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Cancer rising? The numbers don’t tell a new story

We shouldn't be so eager to pin cancer on environmental causes that we misread statistics and leap to unsupported conclusions.


Here’s how to travel the entire country without ever getting in a car

This map shows all the intercity transit routes in the U.S.


This newborn two-toed sloth is better than whatever else you were looking at

Just close all your other tabs.

Climate & Energy

Senate votes to keep subsidizing flood insurance in flood-prone areas

Climate change and fiscal prudence be damned.

Climate & Energy

The full Monte: Beloved Montana artist makes bold statement on climate and coal

Monte Dolack has been painting the animals of Montana for the last 40 years. In a new show, Dolack turns a critical eye to coal.

Climate & Energy

Which is more likely to drive people from their homes — floods or heat waves?

In some areas of Pakistan, it's the heat waves, though they get less attention from the media and international aid organizations.


Save the bees by refrigerating them

Mason bees aren't your typical honeybees or bumblebees -- they don't sting, they're not particularly social, and females make individual nests in tubes.


London’s newest urban farm is underground

Pea shoots, arugula, mizuna, chives, mustard leaf, radish, basil, and more, grown hydroponically in the tunnels under LED lights.

Climate & Energy

It hasn’t rained this much in England since 1767, or maybe since ever

January's rains and floods were the worst on record -- which is just the sort of thing climate-change models have been forecasting.