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Oregon county bans GMO crops

Organic farmers, worried about contamination, win a local campaign, even though the state has its own new rules barring locales from regulating GMOs.

It’s so wrong, but it feels so right

Here’s why your uncle won’t give up those pesky climate & vaccine conspiracy theories

To correct incorrect beliefs, it’s not enough to just dish out the facts; you have to shed your defensive biases first.

Climate & Energy

Good news: Warming waters extend swim season. Bad news: They’re full of monster jellyfish

Divers off of Corwall, England, are spotting record numbers of giant Mediterranean jellyfish. On the upside, Welsh fans of tentacle porn no longer have to travel.

Climate & Energy

It’s dry and getting drier in West Texas

Texas rancher Clay Igo sums it up: “It seems like it is doin’ nothing but getting hotter, and drier, and less rain, yearly.”

Business & Technology

Computer takeover of humanity is ahead of schedule

A venture capital firm specializing in medicine (what else?) has named a computer program to its board of directors.


The bottom line is why Big Food should take a stand on climate

Oxfam names the 10 food companies that could make a difference in helping push governments to get serious about carbon emission regulations.

Catch Word

The dictionary finally admits fracking is here to stay

Dictionaries aren't exactly known for being trendy, so it's a big deal when Merriam-Webster adds fracking and freegan to the lexicon.


Here are some of the ridiculous food names babies got last year

Babies named Quinoa may be a stretch, but Kale, Chai, and other foodie names are all too real.


India’s new prime minister is big on solar power

Narendra Modi is conservative, but he's making clean electricity generation his top energy priority.

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