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Climate & Energy

Climate change making emperor penguins’ feet a lot less happy

A new study suggests the threat of climate change is enough to put the emperor penguin on the endangered species list.

hacking the climate

B.C. put a price on carbon. What happened next will surprise you

British Columbia's pioneering carbon tax not only reduced climate pollution, but gained popular support as well. Oh, and the naysayers who predicted economic doom? Didn't happen.

Climate & Energy

Hacking the climate: The search for solutions to the world’s greatest challenge

Governments, communities, and everyday people are finding ways to combat the looming climate meltdown. In a five-part series this week, these students will tell you how.


Ask Umbra: Should I find a rideshare for my trip — or just go Greyhound?

A reader wants to know the best option for a short trip. Umbra buckles up.

Soil sorcery

The secret to richer, carbon-capturing soil? Treat your microbes well

We don't have to understand every detail of the amazingly complex soil microbiome. We just have to feed it right, and it might work wonders.


Upcycling finally gets its own reality TV show

TerraCycle hopes to upcycle the tired reality TV genre.

Climate & Energy

Conservatives don’t deny climate science because they’re ignorant. They deny it because of who they are

A provocative new study claims that conservative climate skeptics actually know plenty of science.


Make Me Care: Can ranchers and foodies be friends?

Spoiler alert: Yes.

Climate & Energy

Meet the brazen scientist who’s taking over NASA’s high-powered climate lab

The straight-talking Gavin Schmidt is the new director of NASA's climate research group. And he can juggle, too!

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