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Climate & Energy

Watch our live chat with Ernest Moniz and Gina McCarthy

Grist hosted a discussion about President Obama's climate plan with the energy secretary and EPA administrator.

Climate & Energy

When climate change hurts crops, everyone suffers

Climate change stands to change agriculture, with increased droughts, decreased yields, and new challenges from pests -- which means disruption and hardship for humans.

What do a mathlete and a mountain climber have in common?

Answer: They're Grist fellows. And they need your support to help fund the next generation of bright, young storytellers.

Climate & Energy

How climate change is already threatening human health

Global warming harms our well-being in many ways, including impacts from extreme weather events, wildfires, and decreased air quality.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is threatening the tiny, adorable musky rat-kangaroo

This li'l buddy only gets nine inches long!

Climate & Energy

The villain of Christopher Nolan’s new movie is pretty terrifying — guess who it is!

Christopher Nolan is at it again with another unconventional antagonist: Climate change, is that you?


Jason Biggs tells SeaWorld to eat his — well, you know

Maybe the "American Pie" actor can get the bro-y pubescent male set on board with boycotting the marine park.


The week in GIFs: Broad City edition

It's only the best show on TV.

Battle of the divulge

First responders vs. frackers: Who will win?

Frackers want to keep their chemical cocktails a secret, but a North Carolina bill would let emergency workers know what they're up against.

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