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How Chicago’s Little League scandal cheats city kids

The young players from Jackie Robinson West were stripped of their Little League title. City kids everywhere may have lost a lot more.

Climate & Energy

Big Oil is desperate for your love. Watch their silly plea in this insane video

Divestment means breaking up with fossil fuels. We're ready to move on.

green apple

Apple to spend $850 million on solar energy

Its massive new installation will produce enough power to supply 60,000 California homes, says CEO Tim Cook.


Why we need to fix our crumbling roads, not build new ones

Past transportation spending has mostly been directed to construction rather than repairs. Here's why that doesn't make much sense.


We’ll need more vaccines in a warming world

Climate change could make deadly diseases like rotavirus even worse.

Let's burst their bubble

Naomi Klein on the power of fossil fuel divestment

Taking our money out of oil and coal companies is just the start, says Klein. We also want to nationalize the companies and seize their profits.


Republicans can’t win Latinos while ignoring climate change

The GOP thinks Hispanics should be natural conservatives. Problem is, most Hispanics want climate action and most Republicans don’t.

Wave Hello

Please look at these beautiful waves, because the ocean is awesome

When the seas inevitably rise to swallow civilization as we know it, at least it'll be f*cking gorgeous.

Climate & Energy

Oklahoma had 3 times more earthquakes than California last year

2014 was a crazy year for quakes in the Sooner state -- and fracking was partly to blame.