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Climate & Energy

Here’s why the Keystone fight isn’t pointless

The battle is about power -- and the climate movement now has more of it than ever.

Plane Speak

Planes have nobody but themselves to blame for making it harder to fly

Not only are the emissions from your transatlantic flight to Rome gassing the climate -- they're also making it harder for that same flight to get off the ground in the first place.


Stop what you’re doing and watch Elizabeth Warren rip apart Keystone

Sen. Warren hauled out a can of whoop-ass on Republicans who want to push through the pipeline, bashing it as a boon for lobbyists and big business.


Why death won’t keep me from biking in the city

Our streets weren't designed to accommodate bikes and cars together, but with work, we can get there.

Climate & Energy

Is this the end of Cape Wind?

It was intended to be the first offshore wind farm in the U.S. New setbacks mean it might not get built at all.

Climate & Energy

Texas city in fracking area is rocked by 11 earthquakes in 24 hours


Notes of cherry, oak, and Coppertone

Australia is so hot even the grapes wear sunscreen

With summer temperatures skyrocketing, winemakers in Australia protect their delicate harvest with a hearty dose of SPF.


Is it safe to drink water out of plastic pipes?

A reader wonders about copper pipes vs. PEX. Umbra plumbs the options.


Materialism makes you a broke jerk, says science

Being obsessed with stuff is eating your money, relationships, and soul, according to psychologist Tim Kasser.