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As oil buyers pull out of Venezuela, condom prices swell to $755

The fact that you filled up your gas tank for $20 this morning means that there's a couple in Caracas stewing in sexual frustration.


How to talk to an anti-vaxxer

Dumping data and derision on vaccination-doubters isn't going to get us anywhere. To change minds, we need to build trust.

What kind of cockroach are you? Take our quiz to find out!

Are you a hardy trash explorer or a shy rubbish sneaker?

Climate & Energy

Here’s how to make sure renewables keep getting cheaper

What distinguishes expensive renewable energy projects from cheaper ones is not technology, but "soft costs" like financing and permitting.

Climate & Energy

BP’s missing oil is found — where else? — on the bottom of the Gulf

Some 10 million gallons spilled by the Deepwater Horizon disaster are now sitting on the seafloor, a new study finds.

Sheer lunacy

Mining the moon is a thing that could actually happen

Here are three ways entrepreneurs are already planning to use the moon, from rocket fuel to rare elements.

Climate & Energy

Warmer seas make for a transoceanic fish party

A melting Arctic is opening the path between the Atlantic and Pacific -- which could mean potential disaster for ocean ecosystems.


Buying this guy a car was nice. Buying a mass transit system would be way nicer.

Generous people have donated to help a man who used to have to walk 21 miles a day. But we need to fix the larger problem.


Valley fever is taking a toll on California prisoners — and it’s the government’s fault

If it killed politicians instead of prisoners, this illness would be national enemy No. 1.