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Climate & Energy

Why Obama’s new transportation plan is pointless, in 16 tweets

We asked our resident transportation wonk, Ben Adler, to write about the administration's "Beyond Traffic" report. Here's what he did instead.

Business & Technology

Should you be worried about solar leasing? Utilities think so

Some Republicans and utilities want solar leasing to seem shady. But experts think their concerns are overblown.

Making a list, checking it twice?

The FBI is targeting tar-sands activists. Should that worry you?

Activists from around the U.S. report a spate of unexplained visits by FBI agents in recent months.


Warning: This video about dying on Mars may make you weep

"If I Die on Mars," a new mini-doc from The Guardian, will leave you wondering what it'd be like to leave Earth and never come back.


5 guesses about Apple’s big secret project

The company's mysterious new initiative could allegedly "change the landscape" of personal transport, and give Tesla a run for its money. Hmmm.

Climate & Energy

Flooding is on the rise in the Midwest, and we’re totally unprepared

New research shows Midwest flooding has become more frequent over the last 50 years -- so now the government is scrambling to get a risk management plan in order.

Climate & Energy

Scientists are pretty nervous about geoengineering

The most comprehensive study to date on geoengineering says we probably shouldn't do it -- at least not yet.


So can we really feed the world? Yes — and here’s how

Nathanael Johnson spent six months asking if we could support small farmers, protect the planet, and end hunger. This is what he learned.

Climate & Energy

Who needs Keystone when you could build a tar-sands pipeline through Alaska?

The oil industry and its political lackeys are cooking up a new scheme to get Alberta's oil to coastal ports.