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Ask Umbra: Why is my face scrub full of tiny plastic beads?

A reader is having a hard time finding fish-friendly exfoliants. Umbra says therein lies the rub.

Business & Technology

India blames environmental activists for its economic problems

The country's spy service says Greenpeace and its ilk are reducing the nation's GDP by 2 to 3 percent every year.

don't frack me, bro

Yes, frackers can forcibly drill your land, even if you don’t want them to

Forced pooling allows drillers to tap gas beneath a reluctant landowner's property if enough of their neighbors sell their drilling rights.


Why liberals like walkability more than conservatives

New poll data shows that Democrats and Republicans are deeply divided when it comes to urban density versus suburban sprawl.

Climate & Energy

Make Me Care: Why not just call ‘Game Over’ on climate change?

This episode of Grist's video podcast, Brentin Mock explains we can't afford to give up the climate fight just yet.

Climate & Energy

Will EPA’s power plant regulations be stopped in the courts?

Here are five legal weak points that opponents will attack with lawsuits.

Climate & Energy

This year, a 3-year-old girl will be crowned “Coal Princess” in West Virginia. Seriously.

In a world where beauty pageants are going the way of the dodo, coal-themed beauty contests are still holding on.

Climate & Energy

Climate change threatens America’s ‘king corn’

Heat waves and water shortages could devastate U.S. farmlands devoted to corn crop, a new report warns.


Who would win the World Cup of climate change?

If we were counting carbon emissions (and a few other things) instead of goals, Switzerland and Ivory Coast would dominate, and the U.S. would still lose.

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