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The Earth Summit debacle: Why our leaders don’t have game

Predictions that the Rio summit would fail became a self-fulfilling prophesy, says one young activist. But that failure can also be a catalyst for change.

Climate Change

Three ways robots can help us deal with environmental catastrophes

Since natural disasters will only increase as the planet warms, engineers are focusing on how to use robots and other mechanical gadgets to aid in disaster response.


Raw deal: Maine residents’ fight for unregulated food draws crackdown

Official "food sovereignty" ordinances in eight Maine towns haven't stopped local officials from suing an area farmer for selling raw milk.

Climate Change

Did climate change ’cause’ the Colorado wildfires?

The question of whether climate change "causes" certain events drives David Roberts a little nuts, but he tries to tackle it once and for all.

Industrial Agriculture

‘Monsanto Protection Act’ would keep GMO crops in the ground during legal battles

One sneaky provision on this year's agriculture appropriations docket would practically give biotech companies immunity from USDA regulation. Needless to say, activists are up in arms.


Date with disaster: Adventurers sail through wave of tsunami debris

Last year, a tidal wave washed an entire Japanese city into the sea. The debris, washing this way, holds clues about the nature of our trash-filled oceans.

Climate & Energy

Coal plants: Filthy, dangerous, and now a terrible investment!

Ignore the industry's wheezing protestations: The days of affordable coal-fired power are over, and a new Sierra Club report shows how, social and environmental damages aside, new coal plants are just lousy investments.

Climate & Energy

‘Stand back, I’m going to try science': Inside the brain of ExxonMobil’s CEO

Rex Tillerson says his company's all about science, activists are "manufacturers of fear," people are ignorant, climate change is real, but don't worry because we'll adapt. What?


Training wheels for your Hummer? GM stamps brand names on Japanese bikes

In Japan, Cadillacs, Chevrolets, and Hummers are hot hot hot. Especially the ones with only two wheels.