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Climate deniers apparently can’t feel heat

Climate deniers are also in denial about experiencing really, really hot summers.


Good day for snowy owls: Delaware likes them, New York has decided not to shoot them

There's an abundance of snowy owls on the East Coast right now, likely caused by a boom in lemmings.


Greenpeace 30 might get Russian amnesty — and Pussy Riot might too

Vladimir Putin has proposed giving amnesty to some activists and political prisoners, including Greenpeace protesters who scaled an offshore drilling rig in September.


Zoo finds out the hard way two male sloths can’t make a baby

Apparently SOMEbody wasn’t paying attention in biology class.


Thieves broke into a convent and stole all their organic Brussels sprouts

For shame! Steal from God and you’re gonna get smote. (Or at least get your daily dose of vitamin C and sulforaphane.)


Dairy accidents spilled a million gallons of crap in Wisconsin this year

This is the kind of pollution that causes green slime in the Great Lakes and dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico.


Who cares about this red party cup?

Why make a movie about the humble red party cup? And why with Grist?


Video premiere: I, Party Cup

The classic red party cup didn't just appear out of the blue. Join us as we go deeper to find the who -- and the why -- in this video.

The next generation of eco-heroes

Don't let green journalists go the way of the dodo. Support Grist's new fellowship program.

Got 2.7 seconds?

We've devised the world's shortest survey to find out what kind of actions our readers are taking. You know you want to.