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Climate & Energy

Discovery Channel boss claims “dramatic shift” in approach to science

With new leadership, Discovery is planning to air programming that's scientifically credible.

California textbooks aren’t totally sure about climate change

Researchers analyzed texts used in sixth-grade classes and found they're still peddling the old idea that the science is unclear.


We tried a bunch of meal delivery kits, and here’s what we think

Too lazy to go to the grocery store? Watch our video to find out which meal delivery kit we liked best, and why.


China’s “sponge cities” use smart infrastructure to prevent massive water issues

The Chinese government has an ambitious plan to redesign urban water systems.

Climate & Energy

Oil-rich Alberta is getting serious about climate action, just in time for Paris talks

The province of Alberta, aka the Texas of Canada, will impose a carbon tax, phase out coal power, and curb emissions from tar-sands operations.


Forget psychedelics. If you wanna get weird, check out this bioart

Turning genetic technology into a creative medium could help the public see controversial science in a whole new light.

Climate & Energy

In drought-struck rainforests, the tallest trees die first

Another reason to be mad about climate change.

Business & Technology

Why aren’t more farmers turning poop into power?

Methane digesters are making economic as well as environmental sense in Vietnam. They could do so everywhere -- here's how.

Climate & Energy

The big climate march is off in Paris, but still on in a city near you

Protests are still happening in cities around the world. Join them!