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Climate Change

President Obama edits out climate change from his Earth Day proclamation

You’ll be glad to know that in the last 12 months, that whole climate change problem went away. At least that’s the impression left from comparing President Obama’s 2012 Earth Day proclamation with the 2011 one.


Four foods you probably waste — and how to stop

Are these fresh ingredients languishing in your kitchen as we speak? Stop the food waste madness with these tips and recipes.

Business & Technology

A call for a new economics: It’s time to redefine success

The old measures of prosperity are all washed up. We need new tools that create true, lasting wealth for everyone, not a dishonest economy that only serves to advance the ambitions of the lucky few.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra at 10: What a long, strange tip it’s been

Our beloved advice columnist, Umbra Fisk, reflects on 10 years of sage advice.

Election 2012

Romney, once an anti-sprawl crusader, created model for Obama ‘smart growth’ program

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney fought sprawl and promoted density -- another set of issues on which he looks to be seriously out of sync with the Tea Party and the GOP base.

Inside Grist

Haiku update: Reprieve for a boiling frog

Grist Haiku contest ends in dead heat. We're stymied. Frog, live on! (For now.)

Climate & Energy

Scientists to world leaders: You broke it, you own it

In preparation for the Earth Summit in Rio, scientists from around the globe did a little review of the literature. Not surprisingly, they say humans are officially Earth’s top dog. Surprisingly, they seem to think there’s some hope of saving this rock.

Urban Agriculture

Fowl play: Raising illegal backyard chickens [VIDEO]

Meet some outlaw chickens and the people who harbor them -- in their quiet backyards.

Election 2012

How Obama and Romney compare on green issues

A handy chart lets you compare the presidential candidates' policies on fossil fuels, clean energy, public lands, and oil subsidies.