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Back-to-the-land meets back-to-the-future

Amory Lovins’ high-tech home skimps on energy but not on comfort

The Colorado house has no heating system, but it has a greenhouse warm enough to grow bananas, a solar-heated hot tub, and killer views.


On climate change, Republicans are even more backward than oil companies

It turns out you actually can be more Catholic than the Pope.

Put down the kale and step away

Relax, everyone: We’re not about to run out of kale

Does the media have you worried about the coming kalepocalypse? Take a deep breath and gulp of that green juice, and read this.

Climate & Energy

Frackers learn one does not simply walk into Pittsburgh and mess with its CSAs

There's a new microcosm of the ongoing tug-of-war between the oil and gas industry and people who just happen to like clean air and water.

Picture This

Climate change VR games make you a better person by making you kill trees and coral

Wielding a computer-generated chainsaw or experiencing the virtual effects of ocean acidification can actually change people's behavior in the real world, a new study finds.

Climate & Energy

Northwest wildfires: We broke the forests, now we need to fix them

Decades of logging, fire suppression, and now climate change have turned our forests into firestorms. But the war on wildfire is one we just can't win.

hot seat

Sit down, relax, and charge your phone at this cool new solar-powered smartbench

Not only will this bugger power your phone, it will tell you what's happening at the park before you even get there.

American idyll

North Dakota’s ag commissioner race oughta be on Broadway

An incumbent drowning in oil money. A challenger from an organic ranch. Sexual harassment. And tons of permits at stake. This farm race begs to be set to music.

Climate & Energy

Drilling in Pennsylvania has damaged the water supply 209 times in last seven years

"Only 209 measly little times!" says the oil and gas industry. "Wait, what?" say water-drinking people everywhere.