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I fought the law and, actually, I won: How one lawyer helps protesters

Attorney Lauren Regan helps green activists navigate the forbidding landscape of post-9/11 law enforcement.

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Climate negotiators are like Nazis, says this helpful, industry-funded group

Deniers working to slow progress at U.N. talks in Warsaw compared climate action with the Holocaust, as part of an effort to raise money.

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Wind energy company fined $1 million over bird deaths

In the first criminal conviction of its kind, Duke Energy will pay big for killing golden eagles and other birds, and be forced to improve its practices.


Ask Umbra: Are they going to lock me up for reusing my washwater?

A reader wonders if her gray water habit is going to land her in deep trouble. Umbra plunges in.

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4 climate policies we’re thankful for

There isn't much good news to report about the environment these days. But here are a few developments for which we can give thanks.

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Climate change will make the Arctic a new battleground. Here’s how America will fight

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel outlined the Pentagon's eight-point strategy for policing the Arctic as drilling and shipping bloom. Hint: Guns, ammo, and friends.

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Confirmed: Climate coverage fell after New York Times killed environment desk

Nearly a year after the Times dismantled its environmental reporting desk, a review by the paper's public editor reveals that climate coverage is suffering.

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As Warsaw climate talks end, scraps of good news in a mess of bad

The U.N.'s process grinds forward, and delegates agree on some important steps to halt deforestation, but remain allergic to bigger commitments.

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Explained in 90 seconds: Breaking the carbon budget

Kelly Levin, a climate policy expert at the World Resources Institute, explains what our carbon budget is, how much we've already "spent," and why it matters.

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