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ocean city

To make our cities green, we have to think blue

What does a "blue city" look like, anyway? For starters, take a look at Rotterdam and Wellington.

Climate & Energy

This giant wind farm would dwarf the Hoover Dam

The $8 billion complex would send electricity from Wyoming to the city of Los Angeles, making the Hoover Dam look like a middle school science project.


Why Rhode Island is doing oysters right

How Walrus and Carpenter Oysters is building a better food system.


Cargill promises to stop chopping down rainforests. This is huge.

The agribusiness giant signs a pledge to stop contributing to deforestation worldwide -- if they're successful, the reductions in carbon pollution are on par with taking all the cars in the world off the road.

Climate & Energy

Natural gas is not a good climate solution, even without methane leakage

More abundant natural gas is unlikely to cut greenhouse gas emissions much on its own, a new study finds.


35 years of shrinking arctic ice, all in one graphic

The fingerprint of climate change is as visible here as the big letters on an eye chart.

Climate & Energy

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio talk climate with the U.N., armed with facts & a glorious man bun

If nothing else, when the climate crisis bubbles into the mainstream, it's a great time to remember how much better-looking our side is.


Please, people, stop using bikes to whitesplain privilege

Recent stories use bicycling as either a proxy for white privilege, or a metaphor for explaining it to other white people. It's not working.


Why Pennsylvania is doing bread right

How Pittsburgh's The Pedaling Baker is building a better food system.

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