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Ask Umbra: Are wrinkle-free shirts treated with toxic chemicals?

A reader wonders about the toxicity of her husband's non-iron shirts. Umbra straightens her out.

Climate & Energy

Getting ready for climate change: How the West Coast can lead the way

Leaders in California, Oregon, and Washington are talking about climate-smart infrastructure, while residents of the states are calling for clean energy investments.


How Walmart is devouring the food system

One out of every four dollars Americans spend on groceries goes to Walmart. Get more scary facts about Walmart and food.


Sen. Jeff Merkley on the (surprisingly nontrivial) chances for filibuster reform

There's been talk of reforming dysfunctional Senate rules for years. This time, says Sen. Jeff Merkley, it may actually happen.


Are you a farmer worried about GMO contamination? USDA says ‘get insurance’

A recent federal report on GMO contamination highlights the growing chasm between industrial and sustainable farmers.


Move a little closer, please: ‘Carbon Zero,’ chapter 3

The key to climate salvation lies in making our cities denser. Alex Steffen explains why smart "walksheds" pave the way to lower emissions.


Umbra’s second helpings: How to be a countertop composter [VIDEO]

Live in a tiny apartment? You can still compost. Umbra breaks it down.

Go, go, gadget Grist: Help us stay on the cutting edge

Can you imagine Austin Powers without his Shaguar? Or Maxwell Smart without the shoe phone? Grist can't go far without the right tech tools, either.

Climate & Energy

No Keystone XL? Big Oil will just take the train

Thanks to anti-pipeline activism and a North American oil boom, more crude is being transported by rail.