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Climate Change

Climate reality bites: Gen-Xers don’t care much about global warming

Members of Generation X are responding to climate change with a big, collective shrug of indifference, according to a new survey.


Third-World problems in the First World: We need family planning to fight poverty in the U.S. too

A big article in The New York Times examines single motherhood and poverty, but fails to mention birth control. That's quite the omission.

Green Living Tips

Umbra’s second helpings: Planning dream vacations

A reader wants to see the world without destroying it. Umbra shares some green trip tips.


Small-scale grains: Another piece of the locavore puzzle

Most small farmers can't compete with the efficiency of industrial grain production, but a growing number are now offering heritage and landrace varieties in their local areas.


Jeremy’s iron will: On-screen villain plays the good guy in anti-waste doc

In a new documentary, "Trashed," Jeremy Irons explores the toxic effects an endless worldwide buildup of waste has on our health and environment.

Election 2012

Green Party’s presidential candidate says it’s time to ‘take our country back’

Boston physician Jill Stein has accepted the party’s nomination for the highest office in the land. Now, can she get anyone to pay attention?

Solar Power

Why we pay double for solar in America (but won’t forever)

The barriers to cheap solar in the U.S. can be solved by policy, not technological, innovation. It's not too ambitious to assume the price of solar will keep falling.


D.C. unveils plans for awesome new green neighborhood

Pedestrian boulevards and museums will replace a no-man’s land of urban renewal projects gone wrong. A new park will reconnect the city to its waterfront.

Climate Change

Carbon causes extreme weather; in other news: Smoking causes cancer

We have no problem saying "smoking causes cancer." It's time to start being just as frank when talking about carbon pollution's negative effects.