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North America’s bike-friendliest apartment building has parking for 1,200 bikes

That's one bike parking spot for every unit, plus 547 more.


The best rap about mushroom foraging you’ve ever seen

Meet the Mushroom Man.


Don’t be smug: Your suburban neighbors cancel out your green urban lifestyle

Sure, living car-free in the city is the climate-friendly thing to do. But new research shows that the greenest urban cores are surrounded by the most heavily polluting 'burbs.


This scientist summed up the 2,200-page IPCC report in haiku

NOAA oceanographer Greg Johnson made you illustrated Cliffs Notes!


Did you miss the No-Pants Subway Ride? Here are the (t)highlights

Watch this recap of the 13th annual No-Pants Subway Ride while reclining pantless in the comfort of your own home.

Climate & Energy

Native sun: In the Deep South, a solar farm rises on a former cotton plantation

The entrepreneur bills the project as the largest solar farm in the country owned by an African American, and it's in North Carolina of all places.

Climate & Energy

Fracking chemicals may make oil extra explosive

Recent train explosions have involved crude from the Bakken formation in North Dakota, perhaps because flammable fracking fluids contaminated the oil.


Christie’s bullying fails to push pipeline through nature preserve

The governor was twisting arms to get a natural-gas pipeline built through the New Jersey Pinelands, but after the bridge scandal broke, that effort may have backfired.


Millipedes are natural insect repellant — and natural hallucinogens

Unlike many invasive creatures, yellow-banded millipedes don't seem to be causing too many problems.

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