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Lose the girdle: Sustainable ‘Mad Men’ fashion for plus-sized awesome

Anslee Connell is one of the few full-figured designers making her fare out of recycled fabrics. And she hopes her work will empower women to feel good and do something awesome.


Salt, sugar, and fat: Why we can’t quit junk food’s holy trinity

Michael Moss, author of "Salt Sugar Fat," talks to Grist about how these three ingredients make processed food so addictive -- for both consumers and companies.

Climate & Energy

More coal-fired idiocy and mendacity in Nevada

The notoriously filthy Reid Gardner coal plant has been falsifying pollution data, and Nevada officials aren't doing shit about it, so the nearby Paiute tribe is filing suit.

Climate & Energy

Bipartisan support for distributed clean energy, in Iowa of all places

Republicans and Democrats recently came together to advance a bill that would encourage ownership of small-scale wind power by farmers. Is it a sign of things to come?


Mini-mansions are all the rage

Both industrial designers and industrious teens alike are engineering tiny paragons of sustainable living. Behold some of our recent favorites.

Climate & Energy

Post-Sandy, green groups at loggerheads with plans to rebuild Jersey’s boardwalk empire

How to rebuild all those destroyed promenades? With trees cut from the rainforest, thus contributing to even more superstorms, natch.

Climate & Energy

Two reasons climate change is not like other environmental problems

Commentators often think about climate change as an "environmental problem," but it's very different from traditional environmental problems, in two important ways.


Red, Bike & Green wants to shift the color balance in bicycling

The Bay Area's bicycling culture was lacking in the diversity department. Jenna Burton set out to change that.

Climate & Energy

Climate change could mean seven times as many Katrinas

If only a fraction of predicted global warming happens, the East Coast could be in for a rough century.