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It takes HOW much water to make Greek yogurt?!

Dairy products require a whole lot of water -- and many of them come from drought-ridden California.


Big Ben could get covered in solar panels

You can’t turn back the hands of time, but you CAN make them greener.


Are women really a “secret weapon” when it comes to fighting climate change?

SHH, half of the population is a secret! Maybe that's why we don't have enough of a say in major climate and energy decisions.

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Grainspotting: Farmers get desperate as coal and oil take over the rails

What could be more American than a gang rivalry between nonrenewable energy and wheat, our nation’s two great loves?


Beef could get more expensive because bulls are literally freezing their nuts off

Cattle farmers’ two least-favorite words: scrotal frostbite.


Alpha & Omega-3s: Salmon farmers’ quest for the ultimate green feed

Farmed fish can only spare the ocean if we swap out the fish oil in their feed for a lower-impact alternative.


Dairy tale: New tech could turn small farms into the land of milk and money

Your milk travels hundreds of miles to get to your cup. Can micro-pasteurizers change that?


Ask Umbra: Is it irresponsible to use cloth diapers in a drought?

A reader wonders if all that wash water turns a green option brown. Umbra says that's a loaded question.

Thanks to these sweet posters, green habits have never looked cooler

Do the Green Thing is celebrating Earth Hour by releasing a new poster every day until March 29. Here are some of our favorites.

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