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Babe Alert!

Physics geniuses, Mexican rappers, LEGO Supreme Court: It’s Woman Crush Wednesday

This week, our roundup of badass women in the news also includes a controversial filmmaker and power-playing politicos.


The South Bronx isn’t falling for Fresh Direct’s dirty trucks

The company wants to bring 1,000 new trucks to the neighborhood, which is already home to high asthma rates and heavy industry.


Why bike lanes are battle lines for justice

Poor communities and communities of color bike the most, but have some of the worst infrastructure around.

Climate & Energy

Google’s plan to prioritize facts ticks off climate deniers

The search giant is considering a new system that would rank sites by trustworthiness. One prominent denier is already crying “censorship.”

Business & Technology

Uber wants to empower women using … Uber

Uber is partnering with U.N. Women to make more jobs for women drivers. Here's why we're skeptical.


Where’s the beef? Everywhere.

In a new book, "Cowed," Denis Hayes and Gail Boyer Hayes look at the complex and omnipresent place of cows in our culture.

Climate & Energy

Florida officials say they didn’t ban the phrase “climate change,” but don’t believe them

Gov. Rick Scott denies that his administration prohibited talk of climate change, but former employees continue to say otherwise.

Business & Technology

Solar power just had its best year ever

2014 was a banner year for solar in the U.S., with 30 percent more photovoltaic installations than in 2013.


No, the rich are not all moving to the city now

Despite what you may have heard, rich people and the middle class are still holed up in the suburbs -- and that's bad for cities and the climate, too.