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Why climate change is not an environmental problem: The video

Watch this cool new video about the threat of climate change and why it doesn't fit in the "environmental" box.

Climate & Energy

The limits of climate adaptation are social, not physical or economic

We badly need a better understanding of the social limits of climate adaption. To that end, a new framework.


Ask Umbra: Could dish soap make our family sick?

A reader wonders how to talk to her hardworking hubby about his poor choice of suds. Umbra dishes out some advice.

Climate & Energy

Restoring a community garden in the Sandy-torn Rockaways

Hurricane Sandy destroyed the Seagirt Boulevard Community Garden. Now, a group of volunteers is working hard to rebuild this important green fixture.


Bike sharing goes global

More than 500 cities in 49 countries now boast bikeshares. It's the fastest-growing mode of transport in history.

Climate & Energy

In Gasland sequel, fracking saga’s pressure ratchets up

Gasland Part II shows how much higher the stakes have grown in the battle over fracking since Josh Fox made its predecessor.

Climate & Energy

Everybody chill out a little, carbon trading will be fine

A recent effort to reform the European Union's carbon-trading system failed, but that doesn't mean carbon trading is dead in Europe, or anywhere else.


Locally owned businesses can help communities thrive — and survive climate change

Cities where small businesses account for a relatively large share of the economy have stronger social networks and more engaged citizens.


A gag too far: How ag-gag laws can backfire

As Big Food pushes harder to limit farm exposés, it may only broaden and strengthen the animal protection movement.