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It takes a village to combat an apocalypse

As any climate realist knows, procrastination will get us nowhere. We only have one more day to reach our goal and just 1,000 more donations to go.

Climate & Energy

Evangelical leader says we need family planning to help fight climate change

Richard Cizik, leader of an evangelical climate campaign, calls for family planning as a way to prevent both abortion and global warming.


Ask Umbra: Reused any good movies lately?

A reader wonders if there’s anything to be done with old movie film. Umbra’s response is worthy of an Oscar.


Surrounded by water on three sides, San Francisco fights to keep climate change at bay

Cities are where the real action is at, says Melanie Nutter. The San Francisco sustainability director works with other cities to stave off the worst effects of climate change.


Shift the gift: Dematerializing the holidays

Introducing our theme for December: how a Grist editor's "no presents this year" letter sparked a wave of holiday-season rethinking.


Married father of two seeks Best Christmas Ever. No presents allowed.

In which our hapless hero does his best to get himself out of the hole he dug when he asked, in front of all the world, that friends and family give his kids nothing for …


Enough with the Christmas cookies: Five unpredictable homemade food gifts

These ideas will help you think outside the cookie tin.


Umbra’s second helpings: The ultimate guide to consuming wisely

Do the holidays have you feeling frazzled? Check out Umbra's guide on how to streamline your life and still enjoy the heck out of it.


This year, make it a DIY Christmas

Grist’s green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, has some unconventional ideas for gift-giving this season -- and she needs a little help.