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Move the Goal

Yes, Brazil’s loss was a shocker — but please don’t call it a disaster

Let's save the disasterspeak for real calamity.

Gingers are here to stay

No, of course climate change won’t make redheads go extinct

You might have read that global warming could mean the end of red hair. We're pleased to report that's absolutely not the case.

Climate & Energy

Mysterious blast at Chevron plant shakes pollution-weary Texas town

Keystone XL, Syrian chemical weapons waste, and a fresh Chevron explosion: How much pollution can Port Arthur take?

Dead Heat

Hot summers make for a bloody Chicago

What's the best way to address violence in warming cities? If you're a cop, try redefining homicide -- literally.

Wanna see a magic trick?

Environmental free-trade deal could help tar-sands producers

The WTO has started talks on a new deal that would facilitate trade in "environmental goods," but its definition of "environmental" is not so good.

Business & Technology

“It’s raining renewable energy loans!” shrieks DOE, racing to the dance floor

The Department of Energy announced a $4 billion loan guarantee program for renewable energy projects, Solyndra be damned.

Will gas get a free pass?

Oil companies try to weasel out of California’s cap-and-trade program

Big Oil has convinced some lawmakers to try to delay the inclusion of motor fuels in the state's carbon-trading system. Because it cares about struggling families.

Situation normal, all trucked up

Um, TransCanada just bought off a town with a firetruck

In exchange for a new rescue truck, the town of Mattawa agreed to not to comment on any of TransCanada's operations for the next five years.

Wild Mannered

Should wilderness get the axe?

The Wilderness Act turns 50 this year. But climate change means we need to rethink what "wild" even means.

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