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It takes how much water to grow an almond?!

Why California's drought is a disaster for your favorite fruits, vegetables, and nuts.


Vanilla Ice became an Amish farmer when no one was paying attention

Vanilla Ice helped raise a barn and birth a baby calf, Baby Ice. If that's not the cutest thing ever, well ...


Extreme weather means we have traffic-related musical numbers now

Watch a Cincinnati traffic reporter warn drivers to stay off the icy roads, to the tune of "Let It Go" from "Frozen."


Father of the ride: One dad’s bike quest ends expensively on eBay

Our intrepid family man tried them all -- comfort bikes, cargo bikes, electric bikes -- but ended up building one himself.


Ask Umbra: What’s better than butter? Spreads will roll

Olive oil from the fridge? Apple sauce? Prunes? Our green advice guru explores a tub full of butter substitutes.


Move over, baking soda: Surprising pantry items that double as cleaning supplies

You have an arsenal of cleaning supplies lurking in your pantry. Roll-up your sleeves and get ready to pat yourself on the back for how resourceful you are.

Climate & Energy

This artist creates fracking scenes with vintage figurines and postcards

In "Scenes from the Attic," Brandi Merolla tackles the big controversy with tiny art.

Climate & Energy

What can John Kerry accomplish with his climate talk?

His recent big climate speech got headlines, but it's the negotiating he'll do behind the scenes that will actually matter.

Climate & Energy

Fracking infrastructure? Not in my backyard, says Exxon CEO

A Texas utility has had the nerve to plan a water tower right next to Rex Tillerson’s own horse ranch!