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Climate & Energy

Nearly 70 percent of Fox climate pundits doubt global warming

A new study from Media Matters shows just how far Fox News has strayed from reality on climate change.

Climate & Energy

Time to have a cow about dead cows

An early blizzard in South Dakota and Wyoming recently left a trail of bovine tragedy -- and a reminder of the side-effects of climate disruption.


Ask Umbra: Which is better, plastic or compostable forks?

A reader wants to find the greenest dinnerware for her church. Umbra forks it over.

Climate & Energy

Get ready for record temperatures … for the rest of your life

In 35 years, U.S. cities consistently will be hotter than their hottest year on record.

Climate & Energy

Divestment campaign against fossil fuels growing, says study

Investors are being persuaded to take their money out of fossil fuel sector, according to a University of Oxford study.

Climate & Energy

Why Big Coal’s export terminals could be even worse than the Keystone XL pipeline

Proposed Northwest coal ports could have a bigger climate impact -- with local pollution to boot.


U.S. government is buying up $300-million sugar glut

The government has over-promoted sugar production. So now it's buying up useless harvests and selling them at losses to biofuel makers.

Climate & Energy

How to divest from fossil fuels, no matter the size of your piggy bank

Your college isn’t divesting, and your employer won’t offer fossil-free 401(k)s. Can you clean the oil slick off your retirement anyway? Sort of.


Salmonella breaks out around U.S. as feds stay home

As more than 100 people have been sickened by antibiotic-proof salmonella, 30 federal food-safety workers are ordered back on the job.

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