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Uber, Google could replace cab drivers with robots

Your pick-up app might soon be hailing self-driving cars.

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6 charts that show renewable energy is getting cheaper

The latest numbers on electricity costs show that various forms of renewable energy are already competitive with fossil fuels, with costs expected to continue falling.

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Look at how much greener California is

But don’t be fooled: California is still in the throes of serious drought that began way back in 2011.


These climate change Instagrams will make you cry

Warning: The new Instagram account Everyday Climate Change could give you the sads.

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The Koch brothers just kicked mass transit in the face

The billionaires just squelched efforts to raise the gas tax, which pays to fix roads and bridges, saying money was being wasted on bike paths and transit.

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EPA to Obama: You gotta reject Keystone

Extracting tar-sands oil from Canada would lead to "a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions," says the U.S. EPA.


Obama’s budget calls for billions to fight climate change

The president wants to increase spending on renewable energy and emissions reductions.

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Greens get behind striking oil workers

The Steelworkers union is worried about emissions, leaks, fires, and explosions at oil refineries, and is demanding safer working conditions.

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Solving climate change will be difficult but worth it

Aggressive climate mitigation is absolutely worth the costs, but economic models are not a good guide to how difficult it might be.