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The climate champions of 2013

2013 may have seen its share of climate grinches, but now it's time to toast the climate champs of the year.


Bike-powered coffee grinder combines two of our favorite things

It attaches to a fixie bike frame, connects to the fixed sprocket of the rear wheel, and grinds coffee as you ride.


Three-fifths of America doesn’t know incandescents are about to disappear

A new survey found that only 4 in 10 Americans know that the lightbulbs will disappear on New Year’s Day.


Spraying vodka into the air is now a legit means of communication

Researchers call it a “chemical barcode,” like pheromones, but we think that’s just a fancy way of saying “we had a giant bender on campus.”


These guys just revolutionized the humble cardboard box

This new prototype uses 15 to 20 percent less cardboard and is easier to close, open, and reuse.


Look out, cyclists: Southern states have the worst drivers

Here are the 10 states with the worst drivers (and the 10 with the best). How'd your state shape up?


This weird deep-sea worm has a dick on its head

“It’s an extreme example of males being reduced to simply a bag of sperm,” says marine biologist Adrian Glover.


Ask Umbra: What’s the best way to seal up a drafty house?

A reader wonders if there a way to keep the cold out this winter. Umbra is just getting warmed up.

Climate & Energy

Five years after Tennessee coal-slurry disaster, EPA has produced no new rules

In December 2008, a million gallons of fly-ash sludge polluted Tennessee land and rivers. Since then, the EPA has done little to protect Americans from similar accidents.

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