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Climate & Energy

Is the next Fukushima in your backyard?

Two years after Fukushima, some U.S. nuclear power plants are still having meltdown scares.

Is ‘Twilight’ influencing our environmental imagination?

Wonder what’s shaping our warped relationship with the natural world? Look no further than popular literature, says ecocritic George Handley.

Climate & Energy

Ending the stupid technology innovation vs. deployment fight once and for all

Should we develop new clean energy technology or deploy the tech we already have? Both, obviously. So why are we still arguing about it?


Plate tech-tonics: How smartphones can help stop food waste

We throw away almost half the food that’s produced in this country. These new mobile platforms save food from the dumpster and send it to hungry people instead.


Ask Umbra: Is there hope in this world?

A reader writes from the edge of despair. Umbra urges her not to jump.


Washington, D.C., wants to be the greenest city in the U.S.

Just weeks after the district unveiled an ambitious new sustainability plan, drastic federal spending cuts kicked in, possibly dooming the entire effort.

Climate & Energy

The rare non-sucky infographic on climate change

Here's an infographic that's genuinely informative and helpful.

Climate & Energy

Activism and policy are not the same thing

Keystone scolds seem to think that what activists are engaged in is a policy proposal. That's stupid.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is making animals shrink

Animals worldwide cope with climate change by getting physically smaller, in a biological trend scientists call "adorbs."