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These fish are basically hapless, squishy bath toys

Behold, the lumpsucker.

Climate & Energy

Greenpeace out: Parting shots from a battle-hardened climate leader

Departing Greenpeace USA head Phil Radford offers thoughts on points scored, environmental fouls, and the tough calls ahead.


6 things Obama can do on climate without Congress

There's still a lot POTUS can do.


RNAi: Chatroom acronym? Nope — it’s the next generation of GMOs

It will save the world! It will destroy the world! That's how the debate over the latest bug-killer GMO is likely to unfold. A New York Times piece offers a more down-to-earth assessment.

Climate & Energy

ABC, CBS, and NBC nightly news covered climate for less than two hours in 2013

A group of senators are livid about the lack of climate change coverage on major TV networks.

Climate & Energy

Midwestern farmers harvesting solar power

It's not just milk, cereal, and soy that's being produced on Midwestern farms.


Your shiny makeup is brought to you by child laborers

If you spot mica in your makeup ingredient list, you might be complicit in some pretty gross labor practices.

Business & Technology

The next iPhone’s screen could be a see-through solar panel

There are greener ways of communicating, but you can't play Candy Crush with a carrier pigeon.

Climate & Energy

Free trade deal on solar and wind could hurt the environment

World leaders in Davos aim to lift tariffs on solar panels, wind turbines, and other environmental goods. Here's why that could hurt the environment.

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