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Climate & Energy

Another court victory for EPA — this time on mountaintop-removal rules

The EPA is well within its rights to regulate mountaintop-removal coal mining, a federal appeals court decided.

Climate & Energy

Is it hot in here? Yes, and it’s killing us

Here’s some uplifting news: Turns out that today, you are more likely to die from a heat wave than at any point in the last 40 years!

Climate & Energy

Oklahoma hit by eight earthquakes in two days. Is the fracking industry to blame?

Last year, Oklahoma's quake activity was more than 5,000 percent greater than normal. Underground injection of fracking wastewater might be the cause.

Business & Technology

This Texas solar farm uses sheep for its landscaping needs

Move over, weed-eating goats: The municipal power company in San Antonio, Texas, has enlisted a flock of sheep to help keep its grounds clear.

Climate & Energy

Thanks to the fracking boom, we’re wasting more money than ever on fossil fuel subsidies

Because oil and gas production has soared, so has the value of various tax breaks for the industry.

Food fight

Eden Foods hit by backlash for fighting Obamacare’s contraception mandate

Angry customers are organizing boycotts, signing petitions, and pushing Whole Foods to stop carrying Eden products.


Hackers hack monster burritos down to sensible size

A food-and-tech hackathon team figures out how Chipotle could encourage customers to downsize their burritos and still feel like they're getting a good deal.


Ask Umbra: What’s a girl to do with soap that’s full of plastic microbeads?

A reader says she's stuck with some unwanted exfoliant. Umbra helps her shed a few bottles of bubbles.


With Dov Charney gone, these are the only clothes made by dangerous animals

Lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) are ripping into the fashion world, one pair of jeans at a time.