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Climate & Energy

The Himalaya shows off how fast it can melt, too

Not wanting to get left behind its bigger bros in the global melt, the "third pole" has also been shedding its icy stocks.

Thanks a ton! Plus, more mortifying Grist staff photos

With your help, Grist celebrated our 15th birthday by raising $70,000 in just 15 days.

Climate & Energy

Here’s what to expect from Obama’s big new climate rules

The Obama administration is on the verge of taking its biggest-ever step to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate & Energy

Yes Men fool college students into thinking their school divested from fossil fuels

Seeing that Reed College has invested $5.4 million in cutting its carbon emissions, divestment is a logical next step. Too bad it's not true (yet).

Business & Technology

Millennials are the new oil barons? Wait, what happened to all of our green inclinations?

If you're a young person starting an oil company because you want to make a lot of money, fine. We clearly don’t have much in common.

Climate & Energy

Pat Sajak ruins your sick-day game-show viewing with climate denial

Sajak likes to make 140-character jabs at environmentalists. Thankfully he’s not exactly a respected scientific authority.


Oregon county bans GMO crops

Organic farmers, worried about contamination, win a local campaign, even though the state has its own new rules barring locales from regulating GMOs.

It’s so wrong, but it feels so right

Here’s why your uncle won’t give up those pesky climate & vaccine conspiracy theories

To correct incorrect beliefs, it’s not enough to just dish out the facts; you have to shed your defensive biases first.

Climate & Energy

Good news: Warming waters extend swim season. Bad news: They’re full of monster jellyfish

Divers off of Corwall, England, are spotting record numbers of giant Mediterranean jellyfish. On the upside, Welsh fans of tentacle porn no longer have to travel.

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