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Climate & Energy

The cynical money person’s guide to our renewable energy future

Banks looking into trends in renewable energy investment like what they see -- for reasons that have almost nothing to do with the, you know, planet.


Why we really should care about boosting farm yields

Getting farms to produce more food may not be the answer to all the world's problems. But it's a problem we're still going to need to answer somehow.


Will I poison myself if I reuse this plastic water bottle?

A reader tries to ease his bottled-water guilt by using the bottle more than once. Umbra tells him to put a cork in it.


Four reasons that ice bucket challenge went crazy viral

Everybody on the internet these days wants to create the next viral sensation. How did ALS's ubiquitous ice bucket challenge pull it off?

Climate & Energy

Do not buy oceanfront property

Recent TV series about beach living are some of the most unreal reality shows.

Climate & Energy

Why coal is (still) worse than fracking and cow burps

Geoscientist Raymond Pierrehumbert argues that carbon dioxide is always worse than shorter-lived pollutants like methane.

It's electric

This California bill will make electric cars way less pretentious

If passed, the Charge Ahead California Initiative would subsidize electric cars for low-income drivers throughout the state.

Climate & Energy

Thanks to fracking, there’s something in the water in Pennsylvania

Now that we have 243 pieces of evidence that fracking is not GREAT for the people who live near it, can we stop pretending otherwise?


Why Idaho is doing french fries right

How Boise Fry Company is building a better food system.