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Want to win tickets to Grist’s comedy event? Make us a joke we can’t refuse

Grist is coming to New York City, and we want YOU to hang out with us there!

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Philippines faces “nightmare” recovery in Haiyan’s wake

Bodies are piling up and relief camps are in chaos as aid workers struggle to get help where its needed.


Thoughts on slavery, environmental destruction, and the will to survive

As we wrote recently, the new film "12 Years a Slave" is a story of human and environmental abuse. Here's what we learned from your responses.

Climate & Energy

Evil genius takes liberty with maps, floods your city

Andrew David Thaler is a marine scientist by day. But by night, he works his magic with Google maps to show people what their cities will look like if climate change is left unchecked.

Climate & Energy

Look what’s slowing down global warming

It's us! Turns out temperatures would be higher if not for a 1987 pact to slash CFCs.


Tell the FDA what you really think about its new food safety rules

How well do the new regulations balance helping small farmers with protecting our food supply from nasty bugs? Now's your chance to weigh in.


Ask Umbra: Is my shampoo poisoning the planet?

A reader wonders how to suds her tresses without making unseen ecological messes. Umbra delivers the clean truth.

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Global warming finally reaches the last Arctic region

Yeah, no one gets to sit global warming out. New reports show that the last holdout region in northern Canada is rapidly succumbing.

Climate & Energy

Carbon-sucking golf balls and other crazy climate patents

An afternoon searching recent U.S. patents pulls up some curious climate solutions.

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