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This old prison in Illinois may be transformed into a farming paradise

A shuttered prison facility near Peoria, Ill., may soon become a training ground for new farmers and a much-needed food distribution hub.

Business & Technology

Bangladesh fire shows why we can’t trust Walmart to green its supply chain

The retailer says its suppliers are going green, but as a recent factory fire revealed, Walmart won't even divulge who its suppliers are.


Meet ‘the Minimalists’ — two guys who had it all, and gave it up

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus spent years amassing the trappings of a “successful” life. Then they decided success wasn’t all it was chalked up to be.

Climate & Energy

Newtown: Tragedy, empathy, and growing our circle of concern

Our hearts are shattered by the tragedy at Newtown. Going forward, our empathy must extend out even further, to the children of the future.


Will 2013 bring more rights for farmworkers?

Obama has named immigration reform a top priority in his next term. But big farmers and farmworkers have very different ideas about how that reform should look.

Business & Technology

Markese Bryant: From the mean streets to the green economy

When he was 20, Bryant was arrested for selling crack cocaine. Today, he's fighting to give African American youth opportunities that he never had.


Foot forward: Walkability is the key to fixing cities

Urban planner Jeff Speck's Theory of Walkability posits that cities designed for people, not cars, will be centers of growth in the 21st century. But he's not opposed to gassing up the car in the …


Better than Pop-Tarts: Blood orange galette [RECIPE]

This creative dessert utilizes one of the most memorable winter fruits. Bring it to your next holiday party.


A million and one ways (at least!) to simplify the holidays

We asked Grist readers for suggestions for how to rock the holidays without partaking of the shopping madness and materialism. Boy, did you deliver.