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Ask Umbra: Can I drink coffee with a clear conscience?

A reader wonders if her trenta caffe latte makes a grande mark on the planet. Umbra does a little venti-ing.

I see London, I can't see France

Paris bans cars, makes transit free to fight air pollution

Epic smog has settled over the City of Love, so officials are taking drastic steps to clear the air.

Business & Technology

Keystone XL and the energy rush that could change America forever

A sneak peak at a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist's new book about the tar-sands oil rush.

Shell game

Scientist would study climate change’s effects on turtles, if not for climate change

Will climate change complicate human attempts to adapt to a warmed world -- just as it complicates human attempts to study it?

Climate & Energy

Will frackers cause California’s next big earthquake?

More than half of the wastewater injection wells being used by frackers in the state are within 10 miles of a recently active fault.

Climate & Energy

Blacking out America would be a cinch, because there’s not enough distributed solar

America could go dark for up to 18 months if terrorists struck a few key points along the grid. Small-scale solar could make the system more resilient.


America could be vegan by 2050, says lady totally out of touch with America

Do you really see our love affair with cheddar, bacon, and Greek yogurt going anywhere?


What was the point of the Senate’s climate talkathon? Changing the terms of the political debate

Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) tells Grist what he hoped to accomplish by getting nearly a third of senators to stay up all night talking about climate change.


Forget bikes — get your lunch delivered by parachute

Jafflechutes will send your sandwich floating down from the sky. (And yes, sometimes it gets stuck in a tree.)

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