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mo' warming, mo' problems

Climate change has found another way to screw the poor

Global warming will hurt poor countries' creditworthiness, according to a new report from Standard & Poor’s.

You can almost smell the changes

EPA to clamp down on deadly oil refinery pollution

After more than a decade of inaction and a lawsuit, the EPA is finally moving to more tightly regulate poisonous emissions from 150 oil refineries.

out to pasture

Of course there’s an Airbnb for cows

Psst. Where’s the best grass? OK, PastureScout can’t hook you up with drugs, but it WILL help you find a place for your cattle to graze.

This blows

Dysfunctional Senate fails to extend wind tax credit

The bill had bipartisan backing, but Republicans threatened a filibuster because Democrats wouldn't let them offer all their amendments.

Climate & Energy

John Oliver on his hilarious, NSFW, and totally fact-checked HBO show

The former Daily Show correspondent talks political satire, the so-called climate "debate," and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Pipe Dreams

Snowboarder Marie-France Roy grabs air in the name of climate change

With her upcoming film, this boarding star wants to shed light on the little things her peers can do to help preserve their playground.

Board to death

These nerdy board games put the fun in planetary problems

Geeky games like Power Grid and Forbidden Island are much more fun than they sound -- and they include an environmental theme, too.

Climate & Energy

Meet the firefighters on the front lines of wildfire-ravaged America

Elk Creek Fire Chief Bill McLaughlin has firsthand experience of the spread of wildfires throughout the western United States.

Climate & Energy

Feeling defeated? These solutions fight climate change and empower people

From tree-plantings to community gardens and citizen science, there's good work being done in America's cities, and it deserves a shout-out.