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Cities in the age of climate consequences: ‘Carbon Zero,’ chapter 1

A worldwide transition to a climate-balanced global economy lies completely within our reach. How can that be? The answer sits right where we live.


How cities can lead the climate fight: Introducing Alex Steffen’s ‘Climate Zero’

We're posting all of Alex Steffen's new book, a deep and inspiring manual for imagining how our cities can become the solution to our climate woes.


WTF is the deal with high-fructose corn syrup?

The average American downs 60 pounds of this processed sweetener each year. Is that a bad thing? In this latest edition of The Basics, we explain it all.


After a term of hanging around the hoops, Obama could slam dunk for cities

The president spent his first four years lining up a promising urban policy agenda. Now it’s time for a full-court press for smart growth.

Help Grist thwart an evil plan

Would you give just five bucks to bulwark Grist's indispensable green news against a villainous threat?

Business & Technology

When it comes to fuel efficiency, car companies are seeing the light

Automakers are experimenting with lightweight bodies and new engines to meet ambitious fuel efficiency standards.


Looking for antibiotic-resistant bacteria? Try raw pork

A new study by Consumer Reports found pork contaminated with dangerous levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including high rates of Yersinia.

Climate & Energy

Will Jay Inslee, Washington’s next governor, fight coal trains?

Inslee got elected on a green platform with a lot of help from green groups, but he's remained silent on one critical issue: coal export terminals.

Business & Technology

Earthshaking news from Mars, teaser edition

One of the Mars rover’s smart guys, Ken Herkenhoff, tells all about the “seven minutes of terror,” possible “touchdown” discoveries, and why the folks at Mission Control call Curiosity “she.”