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Climate & Energy

Jon Stewart’s balls get angry when you say cold weather disproves climate change

And you wouldn't like Jon Stewart's balls when they're angry.


This brilliant tie has a subway map printed on the inside

A necktie with a subway map printed inside? Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before? GENIUS.


This land is ours: African Americans should claim their place in the great outdoors

If black people are uneasy with the natural world, it's because America made us that way. But that, too, we can overcome.


These movies changed your political views, according to science

"As Good As It Gets" will increase your support for Obamacare. "The Cider House Rules" will make you pro-choice.

Climate & Energy

Why Canada sucks on climate change

The old liberal refrain of "I'm moving to Canada!" makes less sense now that our neighbor to the north is just as bad as the U.S. on climate and energy issues.

Climate & Energy

Court battle could force New Jersey to resume carbon trading

Enviros are trying to push the state back into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap-and-trade program, despite opposition from Gov. Chris Christie.


This is the first public library without any books

The all-digital books at this library may save trees, but they're not very compostable.

Climate & Energy

Will the U.S. lift its 38-year ban on crude oil exports?

Oil companies and oil-loving politicians alike are anxious to ship U.S. oil abroad and are pushing for an end to the ban.


New York City is using its food waste to create heat

This is a few steps more complicated than burning your trash pile.