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Why Hawaii is doing chocolate right

How Manoa Chocolate is building a better food system.


Girl, let me see that thong (over your mantelpiece)

Someone is actively soliciting all of the 5-for-$15 thongs you’ve accumulated over the course of your post-Bat Mitzvah (hopefully?) life.


Booze is proof nature wants us to be happy

Cultivation, fermentation, distillation: A glass of brandy is made possible by millennia of conspiracy between nature and technology, orchestrated by human beings.


Architecture for the people, by the people

A new generation of architects builds community and sustainability right into their designs.


This 3,300 foot crack in the Mexican desert is nothing to worry about

“This is no cause for alarm,” one official said. Um, yes, it is.

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Renewable energy is up, but renewable investment isn’t

Despite a worldwide boom in clean energy, the International Energy Agency warns that governments need to keep encouraging the sector or growth will lag.


Why Georgia is doing pecans right

How Alake's Pecans is building a better food system.


Good news — you can now buy makeup that supports gender equity! (Bear with us.)

Gender equality is a climate issue, so any step toward ensuring that women and men have equal rights and opportunities is good for the planet.


Now you can feel guilty about wearing sunscreen at the beach

A new study finds that around the globe, sun-wary swimmers slough off more than 13 million pounds of sunscreen each year. That's bad news for fish.