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Yes, coal is dying, but no, EPA is not the main culprit

A Christian Science Monitor headline claims that EPA regulations are squelching coal companies. Not so: David Roberts explains what's really snuffing out the industry.


Could Washington state elect the greenest governor in the nation?

Democrat Jay Inslee, a climate hawk and clean-energy booster, is in a tight race with Rob McKenna, a Republican who acknowledges the threat of climate change.


Hardcore pumpkin: Should I buy an organic jack-o’-lantern?

As mountains of cheap, industrially grown carving pumpkins beckon, what is a conscious, holiday-loving girl to do?


Ask Umbra: How green is my laundry detergent?

A reader says his landlord’s fancy new washing machine requires special soap. Umbra tells him not to get his knickers in a twist.


The greenest mile: Chicago pushes the limits on sustainable streets

Officials in the Windy City just finished an extreme green makeover of an industrial thoroughfare. OK: It may not be much to look at, but wait till you see what’s inside.

Climate & Energy

A new ‘golden age of oil’ in the U.S.? Don’t believe it

Those like Mitt Romney who claim that the U.S. can achieve energy “independence” by 2020 are delusional. "Extreme energy" is an extreme dead end.

Climate & Energy

We’re No. 1! (In climate denier coverage)

A recent study indicates that the U.S. ranks first in newspapers giving voice to climate deniers. Somewhere Jim Inhofe is doing a tap dance.

Climate & Energy

Does early snow disprove global warming?

Ha ha no. What are you, stupid? Come on. Grow up.

Climate & Energy

How to make energy journalism better

Media critic Jay Rosen asked David Roberts what kind of energy journalism the world needs. Here's the answer.