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Climate & Energy

Why the Donald Trump phenomenon is bad for the climate

Trump outdoes all the other Republican presidential contenders with his belligerent ignorance about climate change.

Climate & Energy

With Obama poised to reject Keystone, TransCanada tries to figure out what to do next

The pipeline company is considering suing the U.S. under NAFTA, and praying for a new Republican president.


Water cooler talk: Should our office ditch that big fat upside down jug?

Is that big jug a sensible way to achieve workday hydration? Or should we just be drinking from the tap? Umbra dives right in for an answer.


Putin bulldozes tons of perfectly good (and illegal) cheese

The Russian president shows distaste for illegal imports, despite hard times for hungry Russians. Meanwhile, folks are probably wondering what's in Mr. Putin's fridge.

Public Stewart

Jon Stewart gets in one last great dig at climate deniers

National treasure Jon Stewart says farewell to "The Daily Show" with a lesson on spotting that most constant enemy: bullshit.

spoiler alert!

A huge, toxic algae bloom is basically eating the West Coast alive

That toxic algae bloom off the West Coast is bigger and badder than we thought -- and its messing with your seafood.


Watch the wind swirl across Earth with this awesome map

NOAA’s weatherView animates real-time wind and even shows city lights at night.

How your pot habit is making California’s drought worse

"The green rush" may be good for stoners, but it's not so good for the land.


Shell cuts ties with corporate bill mill ALEC, claiming high ground on climate (!)

The oil and gas company is the latest to leave the state-level policy group.