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Designed for lone commuters, this three-wheeled car gets 84 mpg

The Elio can go 672 freeway miles on a full tank. Its price tag is equally bite-size: $6,800.


This project has rescued more than 800 endangered baby penguins in six months

Parent African penguins were abandoning their little ones because the babies were too small or sick.

Climate & Energy

In the battle against proposed coal terminals, you are kicking ass

Companies that want to build coal export facilities in Washington state say they are being outmatched by their grassroots opponents -- for now.


Pedestrians used to be America’s sports stars — complete with endorsements and doping scandals

Athletes would walk 500 miles’ worth of loops around what’s now Madison Square Garden, only stopping on Sundays.

Not so fast

States try to block cities’ transit plans

More and more cities in the Midwest and Sun Belt are trying to develop mass transit systems, but GOP-controlled state legislatures are getting in the way.

The big leafy

What “kalegate” taught us about New Orleans and food

You can talk all kinds of smack about New Orleans, but whatever you do, don't get mouthy about its greens.


Ask Umbra: Good gracious, is there lead in my fine china?

A reader isn’t sure what to do with her antique dinnerware. Umbra nixes food on the china.

Climate & Energy

How to catch a coal ash spill? Send lawyers, boats, and airplanes

In North Carolina, Waterkeeper Alliance routes around a lax state regulator to collect evidence of toxic dumping.

Climate & Energy

Citi takes energy efficiency all the way to the bank

Household energy efficiency is coming of age, and as a result, we've got a monumentally important new solution to climate change.