government regs set sights on secretive White House office

When lobbyists fail to derail regulations proposed by federal agencies, they often find a receptive ear within the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

Water Woes

The U.S. could supply all of California with water if we fixed our leaky pipes

Drought-ridden Los Angeles made headlines when an old pipe burst, leaking 20 million gallons of water. But it turns out the whole U.S. is long overdue for a water infrastructure upgrade.


New Orleans school won’t be built atop a toxic dump — for now

A small alumni group from the floundering Walter L. Cohen High School has beaten back a proposal to relocate to a former landfill.

Climate & Energy

Straussed out? Listen to wind turbine version of Blue Danube

Siemens commissioned the windy version of Blue Danube Waltz to celebrate its 448-turbine wind farm.


More people drive to work if you give them free parking and transit passes

Yay! More traffic and carbon emissions for everyone!

Class Dismissed

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse schools climate deniers in Senate, drops mic

Every climate-denial argument ever gets eviscerated in one place.

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