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Tropical fruit in Nebraska? Geothermal makes it possible … and cheap

A greenhouse in the Midwest is producing oranges, lemons, figs, and more.

Feds halt fracking off California coast, for now

The government will stop approving offshore drilling permits in California until an environmental review can be complete.

Climate & Energy

Can you turn climate change activism into a game? Here’s how we’ll find out

A new campaign called Get Loud aims to motivate teens to spread the word on climate by getting them to earn points toward prizes.

Ben Carson gets called out on climate cluelessness by Iowa voter

A voter questioned Carson's commitment to science. His answer was predictably unilluminating.

Det-Urgent Matters

Should I wash my clothes in the shower?

His apartment has no washing machine and he hates the Laundromat -- what to do? Advice maven Umbra Fisk to the rescue!

This Silicon Valley hotshot is modernizing one of the world’s most conservative industries

David Friedberg’s Climate Corporation, owned by Monsanto, helps farmers adapt to warming temperatures.

Tips and tricks for eating out as a vegan

Dining in restaurants can be challenging when you're avoiding animal products.

The seas are swallowing South Florida. Where’s Marco Rubio?

Rubio, a Miami native, is still silent on climate change -- even though rising sea levels are already affecting life in his city.

Business & Technology

New report shows mistreatment of garment workers by familiar brands

Here’s your regular reminder that where you buy your clothes actually matters.