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Climate & Energy

Use your dead pet to power the grid. It’s what Miss Toots would have wanted

Pet cemeteries are the new Hummers, enormous animal corpse processors are the new Teslas!

Climate & Energy

What climate marchers learned from anti-nuke organizers

The largest demonstration in U.S. history was a nuclear disarmament rally in New York in 1982. Today's climate activists are following that lead.

we're all in this pot together

We just had the hottest August ever

This summer brought a number of new heat records -- most worryingly, the hottest oceans on record.


At continent’s edge, a rail epic concludes, pursued by tank cars

There's nothing quite like the conversations you have on a long railroad trip. But sooner or later, even the wildest digressions have to end.

Climate & Energy

On climate, how far gone is the far right? (Spoiler: far)

Climate communicators badly want to believe that it's possible to reach the Tea Party. Recent episodes from far-right conservatism cast doubt on that proposition.

Climate & Energy

Why Scotland’s independence vote matters for climate change

How would an independent Scotland pay for its clean energy future?


Why North Carolina is doing jam right

How Farmer's Daughter is building a better food system in the North Carolina Piedmont.

Climate & Energy

Civil rights heroes offer climate marchers a little wisdom

Dorie and Joyce Ladner helped organize some of the biggest protests of the civil rights era. Here's what they have to say to activists today.

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What’s the greenest way to get drunk?

A reader wants to drink alcohol without hurting the environment. Umbra bears with him.