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This might get loud

Is this pipeline company ready for some whale hazing?

If an expanded pipeline in Canada threatens migrating whales in the Pacific with an oil spill, the energy company in charge knows just what to do.

Hacking the climate

California ranchers tackle the climate crisis one pasture at a time

By spreading compost on their pastures, Marin County ranchers have been able to suck significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. But can it work elsewhere?


Baltimore air polluter fumbles, and kids score one for their hard-hit community

The trash incinerator in South Baltimore isn't even finished, and it's already been shut down for violating air pollution rules.

The rat came back

Retracted Roundup-fed rat research republished

The scientists behind the controversial study that linked GMO-fueled herbicides with sickness in lab rats have also now published some of their data.


Latest sign that the end is nigh: You can now get a “ride share” in a helicopter

The ride-sharing company Uber has teamed up with with Blade, an outfit that offers Uber-like services for those in desperate need of a chopper.


This timelapse serves up some deforestation with your World Cup

Soccer not your thing? Then maybe you'd prefer to watch the rainforest disappearing around a much-maligned stadium in Manaus.

Climate & Energy

Out of land and almost underwater, the country of Kiribati may move to Fiji

Kiribati is one of a number of small island countries that will soon be largely, or completely, submerged as sea levels rise.

Finding Emo

Ocean acidification could be creating friendless fish

As CO2 levels rise, coral-reef fish seem to lose the ability to recognize each other.

Climate & Energy

With one more nail in its coffin, is Keystone XL history?

South Dakota's permit to build the pipeline just expired, making it that much harder for Transcanada to resume construction -- whatever the Obama administration decides.

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