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now you seafood, now you don't

Six ways climate change is screwing with your seafood (and what to do about it)

Think of this as a study guide for your climate-change-and-seafood pop quiz.


Climate change rocks a key Michigan Senate race

As conservative money takes aim at a Democratic front-runner, the climate emerges as a decisive issue for one of the races that will decide who controls the Senate.

The Milkweed Factor

Blame industrial ag for those monarch butterfly declines

Why are the monarchs abdicating? More evidence points to the weed-killing pesticides that wipe out the butterflies' favorite food.

Business & Technology

Is a greener oil industry possible? David Poritz thinks so

The founder of Equitable Origin wants to create green, fair-trade certification for the oil industry.

Kick back, relax, and count all the sharks at your local beach

Global Shark Tracker lets you follow the movements of sharks around the world -- and avoid unexpected lunch dates.


Mmmm! Doughnuts. Not-mmmm: Palm oil

Big doughnut chains use big amounts of palm oil, and they still haven't signed on to rainforest-protecting agreements

Climate & Energy

Here’s how enviros plan to push for stronger EPA climate rules

The Sierra Club and NRDC will encourage supporters to submit positive public comments, while Greenpeace and don't have big plans to help.

Business & Technology

The next front in the GMO war: Synthetic biology

A new wrinkle in bioscience could help save rainforests. Or maybe not. Let's not shut down the debate before we even have it.

direwolf situation

For $20,000, George R.R. Martin will kill you and save the wolves

If you are a top funder of the author's Wolf Sanctuary crowdfunding campaign you, too, could have your (fictional) skull crushed by the Game of Thrones author.

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