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Business & Technology

Walmart heirs quietly fund Walmart’s environmental allies

The Walton Family Foundation has become one of the largest environmental grantmakers in the U.S. -- and it's steering its money to groups that play nice with Walmart.

Wind Power

Anti-wind activists want to create fake grassroots campaign against industry

A memo reveals how wind energy opponents came together last year to launch efforts to undermine support for the industry.


Thousands more farmers markets will soon take food stamps

The U.S. Department of Agriculture just announced a plan to add as many as 4,000 EBT machines to farmers markets in an effort to help low-income people eat healthier.


Melinda Gates wants family planning back on the global agenda

Can Melinda Gates do for family planning what Al Gore did for climate change? She has decided to make birth control her signature issue.

Smart Grid

Can real-time pricing green the grid? [VIDEO]

To address climate change, don't forget the largest carbon-spewing machine on earth: the U.S. electric grid.


Born to bee wild: How feral pollinators may help prevent colony collapse disorder

Some scientists believe that crossbreeding with wild bees may be key to preserving the domestic honeybee. But will anyone pay attention in time?


Where the Rio action is: Behind the Earth Summit bureaucracy

While international bureaucrats dicker endlessly with their “zero document,” bands of stalwart scientists and diplomats are fighting to address massive issues that impact us all -- starting with our oceans.

Why aren’t women’s issues on the agenda at Rio+20?

Including family planning and reproductive health in the Earth Summit agenda should be a no-brainer.


U.S. coal lobbies frantically to save its doomed-ass self

The U.S. coal industry is going down the crapper, and even Dale Earnhardt Jr. can't save it.