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Climate & Energy

Will the GOP try to block a climate deal just like they did with an Iran deal?

Senate Republicans attempted to undermine Obama on nuclear talks with Iran. Don’t expect them to behave any better around climate talks.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is baking Alaska

Alaska is the canary in the climate coal mine, and that bird is in trouble.

Climate & Energy

Wind could power a third of America’s electricity by 2050

The wind industry would support 600,000 jobs by then, too.


EPA chief Gina McCarthy pulls off a miracle in Newark

She not only just launched a cutting-edge pollution monitoring program, she also brought arch rivals Cory Booker and Ras Baraka together.


Here’s the movie you should send your climate-apathetic friends to see

"Merchants of Doubt" feels like a dystopian science fiction film -- except it’s a documentary, and it’s about shady climate science in the United States right now.

Triumph of the commons

These urban farmers want to feed the whole neighborhood — for free

The Beacon Food Forest plants the heirloom seeds of a real sharing economy.


Should you care about how much water it takes to make your favorite foods?

Grist’s science editor Amelia Urry appeared on MSNBC’s Greenhouse to talk about how our water usage has more to do with food than what comes out of our faucets.


R2D2 is in your barn, milking your cows

Robots to milk and tend dairy cows could reduce the total number of farmers, but give the remaining ones more time to think (and sleep).

Climate & Energy

Shrinkage: Arctic ponds are the new George Costanzas

Climate change is leading to fewer and smaller ponds on Alaska's Barrow Peninsula.