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Sorry, paleo fans, science says carbs helped make your brain big

A new study shows that carbs were essential in human brain development. Pass the French fries, scientists!


Should you joke about good hair and scary earthquakes?

And can men be funny? We discuss on the MSNBC show Greenhouse.

Climate & Energy

Can Shell afford the risks of Arctic drilling?

How much oil would make Shell’s controversial Arctic bid profitable? And what would be the impact of a catastrophic oil spill?

Climate & Energy

Here’s how environmental justice advocates improved Obama’s Clean Power Plan

They didn’t get everything they wanted, but the activists pushed hard and got some changes that could make a real difference.


How suburban sprawl causes segregation and isolates the poor

When well-off white people flee to the suburbs, it's bad for those left behind in inner cities and bad for the environment too.

Business & Technology

From cutting down rainforests to restoring them: A company changes course

As companies begin to try to put sustainability commitments into practice, moves like this one by Asia Pulp & Paper are essential.


This communal fridge is pretty damn amazing

A small town in Spain set up a Solidarity Fridge to keep perfectly good food out of the dumpster.

Rio Olympic venues might already be making rowers sick

Thirteen American athletes got the runs after they were exposed to polluted water at Rio's Olympic sites.


We used your caffeine addiction to explain our bad consumption habits

Happy Earth Overshoot Day! You can't do anything else for the rest of the year. Watch our video to find out why.