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This artist builds coral reefs by hand

Courtney Mattison used her marine biology background to build giant, ceramic art installations that highlight the beauty and fragility of reefs as climate change takes its toll.


Ask Umbra: What should I do with used tissues, old mixtapes, and rage against the greens?

Readers wonder how best to dispose of snotty tissues and outdated casettes -- and whether breathing contributes to global warming. Umbra keeps a cool head.

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Here’s a killer video that explains climate change with Tetris

If you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around climate change -- or need a way to break it down for your nephew -- take three minutes for this video.


Go on, steal a bike — the San Francisco police dare you

The cops are using bait bikes with built-in trackers -- but will that catch serial bike thieves or opportunistic poor people?


Vermont will label genetically engineered food

The state's rule -- the first in the nation -- faces likely challenges in court, and could be overridden by a federal law.

Milk & cookies

Tired of milking your cow? There’s a robot for that

Milking robots could be the next big thing in dairy.

Climate & Energy

Pony up, frackers: Texas family wins $3 million in contamination lawsuit

This is reportedly the first case in which a jury has awarded compensation for fracking-related pollution and health problems.


Sword & Plough upcycles military fabric into sleek bags

The company hires veterans to turn old military fabric into nature-toned bags.

Climate & Energy

How to use the Bible to save the planet

Aronofsky's "Noah" embraces a brand of faith-based environmentalism that's increasingly popular with young religious believers.

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