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Who’s paying for GMO-labeling initiative campaigns?

So far, supporters of a Washington state ballot measure have spent four times as much as opponents.

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Hurricane enable: How climate change is mixing up bigger, badder storms

Humans are playing bartender with the climate, and it doesn't bode well for your beach vacation.

Climate & Energy

California’s unusual plan to cut greenhouse gases

Here's how the Bay Area, Sacramento, and San Diego are cutting greenhouse gases in response to S.B. 375.


Elephant in the room: Why getting the GMO story straight is so hard

Specialization, tribalism, and the human love of a good story make it tough to assemble a full picture of any complex research topic -- including GMOs.

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When will solar get cheap enough for everyone to use?

The faster the price of solar power falls, the more viable it becomes as an energy source -- and the sooner we'll see it on roofs across America.

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China’s voyage to cross the less frozen Arctic Ocean

China bets historically low Arctic ice will allow a rusty hulk to sail through the fabled Northern Sea Route, opening up a shortcut to lucrative trade in the E.U.


The next great farming frontier? Look up

A new green revolution is underway -- on urban rooftops.

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Movements without leaders: What to make of change on an overheating planet

The climate movement may not have capital-L Leaders, but its success relies on small-l leaders by the tens of thousands.

Goodbye for now

Starting Labor Day, I'll be taking a year off from Grist, blogging, tweeting, and the entire internet. Here's why.