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Now you can write graffiti on the Great Wall of China

The last thing you wanna hear is that one of the seven wonders of the world fell down because someone just HAD to write “Joey + Dawson 4ever.”

Climate & Energy

Kid sister, who thinks she’s so great, wins C-SPAN student documentary prize

An exclusive sister-to-sister interview on environmental journalism, the dangers of fracking, and how to stop dad's snoring.


Airpnp is sending the sharing economy into the toilet, literally

You can now locate and rent the nearest toilet. Maybe Tom Cruise even peed there! (That'll cost you an extra $10.)


Death-defying elephant recovers from fourth poaching attempt

Mshale the elephant's tusks weigh almost 100 pounds -- and they could fetch $16,000 on the black market. But he's not giving them up easily.


“Rock snot” is the grossest climate change effect we’ve ever seen

Look away if you’re eating, because rock snot looks like a cross between mucus and throw-up.


Frack Water cologne is your new signature scent

This spoof promises you can smell like a man. A man who doesn't give a sh*t about climate change.

Business & Technology

Ask Umbra: Who makes the most awesomely eco-tastic computers?

A reader wants to take a byte out of his environmental footprint. Umbra chips away at the problem.

Climate & Energy

Republicans use Putin as an excuse to push fossil-fuel projects

They're calling on Obama to speed up natural gas exports in order to "stand up for freedom and democracy." At least one Democrat is joining in too.

Climate & Energy

Americans have no idea how much water we use — or how to conserve it

Water is involved in pretty much everything you do, and its supply is limited because the planet is being destroyed.