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Zika is just one more way climate change is worse for women

But should you panic about it? Well, it’s complicated.


Want some rich, exotic compost? Look to your local zoo

What happens in the zoo need not stay in the zoo.

Climate & Energy

Carbon pricing is explained using chickens in this handy video

Watch this fun video that explains cap-and-trade, carbon pricing, and more.


New series takes you to the fenceline communities of California’s oil refineries

Spotlight California talks directly with residents living with environmental racism — and has a little fun while doing it.


Bison ranching is growing in the U.S. — and so is the debate over how to raise them

Some want to follow in the footsteps of industrialized beef. Others want to focus on sustainability.


The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams doesn’t like being told to vote with her vagina

Watch her smart response to asinine comments from Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem.


Pissed-off anti-gentrification activists smash and burn rich people’s cars

In Berlin, a gang of masked squatters has destroyed dozens of cars.


The Supreme Court throws a wrench in Obama’s climate plans

In an extraordinary legal decision, five justices temporarily halted the Clean Power Plan, a cornerstone of Obama's climate strategy.

Business & Technology

Duke Energy gets paltry fine for massive coal-ash spill

Two years ago, the company inundated a North Carolina river with toxic sludge. Now the state is levying a fine that amounts to a slap on the wrist.