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i'm not crying!

Which is sadder, factory-farmed animals or the carnivores who eat them? The Onion weighs in

The Onion nails the grossness of being carnivorous in the language of a factory farming expose.


Peep popular bike routes in this hella-detailed national map

One commenter snarked, “Nobody exercises in the Midwest.” But we’re betting that’s due to lack of bike infrastructure, not laziness.

wheely stupid

Mwahaha! Thief who stole electric bike calls owner for help recharging it

If your $4,200 electric bike gets stolen, this is pretty much the best outcome you could hope for.

Guilty as chard

Are you a terrible gardener? This brilliant tool could change your life

The UrbMat makes gardening as easy as pushing a starter ball of parsley into its pre-marked slot.


Life on a sheet of paper: Tiny house satire is spot-on

This Onion-worthy piece from The New Yorker is sheer genius.


Can streetcars create shortcuts to better urban transit?

Desire lines: not the opposite of stretch marks, but close. They're where commuters and tourists want to go.

Gol Diggers

Brazil’s World Cup gets a red card on the environment

Between razing the Amazon for a stadium and promising a mondo carbon footprint, Brazil's World Cup is shaping up to be a no gol for the environment.

Business & Technology

If oil spills in the Arctic and no one is around to clean it up, does it just stay there?

A new report is yet another reminder of why oil companies should be kept out of the thawing Arctic.

Climate & Energy

Oregon tells rail companies to keep oil deliveries secret

A newspaper won the right to see reports about trains carrying crude. So state officials told rail companies to stop sending in the reports.