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A fresher Philly: Fruits and veggies make a comeback in the city’s corner stores

With 31-year-old Brianna Almaguer Sandoval at the helm, the Healthy Corner Store Initiative is adding nutritional value to some of the city's poorest neighborhoods.


Playing the field: Corn likes to sleep around — and that makes it hard to control GMOs

Pollen spreads, so GMO genes get around. That's everyone's problem -- whether you like your farming organic or industrial.

Climate & Energy

A decade of monster hurricanes

Check out these dramatic images of seven record-setting hurricanes from the last decade.


Kauai plunges ahead with law targeting GMO farms

The local council overrides the mayor's veto, moving the island toward restrictions on genetically modified crops.


Ask Umbra: Ack. There are stickers all over my fruit!

A reader complains about all the stickers on his compost. Umbra breaks the issue down.


Small planet, big appetites: How to feed a growing world

"Consumed" author Sarah Elton wants a food system that will allow us to do more than survive. Here, she lays out how farming can make the environment, and the people in it, thrive.

Climate & Energy

Obama admin pisses off ethanol industry, pleases both oil industry and enviros

The EPA has lowered the amount of biofuels required to be blended into gasoline. That's a good thing, even though it makes oil companies happy.

Climate & Energy

Ed Markey’s first Senate bill aims to ramp up renewables

The legislation would require electric utilities to get 25 percent of their power from clean sources by 2025, and to meet energy-efficiency goals.

Climate & Energy

Word games are misleading the American public about fracking

Pro-drilling politicians often muddle the debate on natural gas. Here's a clearer look at a familiar talking point.

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