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Street scenes: 12 great cities stories from 2012

From street artists to Martin Luther King, and gun violence to our odd, sometimes nonsensical obsession with Jane Jacobs -- these are our favorite city-related stories from the past year.


Between the earth and a hard place: Umbra’s top 10 eco-conundrums of 2012

Am I saving too many emails? Is it OK to pour beer down the drain? What’s that stuff in my bra? You asked, and Grist’s green advice columnist, Umbra Fisk, answered.


Living large in small houses

More and more people are finding that living in smaller spaces -- backyard cottages and tiny houses -- leaves room for a larger life. Here are some of their stories.

Climate & Energy

New Matt Damon fracking flick is worthy, but lacks sound and fury

"Promised Land," the eco-drama about natural gas drilling in small town America, is noteworthy as a cautionary tale, yet still a bit of a snooze.

Climate & Energy

Rebecca Tarbotton, head of Rainforest Action Network, dies at 39

The green movement has lost one of its few female leaders. Tarbotton led major campaigns to fight climate change and corporate greed.


2012: The year cities stood up to climate change — and took a beating

While national and international leaders fiddled, cities got serious about the climate crisis. Then superstorm Sandy showed us how much is at stake -- and how far we still have to go.


How to legalize goats in your city

The "godmother of goat lovers" describes how she went about changing Seattle's backyard goat laws.


The year in food and farming

From GMO labeling to pink slime to food worker rights, here's a look at 2012's biggest food stories.


Tales of a crafty Christmas

When the whole family decided to go DIY, all bets were off. Would the gifts be awesome, or would it end badly? And most importantly, what would the boyfriend do?

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