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Climate & Energy

When a species poisons an entire planet

We aren't the only creatures who polluted the atmosphere and forever changed life on Earth.

Blue is the new orange

Netflix is about to hijack our evenings with grim environmental films

The the on-demand media streaming company plans to premier at least two conservationist flicks this year: "Virunga" and "Mission Blue."


Earth Ball: So much fun, you’ll want to destroy the planet twice!

Kids hit Earth pinatas and spill oil on the Antarctic in this funny and too-real video.

Business & Technology

This gigantic urban “skyfarm” looks like a tree and grows food for the masses

With roughly 13 acres of hydroponic growing space, this thing looks like something straight out of some techno-utopia.

Business & Technology

Inside the huge solar farm that powers Apple’s iCloud

Lisa Jackson on Apple's wide-ranging plan to green its act.

Climate & Energy

In Michigan, the drilling wars are infesting the Twitter stream

If you're looking for signs of how much is at stake in the fight over drilling and fracking in the Great Lakes region, just check your feed.

Climate & Energy

New report expounds on old problem: Lack of diversity in green groups

According to the report, “the dominant culture of the organizations is alienating to ethnic minorities, the poor, the LGBTQ community, and others outside the mainstream.”


Ask Umbra: What’s that stuff dripping out of my neighbor’s air conditioner?

A reader wonders about the constant drip from upstairs. Umbra offers a few drops of wisdom.

Climate & Energy

What is climate change doing to our mental health?

Watching the ocean inch up to your doorstep can be pretty stressful. Researchers are studying the ways climate change can undermine our well-being, and how we can bounce back.

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