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Ask Umbra: Are GMO sugar beets bad for the birds?

A reader wonders if she's harming hummingbirds. Umbra busts out her binoculars and goes looking for answers.

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Is global warming really slowing down?

Skeptics say global warming is over. They're wrong.

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A gorgeous video of a devastating fire

Photographer Matt Johnson traveled to Colorado in June 2013 and shot time-lapse footage of the West Fork Complex Fires.

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Mind the carbon gap

The difference between a country’s extraction, production and consumption emissions are what we call "carbon gaps." Here's a look at how different countries compare.

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Why are some states trying to ban LEED green building standards?

The influential timber industry has its own set of standards, and environmentalists aren't happy.

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Hope and fellowship

Climate change is so dire and social change is so slow. Is there any hope?

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Green ole opry: Susan Werner sings sweet songs of sustainability

Her songs about pesticides, frankenfoods, climate change, and selling the family farm have struck a chord with farmers both old and young.

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We should add climate change to the civil rights agenda

Climate change hits communities of color hardest, but the fight to stop it could offer a path to the middle class.

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Americans are driving less in nearly every state

Over the past eight years, the number of vehicle miles traveled has steadily decreased, a trend dominated by millennials' much lower driving rates.