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Climate & Energy

Warmer seas make for a transoceanic fish party

A melting Arctic is opening the path between the Atlantic and Pacific -- which could mean potential disaster for ocean ecosystems.


Buying this guy a car was nice. Buying a mass transit system would be way nicer.

Generous people have donated to help a man who used to have to walk 21 miles a day. But we need to fix the larger problem.


Valley fever is taking a toll on California prisoners — and it’s the government’s fault

If it killed politicians instead of prisoners, this illness would be national enemy No. 1.


Beyoncé wants you to become a vegan

And by "become a vegan," we mean she wants you to pay her personal trainer $600 to spoon-feed you lentil bowls.


Uber, Google could replace cab drivers with robots

Your pick-up app might soon be hailing self-driving cars.

Climate & Energy

6 charts that show renewable energy is getting cheaper

The latest numbers on electricity costs show that various forms of renewable energy are already competitive with fossil fuels, with costs expected to continue falling.

Climate & Energy

Look at how much greener California is

But don’t be fooled: California is still in the throes of serious drought that began way back in 2011.


These climate change Instagrams will make you cry

Warning: The new Instagram account Everyday Climate Change could give you the sads.

Climate & Energy

The Koch brothers just kicked mass transit in the face

The billionaires just squelched efforts to raise the gas tax, which pays to fix roads and bridges, saying money was being wasted on bike paths and transit.