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Climate & Energy

Canadians are eating tar-sands pollution

New research paints an alarming picture of wildlife being contaminated by tar-sands extraction -- wildlife that First Nations have long hunted for food.


Vegetarians live longer, pollute less — and you no longer have to take their word for it

New research shows that a vegetarian diet is good for you and the climate, both. Just please, go easy on the lentils.

Climate & Energy

Why Tom Steyer is not a hypocrite

He used to invest in coal projects, but he doesn't anymore, and the climate movement is happy to welcome people who've newly seen the light.

Between a hawk and a hard place

Rats! Rodent poison kills hawks, too

A grassroots movement in California begins to make headway in a fight to protect rat-eating hawks from rodenticides.

Climate & Energy

Whale poop may help fight climate change

Biologists say the majestic swimmers' "pump" mechanism filters the oceans of carbon.

Business & Technology

Need to charge your phone while herding? There’s an ass for that

Turkish herders found the most obvious solution to keeping their cellphones juiced: solar panels on donkeys.


Ask Umbra: Is it safe to water veggies from my rain barrels?

A reader wonders if he can use rain barrel water for his garden. Umbra collects her thoughts.

Climate & Energy

Is the Anthropocene a world of hope or a world of hurt?

For better or worse, we're running this planet now. What's wrong with saying we might be able to pull that off? A conversation between Andrew Revkin and Clive Hamilton.

Minga Dynasty

Cooperative organic farming takes root in Kentucky

Nelson Escobar brought traditional ideas of collective, community-sustaining farming from his home in El Salvador to Louisville, Ky.

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