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Fossil Fuels

Fossil-fuel subsidies are the real job killers

Big Oil accuses environmentalists of killing jobs, but behind the scenes the oil industry is laying off thousands of workers and undermining our entire economy.

Urban Agriculture

Peebottle Farms: The dirt on the dirt

After putting off soil testing for two years, will our fearless urban farmer find her backyard garden full of arsenic and lead?


The only good coal is coal left in the ground

Is it important for U.S activists to fight coal exports? Damn straight it is.

Climate Change

Public understanding of climate change: Getting warmer

Public belief in human-caused climate change has climbed steadily since its low point in 2010. Could the crazy weather have anything to do with it?

Inside Grist

For Earth Day, let’s get haiku together

Retire one haiku and inspire another one! Email. Tweet. Repeat.

Farm Bill

Farm Bill 2012: ‘It’s a mess, but it’s our mess’

Daniel Imhoff, the man who literally wrote the book on food policy, talks about democracy, debate, and why we should feel thankful for the farm bill, even in depressing years like this one.


Gonzo urban bike racing cranks up camaraderie, community

In the spirit of friendly competition, urban cyclists cook up all manner of mad contests, then hold them in the most unlikely places. The result is a culture and community you could never create with cars.


HuffPo science editor asks readers: Is climate science true?

Hey, Huffington Post: I'm not one to tell you how to do your business, but maybe it would be a good idea to hire a science editor who's familiar with, like, science?


Bringing the oysters back to New York Harbor

The new documentary Shellshocked looks at the history of oysters in New York City and what it will take to integrate these water-cleansing bivalves back into the city's surrounding waters.