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The mother of all rides: Biking across America on the old Route 66

In "The Grapes of Wrath," John Steinbeck dubbed Route 66 “The Mother Road.” Now this long-abandoned cross-country byway gets a second life as an epic bike touring highway.


What your hamburger really costs [VIDEO]

If we wanted to pay for the climate impact, water use, and healthcare costs behind our burgers, this video says we'd have to add $1.50 to the price of every one we ate.

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Behind the scenes at a big mountaintop-mining protest: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Over the weekend, protesters shut down part of a huge mountaintop-removal coal mining operation in West Virginia. One of the activists spills the dirt about police intimidation, abuse from local miners, and snubs from fellow protesters.

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Senators fiddle while nation burns

After three years of silence, the Senate finally held a hearing about the climate. Watch the video highlights and weep.


New Olympic sport: The speed shower

Let’s face it. You waste water when you wash. But Grist’s eco-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, has a whole bathtub full of solutions -- and she’s challenging you to a shower-off.


Along the L.A. River, new signs of life in an industrial wasteland

While city leaders labor to rebuild riverside green space, Mama Nature is making inroads of her own. These scrappy wetlands offer a hint of what is to come in a city that’s going green.


Green washing: Learn what all those tiny laundry symbols mean

Clothing lasts longer if you know how to take care of it, but plenty of people can't even decode the runes on the tags. No longer: We submit the Rosetta Stone for decoding laundry labels. Learn it, save your clothes, and save a little bit of resources in the process.


GMO potatoes: Is the biodiversity shortcut worth it?

The Irish potato famine should have taught the food and farming world that crop diversity is crucial. But the genetically engineered potato on trial in Ireland suggests that we haven't actually learned much.

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The secrets drillers can hide about the fracking in your backyard

The majority of states where fracking occurs have no disclosure laws at all, and those that do exist are pretty pitiful. Check out these maps to see how your state measures up.