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For whom the road tolls

Could pay-to-play lanes solve urban gridlock?

A reader wonders if HOT lanes, open to carpoolers and people with money to burn, are an improvement on standard HOV lanes. Umbra gets him out of his jam.

Always use protection

This illustrated guide makes marine protected areas fascinating

Marine reserves are a big deal for overfished and ailing oceans, but, uh ... what are they exactly?


Why West Virginia is doing liquor right

How Smooth Ambler Spirits is building a better food system.


4 problems GMO labeling won’t solve

A lot of people support GMO labels as a blow against pesticides or Big Ag. We should probably just go after those problems directly.


So, Nietzsche and an Alaskan fisherman walk into a bar …

Can philosophical thinking help out the Alaskan fishing industry? We put a fisherman on an imaginary date with Nietzsche to find out.

Walk this way

This man gave up flying and still traveled across Europe — on foot

It took 247 days to walk from London to Istanbul. Flight time would have been about four hours.

Hot planet? Hot yoga!

Yoga could be an answer to climate change, says India’s prime minister

And you were worried he wasn't taking the crisis seriously enough.


Celebrate Kale Day AND World Vegetarian Day with these delicious recipes

Wipe the drool off your desk and whip up one of these kale salads.


35,000 walruses start their own climate march

Shrinking sea ice forces walruses to flop ashore en masse.

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