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Hey, girl: It’s Woman Crush Wednesday!

This week's #WCW goes out to everyone who's been fed up with big-mouthed nightmare dudes ever since the weather got a little warmer.


Tent cities: Seattle’s unique approach to homelessness

To hold back a rising tide, Seattle has embraced an approach that other cities have outlawed.

Business & Technology

Why are we excited about 2 women speaking at an Apple conference?

That's exactly two more than the number of women executives who've spoken during the keynote portion of any Apple WWDC in recent memory.


Take an interactive tour of the world’s (cutest) vanishing species

This website shows you just how cute these 30 highly endangered species are.

A Tom Steyer for the right?

This Republican plans to spend $175 million trying to get his party to care about climate change

Jay Faison, a wealthy businessman, wants to get conservatives and moderates on board with "free-market" solutions to climate change.


The Hamburglar and Colonel Sanders are back from the grave to trick you into eating fast food

Fast food restaurants are still trying to capitalize on millennials' nostalgia for the original characters of the industry's golden years.

Business & Technology

What’s tastier than free guac? Chipotle’s new employee benefits

Chipotle got flak for its "No GMOs" announcement. But its new benefits policy is the kind of change that really can make a difference.

Use It or Lose It

The wild West of drought, crazy water rules, and cattle ranchers

The West might be drier than a popcorn's fart, but archaic water rules force farmers to irrigate.


13 cities that have priced out millenials from buying a home

Hey snake person, want to live in New York City? Or worse, San Francisco? Fuggedaboutit.