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New Hot Pockets flavor: Diseased animal meat!

Well, there’s no WAY we’ll stuff them in our pants to keep warm now.


Ask Umbra: Can I feed feral pigs to Fido? Should I?

If invasive species like wild boar are running amok, why not turn them into pet food? Umbra cuts through the mystery meat for an answer.


Can farmed fish go vegetarian?

Most farmed fish are fed pellets made of smaller fish -- not a great idea if you want to protect ocean ecosystems. So researchers are trying out alternative diets.

Climate & Energy

These are dark days for the Arctic — literally

As ice and snow melt, the surface of the Arctic is getting darker, and that's causing it to absorb more heat. A new study finds this problem is worse than expected.


This amazing washing machine uses virtually no water

Instead of water, this washer uses more than a million tiny plastic beads that absorb dirt and stains.


Steyer may spend $100 million to push climate cause in midterms, but polluters will spend more

Billionaire climate hawk Tom Steyer plans to put big bucks into this year's elections. So do the Koch brothers and their Republican allies.


Obama to trucking industry: “No more rampant gas consumption for you!”

The president continues to push past Congress and take action against climate change, this time with new fuel-efficiency standards for large trucks.


Lady Gaga will be making a water conservation PSA as penance for swimming pool video shoot

The Gags wanted to fill Hearst Castle's giant pool, which had been emptied because of California's teeny-tiny drought emergency.


When Rush Holt retires, the House will lose a scientist and an environmental advocate

The Democratic rep from New Jersey, a physicist by training, has pushed for science-based decision making and climate action. Needless to say, he was often at odds with the Tea Party.