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Smoggy Chinese city offers residents bags of fresh air

Up to 20 people could slurp clean air at a time. One woman even said it made her baby kick.

Prairie doggone

Like some dust bowl with your grain belt?

How crop insurance is subsidizing the conversion of prairie grassland to cornfields -- and seeding a dismal future.


Amazon and Twitter are dirty dirty scoundrels, says Greenpeace

Amazon and Twitter each got three F’s and one D in a new Greenpeace report on energy efficiency. See ya in summer school, suckas!

Climate & Energy

California’s cap-and-trade program pays loggers to clearcut old-growth forests

Idiotic, right? That's why enviros are calling on the state to change its rules.

Snow Daze

Biking the Iditarod? Climate change makes for faster times

The Iditarod Invitational -- a 1,000-mile bike and foot race in Alaska -- is all about snow. Climate change means contestants may be seeing less and less of it.


This 92-year-old who got arrested for protesting coal is our new hero

Bill Ryan is a World War II vet, climate activist, and total badass.

Basic Strategy

How can we deal with ocean acidification? Step one: Study it.

A group of government agencies have released a strategic research plan for ocean acidification. Stop yawning, this is important!


Ask Umbra: Is it OK to recycle bottles that have been full of chemicals?

A reader wonders if motor oil and cleaners could contaminate her recycling. Umbra can hardly container self.


You’ve never seen an LED lamp like this

The lighted sheet looks like a magical page from an unpublished Harry Potter book. (Or a glow-in-the-dark Barbie hammock.)