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This weed is taking over the planet. On the upside, it’s delicious

Palmer amaranth, a.k.a. pigweed, is defying all our efforts to beat it back. Why not eat it instead?

Cleanliness is next to godlessness?

Heathens are still greener than Christians

Remember the hype about the greening of Christianity? Yeah, that, not so much.

Hand it over!

Europe really wants America’s oil and gas

European Union negotiators are pushing the U.S. to drop its crude oil export ban and increase exports of natural gas, according to a leaked document.

Furries? Feet? Forget it: This flower’s weird sexual hangup has us humans beat

And you thought our fetishes were weird ...


The 15 things I underlined in Dan Barber’s smart new book

Barber, renowned chef at Blue Hill, serves up a lot of tasty nuggets in his book "The Third Plate."

Business & Technology

Zero-energy house of the future could be lurking in your neighborhood

This place looks pretty ho-hum, right? It's actually a space pod.

Move the Goal

Yes, Brazil’s loss was a shocker — but please don’t call it a disaster

Let's save the disasterspeak for real calamity.

Gingers are here to stay

No, of course climate change won’t make redheads go extinct

You might have read that global warming could mean the end of red hair. We're pleased to report that's absolutely not the case.

Climate & Energy

Mysterious blast at Chevron plant shakes pollution-weary Texas town

Keystone XL, Syrian chemical weapons waste, and a fresh Chevron explosion: How much pollution can Port Arthur take?

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