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Resistance is fertile

How we can fight back against herbicide-resistant superweeds

Roundup is losing potency as weeds evolve resistance. Seed companies want to move to other herbicides. Is farming stuck in a spray-rinse-repeat cycle?

Business & Technology

Nebraska utility is phasing out some coal units, and it won’t cost that much

The Omaha Public Power District announced that it will retire three coal units in the next two years -- thanks to public opinion and new regs.

Climate & Energy

Jon Stewart explains how to make GOP senators care about climate

"Barack Obama must become a global warming denier," says the Daily Show host. "We'd have cap-and-trade by the morning."

What you don't know can hurt you

Pennsylvania ordered its health workers to never discuss fracking

Two former state employees say they were told not to return phone calls of residents who complained that fracking was harming their health.

say what?

NATO chief accuses fracking opponents of being Russian puppets

NATO's secretary general says Russia "engages actively" with "environmental organizations working against shale gas." Enviros say that's bullshit.


Why are the Kochs giving $25 million to poor black college students?

The Kochs' gift to the United Negro College Fund provides much-needed funding for low-income African Americans. But is it part of an anti-climate ploy?

Buzz feed

Bees and butterflies get a boost from the feds

A new White House program doesn't have a lot of muscle behind it, but at least it acknowledges the problem of declining pollinator populations.


Meet the sisters who put the rad in radical vintage

Dominique and Jazmyne Drakeford spread their love of vintage threads in Oakland, Calif.

Put solar on it

Celebrate solar power at a solstice event this weekend

"Put Solar on It" events are being staged around the country on Saturday.

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