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Could pesky children be the solution to climate change?

A British economist-baron argues that the persuasive powers children hold over their progenitors could be our secret weapon in fighting global warming.

Climate & Energy

This is crazy, but we actually have good news about climate change

A new study suggests we have a fighting chance to avoid catastrophic warming.

how 'bout them (old) apples?

RIP, obsolete gadget you once thought would change your life

Instead of fawning over new Apple gadgets, take a tour through this house full of old ones.


California drought’s latest victim? Pro sports

Thanks to record-breaking drought, maintaining healthy turf without wasting loads of water is becoming a major challenge across the Golden State.


Farms are growing more vegetables, but Americans still want to skip straight to dessert

U.S. farms see boom in the green stuff, but they're selling more of it abroad, as domestic consumption of veggies and beans fails to keep pace.

Climate & Energy

Some big, important countries are promising to cut out fossil fuels by 2100

The G7 nations agreed that the global economy must move toward completely phasing out dirty energy. It's not binding, but it is notable.


Watch us (poorly) ride the Transportation of the Future

We just had to try out the Solowheel.


Think we can end California’s drought by eating differently? Think again

Real solutions to California's water woes will depend on politics and market regulation, not facile assaults on thirsty crops and struggling farmers.


Should I replace my brown lawn with artificial turf?

A California homeowner wonders about fake grass. Umbra rolls out a better answer.