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Should you become a demitarian? (Yeah, probably)

Relax, no one’s eating Demi Moore. Demitarianism means eating half the meat you usually do.

wishful drinking

Wine in cardboard bottles ain’t classy, but you might want to get used to it

Putting wine in bottle-shaped cardboard can cut fuel needs by 80 percent. But will it provoke Judge-y In-Law Side-Eye?!

spray it, don't say it

Crowdsourcing graffiti: Color+City matches empty walls with street artists

Sign up to donate a blank wall or claim a space as your canvas for 15 days, and make your town a little brighter.


Factory farms get even grosser

As if CAFOs weren't disgusting enough already, now they're spraying manure out of sprinkler systems, and it's contaminating neighbors' homes.

Climate & Energy

Duke Energy says it would be too hard to actually fix its coal-ash problem

The company whines that cleaning up all of its coal-ash ponds in North Carolina would take 30 years. Activists don't buy it.

Stalks & bonds

How farm to market-based solutions can take organic to the next level

Kellee James wants her company, Mercaris, to become the Bloomberg of organic crop prices.


Las Vegas burning: Lessons in resilience from the nation’s driest big city

Thus begins a month(ish)-long series about Sin City, how it has survived in a brutal, unwelcoming climate, and what that says about our future.

How green was my alley?

Urban farms won’t feed us, but they just might teach us

It's clear that the craze for the urban farm is no answer to feeding our teeming cities. Its value lies instead in how it can change us.

Climate & Energy

One frack mind: How a determined New Yorker won the green Nobel

Helen Slottje found a legal strategy for upstate New York towns to block fracking through zoning. Now she's ready to take it national.