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Rare-earth mining in Chile could make China look bad

A greener process for extracting rare-earth elements could mean higher prices but clearer consciences for tech manufacturers.


Sustainable food might be coming to a retirement home near you

Tell grandma to say goodbye to the rubber ham -- it's kale season.


Meet Las Vegas’ “prophet of growth”

Pat Mulroy preached conservation while backing growth in Las Vegas.

Climate & Energy

Should oil companies have a seat at the climate negotiating table?

European oil majors are calling for international climate negotiators to put a price on carbon. Some green groups are skeptical.


In the battle against climate change, Seattle is on the front lines

The Paddle in Seattle is just a hint of this city's commitment to fighting climate change. Next up: Eliminating its carbon footprint completely.


Lindsey Graham is occasionally almost halfway decent on climate change

This Republican presidential contender gets a lot of credit for his views on the climate, but his record on the issue has been mixed.

Business & Technology

Dutch teen’s ocean-cleaning invention to launch next year

If the trial works, The Ocean Cleanup Array could clean up half of the trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Take it to the (meat) bank

This giant sperm bank in Colorado will save our hamburgers

The goal of this massive sperm bank is to protect heritage breeds from extinction -- and also to make them more climate-hardy.

Holy (ice) sheet

These freaky maps show what extreme sea-level rise will do to China

As the world's ice sheets melt, cities like Shanghai could be heading underwater.