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Meet Mr. Coal Guy: He’ll say anything to make you think coal is safe

The Sierra Club launches a new campaign using classic shows like Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting to parody the desperation of Big Coal advertising.

Climate Policy

What’s the deal with EPA carbon rules for existing power plants?

EPA's latest rule applies only to new power plants. But rest assured, rules for existing power plants are in the works.


What if Jay-Z ran a healthy corner store?

The founder of Atlanta's The Boxcar Grocer asks: When was the last time a corner store made a healthy lifestyle look fun and accessible to urban audiences?

Inside Grist

Grist spreads our new design’s wings

We rolled out our new look much more widely on our site. Let us know what you think!


Health-care reform: Collective solutions and the individualist tantrum

As the Supreme Court debates health-care reform, what's at stake? Our collective capacity to solve any of the big complex problems we face, that's what.


Can the University of California make campus food sustainable?

A look at what it will take to get the behemoth University of California system to move its cafeterias and fast food franchises toward sustainability.


Passing on gas: Driving rates falling across the board

The decline of U.S. car culture -- among young people and in general -- has serious implications for transportation policy.


No vacancy: Unleashing the potential of empty urban land

A group of volunteers in Brooklyn mapped all the vacant city-owned properties in the borough, and discovered a remarkable amount of unused real estate. Now, they’re giving residents the tools to reclaim the land for the good of the community.

Climate & Energy

The top five things you need to know about EPA’s new carbon rule

The EPA finally issued its rule governing climate pollution at new power plants. It is likely to prompt a fusillade of bogus political attacks. Inoculate yourself with these five key facts.

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