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Business & Technology

The NFL’s newest stadium is also one of the greenest

The San Francisco 49ers' new digs just scored LEED Gold certification.


This little fox loves transit. Should we tell him he just missed his stop?

Despite the fact that the bus was empty, the fox only took up one seat. If only all encroaching wildlife (including humans) were so polite.

Climate & Energy

In Pennsylvania, Dr. Frack will see you now

To gather data on how gas drilling might affect residents' health, a group is starting by offering them some medical advice.


Plants are poison — and that just may be why they keep us healthy

Toxins in produce may be the key to why fruits and vegetables do us so much good, according to new research that challenges our thinking about antioxidants.

Climate & Energy

New rules aim to stop rash of oil train spills and explosions

Train wrecks have done more than $10 million in damage as of mid-May this year -- nearly triple the damage for all of 2013. The feds want to stop that.

Hop on the bus, Gus

Even rural America can have good public transportation

The area around Aspen, Colo., enjoys a great bus system and bikeshare program. Take that, big cities.


People: Stop getting your panties in a wad about “fake” charity clothing bins

The donation boxes have been condemned as public nuisances, magnets for graffiti and crime, and fire hazards. In fact, they're a logical response to our overconsumption.


How a town in Maine is blocking an Exxon tar-sands pipeline

The city council of South Portland has voted to block ExxonMobil's scheme to ship filthy Albertan oil out through the city's port.

The Bot Digest

Will drones save the rhinos? Some conservationists say it’s launch time

Drones send privacy advocates into a tizzy. But can camera-equipped bots help enforce environmental regs?

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