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Ask Umbra: Why do bike tires suck?

A reader asks why he’s always pumping up his bike tires. Umbra’s answer is absolutely airtight.

Climate & Energy

Did climate change cause the Great Lobster Invasion of 2012?

The Slow Ride Stories crew takes this question to the guys who know this creature best -- the lobstermen of Glocester, Mass. The answer? Well, depends who you’re asking.


Melon madness: How my food waste obsession took over my weekend

What do you do when someone brings a dozen melons to a family holiday getaway? If you're worried about preventing food waste, you get creative. Very creative.

Climate & Energy

Obama to college students: ‘Denying climate change won’t make it stop’

Obama doesn't like to talk much about climate change -- except to select audiences of those who will suffer the most from global warming: college students.


As Romney and Ryan lie with abandon, how should journalists navigate post-truth politics?

Journalists like to be even-handed, but when one side lies with no compunction, that's not so easy.


Urban naturalist: Molly Steinwald challenges city kids to find the wilderness in a sidewalk crack

City kids are often taught that nature is “out there,” beyond the city limits, but this biologist/photographer/educator says “everyday nature” has the power to transform.

Climate & Energy

Curtain rises on California’s planned carbon market

From big emitters to tomato tinners, over 100 California businesses got their first taste of cap-and-trade. Here's how it works.


Umbra’s second helpings: The most sustainable forms of birth control

Birth control shouldn't be controversial. But could it be greener? Umbra pulls out an answer.

Climate & Energy

Free-market hypocrisy: Why do we hold renewables to different standards?

Calls for a "free-market" approach to energy ignore the fact that recent incentives for renewables are no different than the perks fossil fuels and nuclear energy have enjoyed for decades.