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Rent a quiet room in NYC for studying or sleeping — just not sex

Twenty-five bucks will get you some alone time, as long as you aren't doing anything illicit (read: fun).


Cycling naked might be the best way to get drivers to pay attention

A nekkid Brit on a bike is basically our version of heaven, so this PSA is pretty dang persuasive.

Climate & Energy

Fracking halted at Ohio site following earthquakes

If the quakes are found to have been caused directly by fracking, not by disposal of fracking wastewater, it would be the first such confirmed case.


Get a peek at the world’s biggest ghost town

Ordos was supposed to be the Vegas of Inner Mongolia ... before everything went wrong.


You have to hold hands with strangers to make this bus shelter warm

Making commuters touch is an interesting challenge to our nose-in-iPhone culture. Although we want proof everybody washes their hands after peeing.


Un till: An Iowa farmer finds that less (plow) is more (profit)

Maybe it's contradictory to mix conservation and conventional farming. Or maybe you end up with the agricultural equivalent of a Prius.

Climate & Energy

Americans respond to climate change by yawning at it, poll finds

In a list of 15 national problems, only race relations is less of a concern for Americans than climate change, according to a new Gallup poll.

Business & Technology

Wanna buy a Tesla in New Jersey? “Fuhgettaboutit,” says Christie

When it’s time to make another sequel to “Who Killed the Electric Car?,” Gov. Chris Christie may get a cameo.

Climate & Energy

Death toll from East Harlem gas explosion rose to seven overnight

The blast was the deadliest of its kind in the U.S. since a natural-gas pipeline exploded in San Bruno, Calif., in 2010, killing eight people.