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Obama burns Florida’s climate deniers on their home turf

The president uses his Earth Day message to call for climate action -- and throw a few jabs at Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.


Can cheaper corn change the way we farm?

Corn prices are low and corn planting is, too. Will farmers diversify crops or put land aside as a result?


3 delicious cocktails to help you drink away Earth Day

We’re here to help you celebrate Earth Day in a way that is actually fun and acknowledges the current state of Earth-affairs: With climate-change cocktails.

Why Earth Day doesn’t matter anymore

The only green that gets shit done is money.

Babe Alert!

Earth Day doesn’t suck this year, thanks to Woman Crush Wednesday

This week's roundup comes alongside two green holidays, depending on what (or how) you like to celebrate.

Climate & Energy

Money spent cleaning up BP’s mess skipped those who needed it most

Minority-owned businesses and low-income residents were cut out of the economic frenzy following the Deepwater Horizon spill.


All Obama wants for Earth Day is a new power grid

OK, not really. He wants lots of other stuff too.

star gazing

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “StarTalk” puts science in the late-night spotlight

Maybe -- just maybe! -- Nat Geo's StarTalk will teach us that the best way to make people take science seriously is to find a way to laugh at it.

Climate & Energy

The Obama administration has its own climate denial problem

On Earth Day, Obama will call for protecting public lands from climate change. He should also call for an end to selling off publicly owned fossil fuels.

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