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Pontiff Contention

The pope’s encyclical just leaked, and he’s seriously dissing climate deniers

The Vatican condemned the early release of document in which pontiff calls on people to change their lifestyles and energy consumption or face grave consequences.

Business & Technology

Here’s another reason why oil refineries (literally) suck

Oil refineries are the second biggest water user of non-ag businesses in drought-parched California.


Why Seattle still has a huge garbage problem

The city says it wants to get to "zero waste," but residents apparently have a hard time with change.

Climate & Energy

How much does the world spend to subsidize fossil fuels? The IMF wants to know

Watch our video to find out how many. Hint: It's in the trillions.

Whitehouse on White House

Climate-hawk senator is “very disappointed” in Obama on Arctic drilling

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse tells Grist what he thinks of the president's climate record. Plus: commentary on Hillary Clinton and the pope.

Business & Technology

Subaru’s new sustainability pledge is pretty weak. Here’s why

Why is a well-managed car company ignoring climate change in favor of outdated marketing?


Think climate change will be good for plants? Think again

Climate change could mean shorter growing seasons and less nutrients for plants.

Climate & Energy

Drought forces cuts to some of California’s oldest water rights

In a step it hasn't taken since the 1970s, the state water board tells key rights holders, including municipalities and water districts, to draw less H2O.

Dino Another Day

In which we talk “Jurassic World,” GMOs, and bad science

The newest "Jurassic Park" movie has has genetically modified monsters, hot dino-wranglers, and a brain the size of a walnut.