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What are the most eco-friendly nuts?

A reader wonders what to put in his trail mix. Umbra gets nutty.

Climate & Energy

Why it matters that left-wingers just won in oil-rich Alberta

The new leader of the province opposes Keystone and takes climate seriously. That’s awkward for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Climate & Energy

Why the Koch brothers’ war against clean energy is still failing

You may have heard that the Kochs scored a win by rolling back Kansas' renewable power standard, but that's not exactly how things went down.


This infographic shows why good bread costs more dough

Here's a comparison of how an artisanal loaf of bread from your local bakery might be made vs. a bagged loaf from the grocery store.

Sturgeon General Warning

What swims in rivers, rhymes with drought, and is dying in California?

Californians: Prepare to see a lot more catfish in years to come. Mm-mmm, mudcats.


Instead of feeling bad about being single and childless, this woman started an awesome farm

Danelle Myer realized she had the freedom to do something radical, so she started an organic farm.


This tool could help Montreal cyclists route around bad air

A Google Maps mashup overlays air pollution data on the city street grid so bikers can go easy on their lungs.


Elevated paths give San Francisco cyclists the high ground

New bike lanes will keep cyclists safe from cars and pedestrians safe from cyclists.

Purrfect Storm

Oakland might not have much water, but it’s littered with kittens

A flood of fuzzy kittens are arriving at animal shelters in Oakland, Calif. Could the drought be the culprit?