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Clean energy showdown in Arizona

National politics tends to suck up all the attention. But a battle going on in Arizona could have a huge effect on the future of solar power.

Climate & Energy

At the debate, listen for the climate silence

A new campaign aims to mobilize voters who want to see the presidential candidates take climate concerns seriously.

Climate & Energy

Undecided voters not undecided about climate change

A Yale survey found that most swing voters know human-caused climate change is real and want the government to do something about it.

Climate & Energy

Fires, droughts put focus on climate — but will we seize the moment?

Information won't lead to action without proactive planning -- the kind that requires cooperation between government, business, and other groups with a commitment to change.


Mom knows best: How food justice starts at home

Who says the food movement is led by the elite? One activist reflects on her immigrant mother's quiet determination to feed her family well in trying circumstances, and shares what we can all learn from …

Climate & Energy

DJ Spooky wants to remix the climate fight

Driven by a desire to see climate change firsthand, this hip hop artist took off for Antarctica with cameras and microphones. He hopes the audiovisual results will move your body and your mind.

Climate & Energy

RIP, Barry Commoner: A scientist who wasn’t afraid to make some noise

This pioneering ecologist argued that protecting the environment was inseparable from social issues such as civil, women's, and consumer rights.

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Matt Damon brings the fracking fight to the big screen

In the fracking-centric "Promised Land," Matt Damon, John Krasinski, and Gus Van Sant aim to deliver a star-studded, Oscar-baiting environmental drama -- and they'll do it without a single penguin or Powerpoint.

Climate & Energy

Three climate and energy debate questions for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Given how relevant our energy future and response to climate change are to the economy, here are some questions we'd love to hear asked in Wednesday's domestic-policy debate.