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Underground parking: The black market, apps, and future of car storage

In cities across the U.S., drivers are renting, borrowing, and tracking parking spots.


Pork it over: U.S. OKs Chinese purchase of its largest pig company

The feds allow the sale of Smithfield to a Chinese swine conglomerate, after determining bacon supplies are not critical to U.S. security.


One weird trick to fix farms forever

Does David Brandt hold the secret for turning industrial agriculture from global-warming problem to carbon solution?

Business & Technology

How green is a Tesla, really?

As green as a golf cart? A Prius? An SUV?


Bird’s-eye view: Why crows thrive in the urban jungle

With biodiversity on the wane, crows' prospects are inextricably linked with ours. Find out why in this video.

Climate & Energy

Ask Umbra: Is there an easier way to get natural gas?

If methane is produced naturally, by everything from cows to wetlands, why do drillers go to such extreme lengths to get at underground methane reserves?

Climate & Energy

In unlikely alliance, Wisconsin libertarians back solar plan

The Wisconsin Libertarian Party endorsed a clean energy group’s proposal to let customers lease solar panels.

Climate & Energy

$1,000 question: Did the population bomb ever explode?

Paul Sabin's new book "The Bet" recounts an archetypal conflict between Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon. On the line: $1,000 and the future of the planet.


Science confirms: Politics wrecks your ability to do math

A new study finds that even how you solve a difficult math problem can depend on your politics.