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Explained in 90 seconds: Your fridge is accelerating climate change — but it doesn’t have to

HFCs are powerful greenhouse gases. They're also the low-hanging fruit in the fight against global warming.


Vikings have the most fun: U.N. says Danes are the happiest people on the planet

What's the secret to the Dane's sunny disposition? Our man on the streets finds out.

Climate & Energy

Harrison Ford crusades against climate change, illegal logging in Indonesia

The Indiana Jones and Star Wars star gets threatened with deportation after confronting Indonesian officials over illegal logging and climate impacts. Total badass.

Climate & Energy

Why firefighters are scared of solar power

A 300,000-square-foot warehouse burned down, and the local fire department says solar panels are partly to blame.


No, bike lanes don’t hurt retail business

They may even bring in more customers, according to a recent Seattle case study.

Climate & Energy

Official Texas review: “Creation science” should be incorporated into every biology textbook

Reviewers appointed by the Texas State Board of Education are fighting against climate science and evolution in textbooks that will likely be used across the country.


Ground Zero garden revisited: Remembering 9/11 with a homegrown meal

"Four Fish" author Paul Greenberg assembles an entire meal out of foods grown or caught near the World Trade Center site.


Green in a mayor way: Bloomberg’s successor likely to leave his legacy intact

With the primary still up in the air, one thing is clear: Climate activism and smart growth will live on in New York City long after Mike Bloomberg is gone.

Climate & Energy

We don’t need no stinking permits: California frackers get their way

Californian legislation that was going to restrict fracking has been lobbied and amended so it gives drillers free passes on environmental laws.