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Now Google Street View is mapping gas pipeline leaks

Experiments by Google, Environmental Defense Fund, and university scientists reveal the huge amounts of methane that leak from pipelines beneath some cities.

Another bad creation

Mother jailed for letting her daughter run free — at the playground

Debra Harrell let her 9-year-old daughter play unsupervised in an North Augusta, S.C., park. Harrell was arrested and her daughter is in the custody of the state.


Good riddance, ocean, you were terrifying and gross anyway

Parasitic isopods? Blobfish? Deep-sea vampire squid? Don't let the Great Pacific Garbage Patch hit you on the way out, ocean.

Nouveau Veg

Five reasons why kelp could be the next kale

Once we all start getting tired of kale, seaweed could step up to the plate as America's favorite superfood.


Vermont’s dirty secret: Free-ranging cows are crapping in the water supply

The EPA has put the state on probation until it figures out a way to stop dairy farms from polluting streams, rivers, and Lake Champlain -- the water supply for a third of Vermont's population.


Lay off the almond milk, you ignorant hipsters

Water down and package a food that's perfectly fine as is? That's just nuts.

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Here’s how Obama is preparing the country for climate change

The president has unveiled a number of initiatives to help communities and citizens adapt to changes in the weather.


California farms are sucking up enough groundwater to put Rhode Island 17 feet under

Here are four key takeaways from a new report prepared for the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

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A Tesla for the rest of us? Elon Musk dishes on the new, cheaper model

The Tesla 3 will be half the price of the current model. Honk if you like that idea.

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