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Puffin snuff

Something is seriously wrong on the East Coast — and it’s killing all the baby puffins

Disappearing puffins, stray whales, invading sailfish: The North Atlantic is in a bad way. Here's why.

Climate & Energy

Obama gears up for his big climate move

The president is about to launch the largest climate change initiative in U.S. history, and it's not because he's a tree-hugging hippie.

Climate & Energy

Like Big Tobacco, Big Energy targets the developing world for future profits

In the '80s, Big Tobacco targeted the developing world, where cigarette demand was strong and regulation was weak. Now, energy companies are taking a page from their playbook.

Climate & Energy

How the melting Arctic could spread invasive species far and wide

Global warming has opened up the Northwest Passage to shipping, which could mean that invasive species have an easier time hopping from port to port.


This wind turbine will power your apartment without keeping you up at night

At five feet wide, it might not exactly fit on your Brooklyn fire escape. But it's a lot quieter than most turbines/randy apartment neighbors (We're talking to you, unit 309).


H&M gets slightly less evil, recycles your clothes into new jeans

Is H&M demonstrating its long-term Commitment to Sustainability or trying to make you forget that clothes-shredding scandal?

Climate & Energy

You’ve earned it: Here’s a supercut of the funniest climate change videos

Let The Onion, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Al Gore, and even Will Ferrell as George Dubya distract you from our self-inflicted planetary incineration.

don't google it

Do you know better than a scientist? No — here’s why

Harry Collins, a founder of the field of "science studies," explains why we should listen to scientists on climate change, vaccines, and HIV-AIDS.

Don't ask me

Republicans confirm they don’t know squat about science

GOP politicians are using a new tactic as they fight climate action: playing dumb.

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