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In Baltimore and Cleveland, a unique approach to reviving the inner city

These cities are building businesses around "anchor institutions" like hospitals and universities -- and providing much-needed jobs for local residents.

Not Your Father’s Environmental Plan

NYC mayor’s green plan fights poverty and pollution at the same time

Bill de Blasio aims to lift 800,000 people out of poverty while adding solar capacity, making buildings efficient, and cutting down on waste.


Say g’day to Australia’s awesome new solar plant

Australia combines two of our favorite things: Solar power and wastewater treatment facilities.

Climate & Energy

California wildfire conditions are a “recipe for disaster”

It's already looking bad, and it's going to get worse.

tailored genes

The latest in GMO panic: Human engineering

We have some good and some bad reasons for worrying about GMOs — especially when they’re us.


Why Baltimore is fighting for its life, again

A longtime local reflects on the raggedy pleasures of life in Charm City, aka Mobtown, and the tenacity of the people who live there.


This activist is bringing Kentucky’s hot food scene to a tray near you

Sarah Fritschner is leading a farm-to-cafeteria movement in Kentucky.


This is why we’re still talking about sexism in science

Upon submitting a paper for acceptance to PLOS (Public Library of Science), two female scientists were essentially told: "Needs more dudes."