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Climate & Energy

Climate change will cause the death of one Earth and the birth of another

What this new world will look like, exactly, is impossible to predict, and humans aren’t guaranteed to survive in it.

Take the Money and Burn

How our screwed-up CEO pay system makes climate change worse

Perverse pay incentives reward fossil fuel company CEOs for short-term thinking that puts the whole planet at risk.


Denmark wages war on food waste

Making the U.S. look pretty bad in the process.

Business & Technology

Google-powered map shows that deforestation isn’t just about the Amazon

New data from the tech giant and the University of Maryland reveal previously overlooked deforestation in Southeast Asia and West Africa.


Dear architects: Stop trying to make shipping container buildings happen

They're cheap and everywhere. But the big steel boxes aren't as good a fit for human habitation as all those design competitions suggest.


Hungry polar bears trap Arctic researchers

Seriously, polar bears -- stop being jerks.

Climate & Energy

Grey swans are extremely rare, damaging storms. How will climate change affect them?

A new study finds that storms with no historical precedent might become more likely over the coming century.


U.S. restaurants are terrible at getting wasted food to the hungry. Can we change that?

It makes a lot of sense for restaurants to donate uneaten food to the poor, yet most throw it out.

Climate & Energy

What can a president do to boost renewable energy? A lot

Even without approval from Congress, Obama or his successor could take big steps to promote clean energy projects on federal land.