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Agenda 21: Everything you need to know about the secret U.N. plot, in one comic

Some Republicans and Tea Partiers want you to think that Agenda 21 is just your typical stealth campaign of “extreme environmentalism.” But when you’re finished reading the latest in Grist’s series, The Basics, you’ll be terrified.

Business & Technology

Next-level sh!t: Bill Gates has seen the future, and it is craptacular

Bill and Melinda Gates host the Super Bowl for the toilet of the future, inspiring some seriously space-age concraptions.


Swimming in seafood ratings — but what’s the real impact?

Seafood rating systems to guide consumer choices are everywhere, but the jury is still out on whether we should give them credit for rebounding fish populations.


Picking Ryan means picking a fight on transportation

Paul Ryan has tried to derail plans for high-speed train lines, and his budget proposal would take a hatchet to transportation and infrastructure spending.


Don’t box me in: The unstoppable growth of CSA-style produce delivery

What started as an intimate, two-way connection between farms and locavores has spurred a much wider approach to produce delivery. But does bringing organic food to the masses dilute real community-supported agriculture?

Climate & Energy

Should we talk about the weather? Discussing climate without killing the conversation

Warmer weather and severe storms are changing the game for one New England ski resort. The Slow Ride Stories crew hears how the business is adapting -- and how nearby residents are getting along in a hot and volatile new world.


Pesticide-resistant insects add insult to drought injury

Monsanto's GMO corn is succumbing to corn rootworms, the exact insects it was designed to kill. And the drought in the Midwest is only making things worse.


New Agtivist: From backyard farmer to community visionary in Oakland

With a farm store and a 220-acre project in the works, City Girl Farms founder Abeni Ramsey is pushing the urban agriculture envelope in Oakland and beyond.


The travails of a novice bike commuter

Want to ride to work but too scared to try? You’re not alone. Here is one first-timer’s harrowing tale, along with a few words of wisdom for those new to the biking tribe.