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Climate & Energy

Washington state just lopped up to $2,500 off the cost of solar panels. Here’s how.

Instead of a patchquilt of permitting rules that vary from county to county, the state now has a simpler -- and cheaper -- process.

school of hot

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is about to sweat through some climate education

Under mounting pressure, Scott has agreed to talk to a climate scientist who insists, “It’s not rocket science. I can explain it. Give me half an hour.”

Punky Rooster

Punk strife and farm life pair remarkably well

Here is something you’ve almost definitely never thought about: Rural punks! Punks in the country!


It’s going to take more than swim lessons to undo the effects of racism

The documentary "Free Swim" suggests that learning to swim can lift black kids up. But poverty, racism, and colonialism are tough nuts to crack.


Hospital food gets a locavore makeover

Illness aside, most hospital food is enough to make you want to barf. But that's finally starting to change.

Past gas

Living next to natural gas wells is no fun

From health threats to truck traffic, from rank odors to sinking property values, Coloradans explain what it's like to live near fracking sites.

Climate & Energy

How Western civilization ended, circa 2014

Two historians turn to science fiction to scare the hell out of you about climate change.

Slow your roll

Stephen Colbert can’t wait to belch exhaust all over bicyclists & hybrid cars

"Rolling coal isn't just a smoke-belching public nuisance," says Stephen Colbert. "It's a smoke-belching public message."

Climate & Energy

New Jersey reshuffles Sandy relief dollars, admits to numerous mistakes

The announcement follows an investigation by a scrappy local news site that found that the state’s scorecards for distributing relief money were riddled with errors.

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