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You can rent a hot tub and get it delivered by bike

This sounds like a Portlandia sketch, but we swear it's real.


Ask Umbra: What kind of wood floors should I buy?

A reader wonders if he can get a pass on imported hardwood, since it's fast-growing and bee-yutiful. Umbra polishes up his understanding of sustainable timber.


Coffee, mate? Here’s how to make flavored coffee creamer at home

Make spiced vanilla creamer and bring your morning cup of joe to the next level.

Climate & Energy

In the American West, a battle unfolds over bugs, climate change, and the fate of an iconic species

To delist or not to delist? When it comes to grizzly bears' "threatened" designation, it's not clear they are out of the woods, as the woods itself is threatened by climate change.

Climate & Energy

Low impact: State Department says Keystone won’t hurt much at all

The latest report isn’t the final word, but it gives President Obama one more excuse to approve the pipeline project protesters detest most.


What kind of a U.N. envoy will Mike Bloomberg be?

New York's ex-mayor will travel the globe as U.N. special envoy on cities and climate change. Can a billionaire credibly address global inequality?

Climate & Energy

Great Barrier Reef will be smothered with silt, because coal

An Australian agency has given Indian and Australian coal mining companies permission to dump silt from a dredging project in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.


Bees exposed to neonic pesticides suck at gathering pollen

Bumblebees reared by scientists on pesticide-laced diets had trouble finding and gathering pollen.

Climate & Energy

Oh rot: Climate change could topple Northwest’s Douglas fir forests

Root-rotting fungi already take a huge bite out of the region's timber business. Now, scientists warn that it will get much worse.