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Climate & Energy

9 scary facts about the Yosemite fire

Just another wildfire? Nope. This one's different. Here's why.


Syngenta to take a continent to court to upend pesticide ban

Syngenta is suing the European Commission to let it continue selling neonic insecticides that kill pollinating bees.


New app lets you hack the streets

It's time to take the streets back from the the transportation engineers -- even if it's only for pretend.

Climate & Energy

We’re already sick of climate change — and getting sicker

Reporter Linda Marsa investigated the impact of global warming on our health. Cover your mouth: What she found is terrifying.

Climate & Energy

For tweet’s sake: How to get the most out of 140 characters

Yes, Twitter is an addictive time suck. But it's also an incredibly powerful way to enhance your career and communicate about climate change. David Roberts offers tips and tricks.

Climate & Energy

Explained in 90 seconds: How climate change fuels wildfires

Higher temperatures, prolonged drought, and fire suppression policy combine to make fires worse.

Climate & Energy

Ask Umbra: What can Fukushima teach us?

With revelations about nuke-plant leaks in the news, Umbra looks into the hot mess that is energy production.

Climate & Energy

How hospitals can help fight climate change

Jeff Thompson runs a hospital that's planning to be energy independent by 2014. Here, he shares how his organization is leading the charge in healthcare sustainability.

Climate & Energy

Fears for seabirds as global warming affects coastline

A new study warns of a threat to U.K. wildlife as rising sea levels and changing weather patterns transform coastlines.