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Planting rebellion: How to reclaim our seed culture

A new book highlights the culture of "seed-savers" and reveals the crucial, often invisible role seeds play in keeping our food system stable and genetically diverse.


Ask Umbra: Who’s the greenest character on TV?

A reader wonders which shows have the best eco-role models. Umbra goes channel surfing.


David Byrne plays Scrabble with bike racks in Brooklyn

The former Talking Heads front man-turned-bicycle-advocate is making his mark on the NYC streetscape with funky new cycle infrastructure.

Five weird burgers (and the companies who should sponsor them)

Here's a wrap-up of some of the weirdest hamburgers in recent history -- complete with imaginary corporate backers.


12 things you can do with a parking spot (besides parking a car)

On PARK(ing) Day, humans around the world reclaimed parking spots with miniature golf courses, Twister, pop-up chicken coops, and banana art. Check out our favorite photos.

Climate & Energy

Why is rooftop solar cheaper in Germany than in the U.S.?

A new survey has answers -- and they're not as obvious as you might expect.


Buttercup squash and maple syrup tart [Recipe]

This healthy, savory pastry makes an easy autumn treat. And the video of the process is lovely, too!

Climate & Energy

Quiz: How many climate deniers could you fight off?

If climate-change skeptics came at you with slime, mud, and threatening letters, how many could you beat up? Take our quiz to find out.


Philadelphia’s Katherine Gajewski is turning a gritty city green

Philadelphia's sustainability director talks about overflowing sewers, making climate change a central part of city government, and her city’s lovely bones.