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Climate & Energy

New tool will scrub the oil off your investments

The Decarbonizer shows what would have happened if you had divested a few years ago.


Hotel chain bans bacon and sausage from breakfast menu

If you're a bacon freak, you might want to avoid the Comfort Hotels in Scandinavia.


Check out Hamburg’s 2 new climate-friendly neighborhoods

The fast-growing German city has a shortage of housing, so it's turning old shipping areas into new green developments.

Business & Technology

This company made a jacket out of microbe-made spider silk

But that could be just the beginning for this sustainable wonder material.


Hold on to your lacerations: We’re heading towards a terrifying, post-antibiotics world

There's bad news out of China on a last-resort antibiotic.

Climate & Energy

What will green groups demand in Paris, and how will they try to get it?

American climate activists will be lobbying negotiators during the U.N. climate talks. Here’s their game plan.

Business & Technology

BP could claim a massive tax write-off from Deepwater oil spill penalties

If the DOJ doesn't act, the oil giant could see a $5 billion windfall.

Climate & Energy

If the fracking boom fizzles, will climate action fizzle, too?

A glut of oil and gas in the U.S. has made key environmental policies more politically palatable. What will happen if that glut ends?

Climate & Energy

Watch Jeff Goldblum explain the Clean Power Plan in a Funny or Die video

Here’s a spoof about what goes on behind polluters’ closed doors.