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Business & Technology

Chevy plugs into demand, cuts Volt price by $5,000

The 2014 Volt will arrive in U.S. dealerships later this month and start at $34,995.

Climate & Energy

A year after a refinery explosion, Richmond, Calif., is fighting back

Last August's explosion and fire were just the latest in a long history of disasters at Chevron's East Bay plant. Locals have had enough.

Climate & Energy

Watching Fox News makes you distrust climate scientists

New research shows that global warming denial is partly fueled by negative treatment of scientists in conservative media.


Don’t have a cow: Lab-grown meat inches closer to your plate

Food writers recently got a taste of a $332,000 beef-free burger. Is this the future of meat or just a sideshow?


Precious cargo: These bikes carry just about anything — pianos included

A suitcase, a kid, your grandmother -- these are all things that can be carted around with a cargo bike. Here are the pictures to prove it.


When your parking grows up: What curb spaces can become

On-street parking takes up a lot of room in our cities. Parking reforms can change that -- but what will we do with all the extra space?


Genetically modified seed research: What’s locked and what isn’t

When corporations patent genetically engineered seeds, how tightly do they tie the hands of scientists trying to test their safety?


An American in Denmark: Close encounters with European bicycle culture

In Copenhagen, bikes are as common as vacuum cleaners -- and the people who ride them are bloody amazing.

Climate & Energy

Ask Umbra: What’s so bad about fracking?

A reader asks for the facts on hydraulic fracturing. Umbra drills down.