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In new Pacific trade talks leak, “climate” becomes the unmentionable

The latest draft to emerge from trade negotiations waters down a diluted environmental section even further.


The week in GIFs: Cat edition

Who better than cats to sum up the week's green news?


Baby poop could make sausage healthier

Probiotics in yogurt are good for you, but what if you're lactose intolerant? The answer may be inside a diaper.


Microscrewed: Why California’s drought could muck up local beers

Using groundwater instead of Russian River water would be akin to brewing with Alka-Seltzer, says the head brewer at Lagunitas.


Turn California’s drought into a game with the water-saving equivalent of Flappy Bird

These free apps make saving water (and money) a little more fun.


These blind rescued cows are best friends, and our hearts just exploded

Suddenly, we're also having a hard time seeing clearly. Must be something in our eyes.

Climate & Energy

Nebraska judge throws a big wrench in Keystone XL pipeline works

A local ruling could reset the clock on pipeline approval and further delay the contested project.


Train passengers rescue baby elephant from a ditch

Elephants are smart about many things, but trains are not one of them.

Climate & Energy

World’s biggest offshore wind farm won’t expand because of birds

Utilities have scrapped expansion plans for a wind farm off the coast of England because they can't satisfy government demands to protect a common bird.

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