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frond memories

Forget potato salad — fund this science project and help cure the climate

Once upon a time, this super-plant may have geoengineered the planet. Now scientists want to sequence its genome to learn its secret.


Take back the streets, ladies — two wheels at a time

Wait – shh – did you hear that? It’s the sound of biking women around the world saying, “Enough of this BS.”

the Earth-based God

Cryptic rapper Lil B drops environmental wisdom. Here are his greatest hits

Behold the next coming of Van Jones -- or rather “Vans” Jones: Lil B the Based God.


Ask Umbra: Can I survive in the city with just a bike?

A reader wonders whether she can ditch her car. Umbra offers some wheely good advice.


Billions of oil dollars will buy you the largest mall in the world

World's largest indoor amusement park included.

Cycle Hack

Easy tip for biking in a skirt: Put a penny in yo’ pants

These women love bikes as much as they love skirts -- and don't think the two need to be mutually exclusive.

Slash and burn

House Republicans to EPA: “We’ll take your money and give it to fires!”

The GOP wants to cut EPA funding and block the agency from regulating CO2, while steering some of that money to firefighting efforts.

Death comes forest all

While away the hours to your inevitable demise with this green burial documentary

"A Will for the Woods" follows a cancer patient looking for a way to connect with nature in death.

Climate & Energy

Enough of the climate-denying clowns, say BBC bigwigs

When it comes to science reporting, let's stick to the, uh, science, says the independent BBC Trust.

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