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Climate & Energy

Could utilities’ future be selling light instead of electrons?

The new business model would give utilities incentive to invest in energy efficiency.


Time magazine catches on to the childfree movement, misses the green angle

A cover story on "The Childfree Life" recognizes the economic, social, and personal upsides to skipping parenting, but neglects to mention the environmental benefits.

Climate & Energy

Greenhouse gas emissions explained, in seven balloons

In 2010, human activity caused 50 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Here's how the sources compare.


Where’s the (contaminated) beef?

Hold that burger: The USDA just announced the recall of "approximately 50,100 pounds of ground beef products."


Fast food and furious: Restaurant workers are fed up with minimum wage

Fast food workers are on the march nationwide. What, oh what, are the poor corporate fat cats to do?

Climate & Energy

American firm debuts first airplane to run on natural gas

The plane can fly on both standard aviation fuel and compressed natural gas.


Don’t let the mustache fool you: That’s just an unregulated cab

Companies like Lyft and Sidecar say they're just tech-powered carpooling services, but that's not how it's working out in the streets.

Climate & Energy

Global warming could cause 50 percent increase in violent conflict

Scientists see fresh evidence of a strong link between climate change and violence.


Want to become an urban naturalist? Try trailing a toddler

When it comes to noticing the wild details in a mundane landscape, nobody does it like little people.