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The LambCam lets you literally count sheep

If that sounds boring, well, it’s not -- a llama walked by and I almost pissed myself.


Rice seeds could save the day for Filipino typhoon victims

Another way Typhoon Haiyan sucked: it hit at rice-planting time. NGOs are now trying to help Filipino farmers avoid famine.


Cute farmers singing Katy Perry will cheer you right up

What the guys lack in lyrical smoothness, they more than make up for in adorableness.

Vitamin D’oh: Your multivitamins aren’t doing a damn thing

A group of influential doctors warn that there's no evidence multivitamins improve health. Should you take them anyway?


Sink tank: In Miami, climate scientists ask, “How deep, how soon?”

We know the seas are rising, the question is how fast -- and how quickly will our coastal cities have to adapt?


Get ready for another Keystone XL showdown on Capitol Hill

Paul Ryan wants the president to approve Keystone as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Why is the GOP so obsessed with this pipeline?

Climate & Energy

We might be winning the battle against coal at home, but we’re losing the war abroad

Coal is in trouble in the U.S. In China, though, coal consumption is projected to keep on rising, says the International Energy Agency.

My expert advice: Donate to support green news now

Time's running out on Grist's vaunted annual tradition, the year-end fundraiser. Please donate to keep our (CFL) lights on.


Pesticide makers have found a new way to kill bees

The EPA recently approved a new neonicotinoid insecticide that's toxic to pollinators. Green groups and beekeepers are suing to get that decision reversed.

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