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Climate & Energy

Native American groups increasingly at the center of fights over oil and gas

There's a lot of natural gas and oil to be found on or near tribal lands. Will indigenous people go along with drilling and pipeline plans, or fight them?

Climate & Energy

How scientists are using drones to fight the next big oil spill

Drones and sensors deployed off the Florida coast will help predict the impact of the next Deepwater Horizon, if there has to be a next one.


When it comes to climate change, this artist lets the trees do the talking

Chicago’s newest urban renewal project will let people watch the slow-motion calamity of climate change -- by way of tree blossoms.


Climate change will ruin Christmas by threatening Christmas trees

This year was so bad for Christmas tree growers, what with heat waves and flash floods and whatnot, that a bunch of them have decided that they're not going to plant new crops.


2,000 mice parachute into Guam to kill snake invaders

The Air Force is sending in the mice.

Climate & Energy

Another reason to worry about methane: It’s leaking out of the Arctic Ocean hella fast

Methane, the most potent greenhouse gas, is being released from sub-sea permafrost much more rapidly than previously estimated, according to new research.

Who needs Black Friday? Join Grist for #GivingTuesday

Drop off groceries at your local food bank, teach your neighbors how to tune up their bikes, and maybe, just maybe, support your favorite nonprofit green news source.


Talking trash: Baltimore students speak out against waste-burning power plant

The state of Maryland has given a New York-based company the go-ahead to build a garbage incinerator near two public schools. Students have a few things to say about the matter.


Rat retraction reaction: Journal pulls its GMOs-cause-rat-tumors study

Retractions are typically the result of big goofs and frauds -- but in this case, the problem was inordinate attention paid to inconclusive results.

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