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Zappos billionaire wants to turn a dusty Las Vegas wasteland into a thriving urban hub

Tech incubators, coworking spaces, car-share Teslas, a 40-foot, fire-breathing praying mantis. It's all here. Now all Tony Hsieh needs is some people.

Climate & Energy

This huge corporation is tackling climate change — because it’s a threat to the bottom line

Food giant General Mills now has some pretty sweet climate bragging rights.

Irony much?

Oil refinery threatened by sea-level rise, asks government to fix problem

What the company lacks in shame it makes up for in chutzpah. At least it isn't denying climate science!

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Sure, you'll be safe from the majority of climate disasters, but the people out here are just. the. worst.

Climate & Energy

Think people of color don’t care about the environment? Think again

Dorceta Taylor, professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment, talks about her new report about environmental groups' failure to diversify.

Tin foiled again

Don’t believe anything you read at Natural News

Don't be taken in: This site sometimes plays to green sympathies, but it's full of untrustworthy information and outright conspiracy theories.


A century ago, Detroit’s “potato patch mayor” knew how to ride out hard times

How can a city's distant past guide our search for solutions to today's problems? A statue offers some clues.

Caboose? More Like Kaboom

This doc about “bomb trains” filled with crude oil will make your head explode

VICE News releases a slick film investigating the dangers of trains carrying oil from the Bakken shale to the Pacific Northwest.

Sweatshops Should Take A Hike

Your hiking gear might come from a sweatshop. Here’s how you can fix that

North Face's parent company refuses to sign an important safety accord for Bangladeshi garment workers.

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