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This company has 400 people hyped to build Elon Musk’s hyperloop

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies plans to break ground on a test track next year.

Climate & Energy

Costa Rica’s green plans: Sustainable coffee, bikes, and clean energy

Costa Rica has set an ambitious goal for itself: To be entirely carbon-neutral by 2021. But it’s really not that crazy.

Paranoid Republicans think EPA contaminated river on purpose

Two Utah state lawmakers speculate that the EPA might have deliberately dumped mine waste into the Animas River.


Yet another land mine for GMO Golden Rice

The real problems with a controversial, retracted study weren't about the science but about respect for the subjects' values.

California is sinking. Blame the drought.

And you can blame up to 25 percent of the drought on climate change.

Climate & Energy

U.S. taxpayers are getting ripped off by fossil fuel extraction

Coal-mining and oil-drilling programs on federal land are big money-wasters, in addition to polluting the environment and hurting the climate.


Your organic fruits and veggies might have been irrigated with fracking wastewater

Irrigation water appears to be a major loophole in the USDA's organic food safety program.


Balloon releases at college football games? Sack that custom

A reader wants to know how his college's customary balloon swarm affects the environment. Umbra offers a crash course.

The Teacher

This scuba diver wants everyone — black, white, or brown — to feel at home in the ocean

Kramer Wimberley knows what it's like to feel unwelcome in the water. As a dive instructor and ocean-lover, he tries to make sure no one else does.