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Great Lakes shipping terminal for Bakken oil hits dead end

A crude terminal proposed for Duluth, Minn., would load oil tankers bound for the East Coat through the Great Lakes. But the plans have faltered.


Court to EPA on Gulf dead-zone rules: Make up your freakin’ mind

The federal government just came a step closer to regulating fertilizer runoff in the Mississippi River -- runoff that feeds Gulf of Mexico dead zones.

Climate & Energy

Republican solution to wildfires: Sell the trees!

No forests means no wildfires, see? Despite that impeccable logic, the bill the House just passed to double logging nationwide will never become law.


Park, get set, go: Here’s what it looks like when the weird and the car-free steal your spot

Did you miss Parking Day 2013? Here's your chance to take in some of Friday's shenanigans.

Climate & Energy

Cleaner air from tackling climate change would save millions of lives, says study

The benefits of a reduction in air pollution alone justify action on climate change, say the authors of a new report.

Climate & Energy

Message from the EPA: It’s about protecting people, not polar bears

The Obama administration’s proposed new limits on power plant pollution -- and the broader fight against climate change -- are about safeguarding vulnerable communities, says the agency’s chief.

Climate & Energy

Children will bear the brunt of climate change impacts, new study says

Children are more at risk from climate change because of their increased risk of health problems, malnutrition, and migration.


The solution to America’s food waste problem: Feed people

Arthur Morgan's radical idea: Collect the tons of leftover food from farmers markets and distributors and deliver it to those who need it.

Ask Umbra: Is it OK to eat gummy bears?

A reader wonders if gummy bears are the more ethical candy choice. Umbra chews on the question.

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