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Climate & Energy

Can’t decide whether to go to the big climate march? This might convince you

A trailer for a new climate documentary might inspire you to make your way to the People's Climate March in New York City on Sept. 21.

Climate & Energy

The U.N.’s latest report on climate change is terrifying

The latest draft report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change centers on a really scary word: irreversible.

Fossil Fuel

Europe’s power plants are going the way of the dinosaurs

Solar power and battery capacity will drive old-fashioned utilities in Europe to extinction, starting in 2020, according to a new report.


Why Colorado is doing beer right

How Asher Brewing Company is building a better food system.

young wheezy

Forget the climate — cap-and-trade could fix your allergies

Carbon emissions are making you sick and threatening lives.

This flip is a flop

Scott Brown no longer accepts climate science

Now that he's running for Senate in New Hampshire, Brown has changed course and joined his GOP colleagues in outright climate denial.


Kauai’s on-again, off-again GMO regulations are off again

A judge throws out the Hawaiian island's attempt to restrict the use of pesticides on GMO crops -- but the fight is likely to continue.


Walmart is trying to trick your kids into eating veggies

Want to sell carrots and celery to kids? Try dressing them up like junk food and shooting them out of a machine gun.


Why California is doing tofu right

How Arcata's Tofu Shop is building a better food system.