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8 ideas for Ben & Jerry’s new vegan ice cream flavors

Now that the company has plans to start churning out dairyless ice cream, here are a few flavors we expect to find in the freezer aisle.


Polar bears are now eating dolphins thanks to climate change

The polar bears are even saving frozen dolphin for later.


You can’t blame immigrants for California’s drought

Xenophobes are trying to seize the drought to push their anti-immigration agenda, but their arguments fall flat.

On the Farm

Haven’t heard Son Little yet? You’re welcome

Watch Son Little perform a stripped-down version of "Cross My Heart" at last year's Pickathon.


Is grass-fed beef better in a drought?

How do you sort out the environmental impact of grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef in a drought? Umbra's got your back (and your flank).


One mom’s fight to make Seattle’s most polluted neighborhood greener

DeVona Lahrman is leading a crusade to get kids more safe places to play outside in the heart of the city's industrial district.

An open letter to the president

McKibben to Obama: You still have time to be a climate champion — but not much

In an open letter to President Obama, Bill McKibben argues that the White House should take strong steps to change the carbon game -- right now.

Climate & Energy

California is sinking faster than ever, thanks to massive overpumping of water

Sinking is starting to destroy bridges, crack irrigation canals, and twist highways across the state.

Business & Technology

Your Netflix binges could soon be fueled by solar power, thanks to Amazon

Guilt-free "Orange is the New Black" marathons? Yes, please.