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Climate & Energy

America’s first carbon-trading program can boast some impressive numbers

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative collected about $1 billion from 2009 to 2012 and is expected to save $2 billion in lowered energy bills.


IKEA is in trouble for cutting down 600-year-old trees

Logging subsidiary Swedwood had its forestry certificate pulled in Karelia, Russia.


New Google Street View project lets you hang out with polar bears

Well, not in real life, but there is a nice video.


How big meat recalls hurt small cattle ranches

The recent recall of 9 million pounds of meat won't just harm the Rancho Feeding slaughterhouse. It has the potential to put small producers out of business, too.


Whole Foods doesn’t want organic food and regular food to touch (but this may not be totally crazy)

It is a little bit funny, though.


Ask Umbra: Is my compost pile contributing to climate change?

A reader worries that her banana peels are giving off bad gas. Umbra forks over some scrappy advice.


Snails wearing sweaters might just be the best thing ever

Rescued critters in hand-knit garb? YES, PLEASE.

Climate & Energy

You might see fewer oil trains on the tracks, thanks to a new emergency order

But new rules still don't go nearly far enough to protect communities along rail lines from explosions and fires.


Someone found the world’s oldest cheese, and it’s from 1615 B.C.

This means the stuff we found under the bed is still fair game, right?

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