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Trash Talk

Move over, landfills — food scraps give Massachusetts biogas

On Oct. 1, Massachusetts institutions producing more than a ton of leftovers a week must donate the scraps instead of dumping them.

Business & Technology

Hey, American CEOs: Who’ll be the first to lead on climate change?

Calling the CEOs of Walmart, Pepsi, Microsoft, and Google, GE, FedX, and Starbucks: Step up now, and you'll be paid back with interest.

Climate & Energy

Greens and civil rights activists bring Big Coal to its knees in Mississippi

The utility giant Southern Company has agreed to stop burning coal at two of its plants. In return, activists have dropped a lawsuit against a "clean coal" plant seen as the industry's last hope.

Climate & Energy

Watch this reporter drink purified sewage

California's historic drought is forcing once-squeamish Californians to take a new look at “toilet-to-tap” water reuse.


How to cool down with wild mint

Try some field mint ice tea or a wild spearmint pear chocolate cake.


Ask Umbra: Am I a bad person for wanting to flee to the suburbs?

A reader is considering running for the hills following a rash of shootings in his city neighborhood. Umbra breaks down his options.

Business & Technology

Uber and Lyft discover the true meaning of “rideshare”: The carpool

Adding carpool options brings peer-to-peer cab companies closer to being actual rideshares. But will public transit suffer?


The U.S. firefighting budget is almost gone, but the forests are still burning

We're throwing so much money at fighting wildfires, there will be little left over for prevention.

Climate & Energy

Exploding oil-train owners want insurance slack — just like nuclear power

It costs so much to get adequate insurance for all those rail cars hauling crude across the continent! Why can't the railroads get the same breaks government gives nuclear operators?