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Climate & Energy

Get ready for another extremely cold winter starting NOW

We'd joke that winter is coming, but our tongues are stuck to a light pole.

the bright side

The country is going to hell, but at least your bus may come on time

The results of the election got you down? Good news! It wasn't a total train wreck.


Holy sh*t, a town in Texas just banned fracking

Eight fracking bans went to voters during these elections. Half of them won, including one in the Lone Star State.


Watch Stephen Colbert make fun of major networks’ election coverage

Stephen Colbert leaves numbers to the nerds and summons a demon to cover election results.

Polishing A Turtle

Why Jon Stewart is excited about Mitch McConnell’s win

With renewable energy facing grim prospects in a GOP-controlled Congress, The Daily Show's hot silver fox has one weird trick to make it alright.

Climate & Energy

Clean energy may be dead in D.C., but here’s how you can lead the charge

OpenIDEO wants your ideas for a renewable-energy-filled future.


The new GOP Senate is already gearing up to cause climate mayhem

Republicans' top priorities: approving the Keystone XL pipeline and blocking Obama's plan to curb CO2 emissions from power plants.


3 climate hawks who won their races

… and five climate hawks who lost.


Food votes: GMO labels rejected in Colorado and Oregon; Berkeley taxes soda

Here's a quick roundup of national and local races in the 2014 midterms that focused on food and farming.

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