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Tell the EPA what you think of its climate rules

The official public comment period has started and the agency is just dying to find out what you think.

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Federal bill would wash away plastic microbead problem

At least one member of Congress wants to get plastic microbeads out of our grooming products -- and out of our waterways.

to bee or not to bee

This is what your dairy aisle would look like if all the bees died off

Without pollinators, your greek yogurt, butter, cream cheese, organic milk, and -- gasp -- ice cream, are all in peril.


Turns out there are a few Republicans who want to do something about climate change

Former EPA chiefs who served under four Republican presidents are backing the Obama administration's efforts to regulate CO2 from power plants.

Climate & Energy

Here’s what the battle over Iraqi oil means for America

Even with the fracking boom, the U.S. is still tied to global oil markets.


Buying a bike? Now you can use Twitter to find out if it’s stolen property

Bicyclists, rejoice! This new tool could arguably become the closest thing we have to a national bike registry.

Climate & Energy

Oil-train info does not need to be secret, feds say

Railroads, are you listening? Public release of details about crude-by-rail shipments does not pose a serious security risk.

Climate & Energy

Al Gore thinks there’s hope for humanity after all

"It is now clear that we will ultimately prevail” in the fight against climate change, Gore writes in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. But the struggle is far from over.


Could small, biodiverse farms help Hawaii grow enough food to feed itself?

Some farmers and activists want Hawaii to replace big GMO fields with local farms and food networks that could make the state more self-sufficient.

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