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Beyoncé’s “Formation” has us — and everyone, hopefully — thinking about justice

We cede the floor to women of color around the internet who have written smart, beautiful things about a very important song.


New York mayor’s zoning plans: Green, but not so good for affordable housing

Bill de Blasio's proposal would encourage density and transit access, but it wouldn't create nearly enough new dwelling units.

Climate & Energy

Mountaintop removal mining is flattening Appalachia

Researchers have quantified the impact of 40 years of mountaintop removal, and it doesn't look pretty.


GOP reps vs. EPA’s clean water rules: Ready, fire, aim

There might be some reasons for Congress to grill the EPA leadership about its clean water rules, but this hearing couldn't find them.

Climate & Energy

Just how much money has Clinton taken from oil and gas lobbyists?

A fair bit, according to a Greenpeace investigation.


Zika, tropical medicine, and infant monsters of the third world

There’s a historic precedent for the way we talk about a virus we know very little about.

Business & Technology

The cheap Tesla model is on its way. And so is a competitor from General Motors

Who will be the first to bring electric vehicles to the masses? Probably GM.

Climate & Energy

Your kids may be getting a confusing education on climate change

Many U.S. teachers offer their students conflicting or incorrect information about climate science, a new survey shows.


These Christians are giving up the dirtiest thing for Lent