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Election 2012

How Obama and Romney compare on green issues

A handy chart lets you compare the presidential candidates' policies on fossil fuels, clean energy, public lands, and oil subsidies.

Climate Change

My Earth Day wish: A better human brain

For Earth Day, Treehugger asked several green types what one wish they had that might make the world a better place. David Roberts would change the human brain.

Business & Technology

Apple and Greenpeace trade blows in data-center grudge match

Apple and Greenpeace recently traded blows over how much clean power is used by one of Apple’s data centers. Calculating the energy use of the state-of-the-art center proves elusive.


Obama may blow off the Earth Summit

World leaders will gather in June to discuss the future of the planet. Will the president be a no-show?

Sustainable Farming

Poop dreams: A farmer on why we should care about manure

Waste not, want not: A chat with the author of the No. 1 book on the No. 2 business.

Election 2012

Happy Earth Day, Mitt!

Mitt Romney might be the country's No. 1 brownwasher, trying to cover up past greenery and blend in with the GOP crowd.

Scary Food

Paper asks: Does high-fructose corn syrup contribute to a rise in autism?

New science suggests that the ubiquitous sweetener may interact with environmental factors -- such as exposure to heavy metals and pesticides -- to impact childhood development.


The weirdest, worst PR crap we’ve seen this Earth Day

Earth Day 2012 drops on Sunday, and it's more than just an opportunity to celebrate and protect our fragile blue marble. It's also a chance to shill lots of crappy products and services. Here are some of the weirdest.

Business & Technology

Top 10 ways Walmart is failing on sustainability

Walmart recently released a new Global Responsibility Report, but don't believe the hype.