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Ask Umbra: What’s that stuff dripping out of my neighbor’s air conditioner?

A reader wonders about the constant drip from upstairs. Umbra offers a few drops of wisdom.

Climate & Energy

What is climate change doing to our mental health?

Watching the ocean inch up to your doorstep can be pretty stressful. Researchers are studying the ways climate change can undermine our well-being, and how we can bounce back.

Feed lots

The science (and art) of feeding ourselves

The planet may be jammed with people, but there's an awful lot of food out there. The big question: How can we grow it sustainably and distribute it equitably, too?

Climate & Energy

These young people are pioneering Appalachia’s post-coal economy

The Appalachian Transition Fellows are young people who will spend this year building diverse job opportunities in the coal-country counties that need them most.

Climate & Energy

Appalachia tries to make a life after coal

Coal production is gradually leaving Appalachia -- having already extracted much of the region's natural wealth.


Gimme 8 percent of your lunch! You’re not going to eat it anyway

What does 92 percent of a meal look like? The friendly staff at Grist have compiled a very helpful guide using YOUR diet as an example!

Climate & Energy

You’d scream, too, if you were this close to a collapsing iceberg

As the poles melt, icebergs are breaking off and drifting with greater ease, creating a world of problems for humans and animals alike.

Exctinction VI: This time it's personal

Dead elephants, plagues, and rats: Why the sixth extinction is bad for you and everyone you know

Our little habit of wiping out wildlife is going to come back and bite us.

Suburban Warfare

Out-of-touch dads still want gas-guzzling SUVs, apparently

SUVs are saving General Motors, but that doesn't mean they're about to rule the roads again.

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