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Climate change is waking up the bears and they want to eat us

Not only are the bears awake, but one wildlife official says they "see [humans] as a source of food.” RUN!

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Why exploding trains are the new Keystone XL

With pipeline projects stalling, more crude is riding the rails. Also, spilling. And blowing up. That's making the Oil Express a target for protest.


The director of “The Cove” is back with a new eco-thriller

Louie Psihoyos promises his new documentary about extinction is a real-life Ocean's 11.


Bigmouth strikes again: Morrissey compares meat-eaters to pedophiles

Morrissey, NO! You're making all vegetarians look like wackos!

Climate & Energy

Ask Umbra: Why must we “store” renewable energy? Can’t we just use it?

A reader wonders why it’s so hard to work wind and solar power into the grid. Umbra gets a real charge out of the question.


Dumb cuts and dumber riders: The green take on the new federal budget

The bill is only marginally better on environmental spending than the sequester, and it includes riders that undermine environmental regulation.


Leaked Pacific trade treaty draft suggests the planet will pay

The Trans-Pacific Partnership draft puts no teeth behind environmental protections, and could let other countries undermine those in the U.S.

Climate & Energy

Major newspaper coverage of climate change plummeted last year

Hear those crickets? That’s the sound of The New York Times and other big U.S. papers covering global warming.


Watch this fish eat a bird right out of the sky

This is kind of the "man bites dog" of nature.

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