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Done shivering? Now try the rice bucket challenge

Now that everyone and their grandma has done the ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge, India takes it up a notch.


Why Arizona is doing low-resource farming right

How this Arizona aquaponics farm is building a better food system.


After Ferguson, what next?

The protests may be winding down for now, but if the history of activism tells us anything, it's that this is precisely when the longer-term changes start to unfold.

biomass backward

Europe is burning our forests for “renewable” energy. Wait, what?

The European Union decided that burning wood to generate electricity was good for the climate. WRONG.

Climate & Energy

There have been 5 — yes, 5! — monster hurricanes in the eastern Pacific this year

And we're only halfway through the season.


Why Arkansas is doing CSAs right

How this Fayetteville organization is building a better food system.


How can we stop the world from having too many babies? Feed more people

If we aim to slow the rocketing population graph, all the evidence points in the same direction: prosperity cuts the birth rate, which will spare the planet.


Amaranth isn’t just another weed — here’s how to cook this prolific leafy green

Turn those greens into a stir-fry with ginger.

To market, to market -- or not to market

The climate movement is way too focused on market-based solutions

To win the climate war, we need government investment in new technologies and industries. A carbon tax or a carbon cap won't do the trick on its own.