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We tried to forage dinner from a city park, and here’s what happened

In which the Grist staff learns how to feed ourselves in the most hyper-local, waste-conscious, and resourceful way possible.

There's an App for That

This new app may help design bike lanes in Germany

A free app traces cyclists’ routes as they ride onto a single map, intended to help city planners create new bike paths where they're needed most.

Climate & Energy

When did Republicans start hating green? When green started helping blacks

A new study dates the GOP's distaste for the environment to 1992, just as the country was realizing that policies were steering pollution disproportionately to communities of color and low income.


Weed could be resistant to GMO labeling in Colorado

Colorado is gearing up for a ballot fight on labeling genetically engineered food products. It looks like the initiative doesn't give cannabis a pass.


Harvesting energy from our eyelids? Don’t worry, it’s just art

An industrial designer and artist dreams up a line of devices that could pull energy from the human body.

Climate & Energy

Fracking wells at the Pittsburgh airport? Sure — what could go wrong?

Real potential for crisis lies in endangering one of the state’s greatest monuments, which can be found opposite the airport TGI Friday's.


Pennsylvania seed-library caper grows loopier

The law used to target a seed library might have a loophole, researchers say -- and there's a lot more we could be doing to promote small-scale seed producers.

Climate & Energy

When did Republicans start hating the environment?

Roughly 1991, according to a new study.

Australia responds to shark attacks by … attacking sharks first

Reacting to an uptick in fatal great white shark attacks, the country’s Conservative Party has decided to kill any shark that comes anywhere near the beach.