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Business & Technology

California is giving Tesla another huge tax break. Good move

Luxury electric-car maker Tesla is getting a $34.7 billion tax break from California.

Climate & Energy

Obama’s green record: Some small victories, one gaping flop

The president has followed through on some of his environmental promises. But as long as he's also letting the climate go to hell, those achievements won't matter.

Climate & Energy

Chicago cracks down on piles of tar-sands waste

After months of citizens complaining about petcoke blowing into their neighborhoods, Mayor Rahm Emanual is forcing shipping terminals to clean up their acts.

Climate & Energy

Water & oil: One battle to save the Sacred Headwaters ends, another begins

In the conclusion to our series, Shell Canada makes a surprising move in Northern B.C., and residents look to what's next.


New Mexico suing to block horse slaughter

The state's attorney general is filing a lawsuit to stop a slaughterhouse from killing horses for meat.

Climate & Energy

China launches world’s second-biggest carbon-trading market

Europe, watch your back.

Climate & Energy

Why do Virginians want to drill off their own coast?

After Deepwater Horizon, you might think people wouldn't want offshore rigs anywhere nearby. But Virginians, like other Americans, hold contradictory views on energy issues.

Climate & Energy

Environmental justice leaders to Obama: There’s a gap in your climate plan

When the president unveiled his climate action plan last summer, he failed to account for the underserved communities that bear the brunt of our fossil fuel addiction. A new petition aims to change that.


Elephants may be extinct in a decade, thanks to an ivory trade that helps fund terrorism

As if it weren't a big enough bummer that people are killing elephants left and right, blood ivory funds terrorist groups.

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