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The Soil Trust helps put your money where your mouth is

A new project from Slow Money is pooling small investments from ordinary people to help get sustainable food businesses off the ground.


Big-city problems, small-farm solutions: ‘Carbon Zero,’ chapter 6

Reorganizing our food system provides an opportunity to ratchet down our cities' carbon emissions while also reconnecting them to the natural world.


Mother load: The secret to DIY kombucha

You'll need a kombucha "mother" to make your own. The good news is you don't have to get it from your housemate’s boyfriend, who got it from a girl on Craigslist in exchange for a …

Climate & Energy

As global climate talks founder, young people demand real change

Delegates from around the world have convened in Qatar for the COP18 climate talks. Frustrated with the inaction, youth activists raise some hell.

Climate & Energy

In defense of a carbon tax

In response to David Roberts' post outlining why a carbon tax could be tricky to pull off, two proponents of the policy offer 10 reasons why we should still push for one.

Climate & Energy

Obama can tackle climate in his second term, and he doesn’t need Congress to do it

Here’s how Obama can crack down on carbon from filthy old coal-fired power plants and substantially reduce U.S. emissions -- without any help from Congress.


Growing something out of nothing: The story of D.C.’s Wangari Gardens

A new community garden in a Washington, D.C., food desert comes together by the sheer will of the area's residents.


Share and share alike: ‘Carbon Zero,’ chapter 5

In a carbon zero city, you wouldn't need to own a car -- or even a power drill. Redirecting the stuff we don't use into sharing economies can rewire consumption and save tons of carbon …


The Blue book on bikes: Everything you need to know and then some

Bike blogger/evangelist Elly Blue has written the perfect introduction to bicycling for newbies.