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Chicago area off the hook from climate lawsuits

An insurance company had sued Chicago-area municipalities for failing to prepare for climate change and flooding, but those suits have now been dropped.

D'oh, Canada

Canadian meteorologists barred from talking about climate change

But maybe that shouldn't be a surprise in a country that's become a rogue petrostate.


“Protected bike lanes safer, better,” says science. “Duh,” says rest of us.

Study finds that cyclists feel safer when bike lanes are separated from car traffic. Study’s parents consider study underachiever, wish study was more like its sister Human Genome Project.

Climate & Energy

Don’t worry about that collapsing ice shelf — just book your beach week in Arizona

According to a new study, the Antarctic ice shelf has melted before. One recent episode happened to coincide with a mass extinction and a 50-foot rise in sea level, but no biggie, right?


Alice Waters vs. the techno-chefs: The evolution of wild gourmet

What's more natural -- locavore purism or technical wizardry? Pork from a happy pig or live ants on your lettuce? An email dialogue about the future of sustainable eating.


Up the coast without an auto: My life with the Post-Car Travel Agency

Getting out of the city on your bike can take you places you never imagined. And if the wind turns against you, you can always thumb a wild ride.

Climate & Energy

Conservatives and coal industry are rallying troops against Obama’s climate rules

The right will attack the EPA's power-plant proposal from every possible angle.

Climate & Energy

Why Obama’s carbon regs will help kids of color breathe easier

Obama and the EPA are holding up asthmatic kids of color as the poster children for their new climate push. It's a testament to how much environmental justice advocates have shaped the conversation.

Climate & Energy

Even Republican voters support Obama’s new climate rule

A new poll finds that 63 percent of Republicans think the federal government should limit CO2 emissions from existing power plants.

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