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Climate & Energy

Ohio rolls back green energy standards — cue widespread hair-tearing

The state now has the dubious distinction of being the first in the nation to undo a renewable energy mandate.

Climate & Energy

Syria’s climate-fueled conflict, in one stunning comic strip

How climate change helped spark a bloody civil war.

Climate & Energy

Neil deGrasse Tyson destroys climate denial in this new video

The next episode of "Cosmos" will make the anti-science crowd's heads explode. Here's a preview.


Is bike parking the key to better cities?

Bike parking is way cheaper than car parking, encourages healthier living, and contributes to cleaner air.


Organic farming is great, but it’s not Jesus

Organic agriculture can indeed do good things for the soil that reduce greenhouse gases. But overselling the advantages can backfire.


Ask Umbra: Is there really BPA in my recycled toilet paper?

A reader is distraught about the petrochemicals in her paper products. Umbra wipes away her tears.

Climate & Energy

Thanks to coal, U.S. CO2 emissions are up. Good thing Obama’s about to regulate coal plants.

A five-year decline in U.S. CO2 emissions is over, and the main culprit is increased coal burning.

really fungi

Can hungry microbes save the world’s imperiled frogs?

They may be small, but they're ruthless, and they're out to get the fungus that is killing amphibians the world over.


The senator and the moose: Whitehouse makes the climate case in New Hampshire

Rhode Island's Senator Who Cares About Climate goes on a fact-finding mission to the Granite State -- and finds it's all about the moose.

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