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This treehouse inside a Brooklyn loft will make you powerfully jealous

We totally want to live here. Or at least cozy up in the cabin for a long weekend in Bushwick.


The week in GIFs: Licking squirrels and guzzling wine

Green takes on the SOTU, Super Bowl, and more -- animated.


You’re not allowed to walk to the Super Bowl

Walking is dangerous, especially when done outside.


Up the creek by pedal power: An Englishman bikes the Hudson Valley

Nick Hand rode 500 miles from Manhattan to Hudson Falls, following Pete Seeger's "dirty stream," interviewing and photographing working people along the way.

Climate & Energy

Did spying take Copenhagen from Hopenhagen to Brokenhagen?

New documents show NSA snoops worked hard to spy on the U.S.'s negotiating partners in 2009's failed climate negotiations.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is directly responsible for killing baby penguins

Torrential downpours and abnormal heat could kill nearly half of penguin chicks in a single year, say researchers.


To become a law, a farm bill needs friends in unlikely places

The farm bill that staggered across the finish line only got there thanks to its hybrid, mash-up nature: It's a big old compromise.


Waxman poetic: Climate hawk leaves an impressive ‘stache of green achievements

Congress loses one of its biggest environmental crusaders in Rep. Henry Waxman, who transcended coauthorship of cap-and-trade to earn the nickname "The Mustache of Justice."


“My Dirty Stream”: Pete Seeger’s anti-pollution legacy

The Hudson is much cleaner now than it was when Pete Seeger started sailing on it, and that's a story that should stick with us.

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