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direwolf situation

For $20,000, George R.R. Martin will kill you and save the wolves

If you are a top funder of the author's Wolf Sanctuary crowdfunding campaign you, too, could have your (fictional) skull crushed by the Game of Thrones author.

Business & Technology

Crazy contraption turns cow poo into clean water, fertilizer, and natural gas (ahem)

A single cow produces 10,000 gallons of poop each year. That's a whole lotta Kool-Aid!

Climate & Energy

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how Republicans blew it on climate change

The "Cosmos" host dishes on our warming planet, why science is "trending" in our culture, and the meaning of a groundbreaking science TV experiment.

How do you like your state cooked?

American Southwest heating faster than rest of nation

The Northeast is getting pretty toasty too.

Climate & Energy

This is how little it costs for states to go renewable

Renewable electricity standards are not expensive to implement, a new study finds.

Climate & Energy

Don’t care about climate change? Perhaps this artist & his trusty garden hose can help

Lars Jan’s project "Holoscenes" shows people going about their lives as water rises swiftly around them.


Ask Umbra: What’s the most efficient way to heat and cool my house?

A reader is blowing hot and cold about HVAC systems. Umbra urges him not to vent.

Climate & Energy

The world is yours: Kids take the lead in the climate fight

When it comes to protecting the planet and our overburdened neighborhoods, young people are taking matters into their own hands.

Climate & Energy

How much cleaner will Obama’s climate rules make your state?

They're all getting greener, but the math is a little complicated.

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