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Climate & Energy

U.S. whacks India with WTO complaint over its local solar program

India requires solar developers to get their panels from domestic producers. The U.S. says that discriminates against American companies.


We know you like pizza, but would you marry it?

Pizza Hut joined OKCupid, and, like other online daters, is willing to change its self-presentation to give you what it thinks you want.


These genius (but illegal) subway signs tell you how to pull off a perfect transfer

The MTA is less than thrilled.


SolarCoins are cryptocurrency for the sustainability crowd

To earn installments of this newly created currency, you actually need to produce energy through solar panels


Enviros threaten to sit out election over Keystone. Don’t believe them.

Green activists tend to be engaged and educated people who also care about gay rights, abortion rights, and other issues that might compel them to the polls.


This video explains why the “natural” label is a bunch of all-natural bull

This spoof ad pokes fun at companies that slap a “natural” label on artificial, preservative-laden lab creations.


No rules governed tank that leaked coal-cleaning poison into W.Va. river

The tank, owned by Freedom Industries, was not regulated by state or federal safety regulations, officials said at a hearing on Monday.

Climate & Energy

Games changer: Can the U.S. win golds with no snow?

If we continue to crank up the heat, there will be no skiing at all in Park City, Utah, by the end of the century. In an average year, there will be no snow.


Now you can buy a .bike domain for your cycling site

Without the right top-level domain, how would you know that wasn't a site about menstruation?

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