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Just store your bike on the ceiling — it looks SUPER easy (ahem)

Simply knock a hole in your ceiling (your landlady won’t mind), throw some glass up there, add some bungee cords, and voila!


Roll your eyes at the beer fridge that promises to “save the world”

The eCool stores 24 cans o’ brew underground, keeping them cool until your next barbecue or backyard picnic.

Climate & Energy

Your family feud is more likely to be about global warming than guns or abortion

Does life start when a sperm high-fives an egg, or do they have to make out? Who cares? Climate change is WAY more fun to argue about!

water for chocolate

How African Americans beat one of the most racist institutions: The swimming pool

That old saying that "black people don't swim"? It's both true and undeserved -- just like the notion that we don't like the outdoors.

Climate & Energy

Beetles and climate change helped create this huge wildfire in Alaska

A megafire broke out this week along Alaska's southern coast, which could be a sign of what's to come for the warming state.


Obama’s foreign policy doctrine includes climate action

In his speech, he made a brief call for multilateral cooperation on a climate treaty, but he should have said more about the serious threats posed by global warming.

Goat Samaritans

Hungry goats might be saving the Bay Area from wildfires

These hoofed heroes like to graze on dry brush, which, if left unconsumed, could contribute to the spread of fires. Unfortunately, the goats are in short supply.


Chef Dan Barber on the farm-to-table movement’s next steps

The Blue Hill chef talks his new book, why tomatoes are the Hummers of the veggie world, and how soil is constantly talking to us.

Climate & Energy

Climate CoLab thinks you could be the one to fix global warming

In the absence of leaders paving the way forward against climate change, this group thinks we should turn to the crowds.

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