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This cafe charges you 5 cents a minute to hang out, but everything else is free

It's like a co-working space where you pay per minute rather than per month.


Australian eucalyptus tree is totally a gold digger

It has been drawing up gold from the ground and accumulating the metal in its leaves.


An Icelandic brewer is making beer out of whales, and it’s grosser than you even imagine

The whale product used is "whale meal," which is sort of like the pink slime of whale meat.

Climate & Energy

Washington coal export project dumped by Goldman Sachs

Wall Street is not so hot on coal anymore, and that means plans to build the West Coast's biggest coal export terminal are now on the rocks.


Food industry’s secret plan for a GMO (non)-labeling law

Leaked documents show that national legislation favored by industry would bar states from passing labeling laws with teeth.

Climate & Energy

Yet another oil train explodes, this time in New Brunswick, Canada

A train carrying crude oil and propane jumped the tracks and burst into flames, triggering evacuations in a town just beyond the Maine border.

Climate & Energy

Jon Stewart’s balls get angry when you say cold weather disproves climate change

And you wouldn't like Jon Stewart's balls when they're angry.


This brilliant tie has a subway map printed on the inside

A necktie with a subway map printed inside? Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before? GENIUS.


This land is ours: African Americans should claim their place in the great outdoors

If black people are uneasy with the natural world, it's because America made us that way. But that, too, we can overcome.

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