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A newbie vegan asks: Should you fake your steak?

Three weeks into her month-long experiment in veganism, Grist's green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, makes a foray into the world of faux meats.

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Rooftop solar vs. utilities: The San Antonio episode

San Antonio's municipal utility wants to slash the subsidy it provides for rooftop solar power, which would be bad news for the fledgling solar-installation industry.


Of a Kind brings ‘know your farmer’ mentality to clothing

We rarely know where our clothing has been, who made it, or how it was dreamed up. This apparel site tells those tales.


To survive, fast food will have to think fresh

We all know what Bad Fast Food looks like. Millions of Americans eat the stuff. But can there be such a thing as "Good Fast Food"?

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Obama biofuel budget spills few details, still attacked by House GOP

GOP lawmakers are pushing bills to limit the amount of biofuels in the nation's energy supply and axe requirements that gasoline producers use ethanol.

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A clear, comprehensive overview of the U.S. electricity system

Here's a clear and comprehensive overview of the U.S. electricity system -- utilities, transmission, regulations, all of it -- in convenient slideshow form.

How greens can stay happy, without drugs

This will surprise and shock you: It is sometimes hard to stay positive and be an environmentalist.


April is Happiness Month at Grist

Join us as we explore the compelling questions that lie at the intersection of Bliss and Green.

Climate & Energy

How can we boost distributed solar and save utilities at the same time?

Distributed power threatens to send utilities into a death spiral. Naturally, they would like to slow it down. Is there any way for distributed energy and utilities to get along? Maybe!