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Ask Umbra: Are these sorority sisters beyond help?

A reader asks if the Greeks can be convinced to recycle. Umbra says listen up, Kappa Kappa Gamma, it’s time to get with the earth lovin’ programma.

Climate & Energy

The human cost of coal, in photos

Steve Hawk and Ami Vitale traveled to the mountains of West Virginia, small-town Michigan, and a reservation in Nevada to match human faces and stories with the cost of coal.

Climate & Energy

As the climate warms, New England farming starts to look more like the mid-Atlantic

The Slow Ride crew visits a farm in New Hampshire to talk climate -- and test out the corn maze.


Can you green a ghost town? Lauren Riga of Gary, Ind., is going to try

Gary, Indiana: It’s not all Music Man. The sustainability chief tells us what it’s like doing environmental work in a shuttered, post-apocalyptic town.

Climate & Energy

How to make Illinois into a clean-energy leader

Activists in Illinois are excited about ballot initiatives to let cities control their own electricity. But before those can make a positive difference, the state's renewable energy standard needs to be fixed.


Three reasons to have a cow over antibiotics in your meat

There's new evidence that antibiotics in livestock are impacting our health -- and there are new proposed laws to control them. Here's everything you need to know.


This laundry soap won’t mess with your man parts

We blew it. We gave you detergent recipes that might bake your love spuds. Here’s one that (we sincerely hope) will not.


Umbra’s second helpings: Avoiding toxic makeup [VIDEO]

At first blush, makeup seems too toxic to even bother with. Umbra's here with fresh ways to freshen up.


The green take on Elizabeth Warren vs. Scott Brown — and three more hot Senate races

Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown are clashing over energy in Massachusetts. So are Todd Akin and Claire McCaskill in Missouri, and candidates in Montana and New Mexico. Here's the green take on four senate races …