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Climate & Energy

New culprit in sea-level rise: Pretty Arctic clouds

Common clouds over the Arctic are being blamed for the much faster-than-expected rate at which Greenland's ice sheets melted last summer.


Zappos CEO wants to lure Las Vegas residents out of their cars

The idea? Help people give up the headache of auto ownership by turning transportation into a service.


Street-smart seeds: How to grow a garden that feels at home in the city

New York's Zach Pickens resurrects the ancient art of seed saving -- with a focus on plants that thrive on rooftops and fire escapes.


Oh rot, the White House just gutted the new food safety rules

Those new rules we thought were going to keep nasties out of our food supply? Well, it was a nice idea, anyway.

Climate & Energy

The drought is drying up all our ethanol

After getting slammed last summer, ethanol producers are hoping to catch a break -- but their fate is far from settled.

Climate & Energy

Texas cities roping in more wind energy

A $6.8-billion project will connect giant cities of eastern Texas with wind farms in the state's blustery west.


Who’s really in charge on EPA rules? A chat with legal scholar Lisa Heinzerling

Rules from EPA have to go through the president’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, where they are subjected to cost considerations not envisioned by Congress. Heinzerling explains what’s wrong with this system.

Climate & Energy

Mainstream green is still too white

In Obama's first term, big environmental groups poured resources into congressional lobbying and corporate connections rather than environmental justice.

Climate & Energy

Selling solar power in India’s slums

The country is fast outgrowing its electric grid. Are small-scale solar projects the solution?