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Carrots beat sticks

What can small cities do to fight climate change?

Sticks aren't easy to implement, so carrots usually win the day. Here are some interesting carrots from Eugene, Ore., and Aspen, Colo.


Hacker houses offer shared living for the young, green, and tech-obsessed

Forget the commune: Across the country, new kinds of co-living spaces are trying to disrupt economies and transform city life.

Climate & Energy

Climate change denial could hurt Scott Brown in New Hampshire

In trying to win over the state's conservatives, this carpetbagger may have made a wrong move.


U.N. says the ozone layer will be a little less screwed — a long time from now

A new report hints that what's good for the ozone layer may be bad for climate change.


Why Nevada is doing farm-to-table right

How Mario Batali's Las Vegas restaurants are building a better food system.


This nutty professor lives in a dumpster

Jeff Wilson has moved into a 33-square-foot trash container in an effort to create a "low-impact, zero-net-waste" life.


Good news! Creeks are safer for swimming

Bad news: Creeks aren't safer for swimming if you are a bug.


Texas official is freaking out about school ‘Meatless Monday’

Texas' top agriculture official, Todd Staples, lashes out at a school district for its radical decision to go meat-free one day a week.

got no milk

The drought is destroying California’s organic dairy farms

For 20 years, organics have provided a future for a dying industry. Dry times are changing that.

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