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If they ban your super-sized soda, would you switch to diet?

Even as New York's soda ban gets close to becoming a reality, several loopholes have public health advocates worried.

Climate & Energy

The carbon tax, demystified

Taxes aren’t exactly popular, but the idea of using them to fight climate change is surprisingly resilient. Here’s a primer.


GOP convention addresses the climate issue: Our comprehensive coverage, day two


Climate & Energy

Global warming debate needs less ‘both sides’ wankery

Tom Zeller Jr. at Huffington Post argues that the climate debate needs "cooler heads." He ignores the fact that it already has plenty of cooler heads; the real problem is the hotheads on the right.


Meet Julian and Joaquin Castro, rising Democratic stars with a strong green streak

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro, who'll be giving the keynote at the Democratic convention, and his twin brother Joaquín, who's running for Congress, are both big advocates for clean energy.

The Chesapeake Bay: Another possible casualty of this year’s farm bill

Will farm conservation in the nation's largest estuary be killed in this year's fraught farm bill negotiations? Farmers and green groups hope not.


Heart of glass: Has nature healed a California beach, or does that just make us feel better about our trash?

On the Northern California coastline, the ocean is swallowing up a former garbage dump -- a sign of Mother Nature’s power, sure, and a reminder of our wasteful ways.

Climate & Energy

GOP convention addresses the climate issue: Our comprehensive coverage, day one


Counting the harvest: How numbers can save urban gardens

In 2010, just 67 New York gardens yielded 87,000 pounds of food. Some experts believe data like this is crucial to ensuring the urban agriculture movement takes root.