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Real food: Not just for fancy people

Recent caricatures of food writers like Michael Pollan paint them as fickle fashionistas. But the food movement is far deeper than that.


The end of lobster rolls? Not so fast

Maine’s lobster population is flourishing thanks two highly destructive, human-induced forces: climate change and overfishing.

Climate & Energy

Claws and effect: Climate change turns lobsters into cannibals

In warming seas, even lobsters think lobster is delicious. (Terrifying video included!)


Genetic engineering: Do the differences make a difference?

Where you come down on nature -- cradle or battlefield? -- shapes how you think about the risks of genetically modified food.

Climate & Energy

Climate-change slowdown is due to warming of deep oceans, say scientists

Though world temperatures have been broadly static for the past five years, evidence still clearly points to a continuation of global warming.

Climate & Energy

Is humanity smarter than a protozoan?

New work on the Genuine Progress Indicator shows that global GDP is increasing, but global economic welfare no longer is. Can our species stop expanding before it hits limits?

Business & Technology

Safety last: Why a nerve-eating, cancer-causing chemical is still on the market

Thanks to a woefully outdated system for regulating chemicals, a substance called n-propyl bromide remains in widespread use, despite its known harm to humans.

Climate & Energy

Welcome to Portage County, the fracking waste disposal capital of Ohio

A small part of Ohio has secured the ignominious honor of becoming the most successful frackwater dumping ground in the state.

Climate & Energy

Gas fields, not cities, are America’s land of opportunity

It's too bad we can't drill our way to economic equality.