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John Kerry on why we need fossil fuels (for now) and climate action (for real!)

John Kerry talks to Grist about the difficulty of climate solutions, the unfortunate necessity of oil and gas, and the vacuity of Mitt Romney.


The latest GMO study raises more questions than it answers

Recent science linking tumors in rats to GMOs and pesticide exposure has come under fire from the scientific community. Isn't that all the more reason to study the issue further?


Spreading the loaf: A bakers cooperative with a vision for change

Bread Uprising envisions a food system in which everyone is entitled to bread, whether or not they have money to offer in exchange.


Umbra’s second helpings: Unplug your vampire appliances [VIDEO]

Your chargers and appliances are sucking your wallet dry, says Grist’s eco-advice columnist. Here’s how to put a stake through their hearts.


Who do greens think is the greenest president?

Corporate Knights magazine recently surveyed enviro groups for opinions on which president was greenest. Find out the surprising results.


Ditch your car this week! We double-dog dare you

Around the world this week, people are spurning their cars in favor of buses, bikes, and their own two feet. Are you up for the challenge, America?


Bee boulevard: An urban corridor becomes a haven for native pollinators

By transforming a mile of parking strips into a corridor of pollinator-friendly gardens, Seattle's Pollinator Pathway reimagines the relationship between cities and nature.


There’s arsenic in your rice — and here’s how it got there

A new study found arsenic in 200 samples of both conventional and organic rice and rice products. The science also has big implications about our farming practices -- and their chemical legacies.


Michigan’s Jennifer Granholm plugs fuel economy, Chevy Volt

The former governor of Michigan talks to Grist's Amanda Little about the auto-industry rescue, Detroit's move toward cleaner cars, and that doozy of a convention speech.