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Boehner bombs: House speaker fails on transportation bill

With just hours left before a congressional holiday, it looks like House Speaker John Boehner, rather than accepting a bipartisan compromise, has opted to do nothing about the nation's roads.


Kate Zidar: A sewershed grows in Brooklyn

Salvaging a notoriously polluted urban creek takes nerds of steel.


Who harvests your winter tomatoes? [VIDEO]

This moving episode of the Perennial Plate takes us to visit Lupe Gonzalo, a Florida tomato worker from Guatemala who talks openly about her hopes and struggles.

Sustainable Farming

The woman who took on Koch Industries to save her farm

The author of the new book Turn Here Sweet Corn talks about organic farming, rural development, and what it takes to fight big corporate money with people power.


Meet Mr. Coal Guy: He’ll say anything to make you think coal is safe

The Sierra Club launches a new campaign using classic shows like Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting to parody the desperation of Big Coal advertising.

Climate Policy

What’s the deal with EPA carbon rules for existing power plants?

EPA's latest rule applies only to new power plants. But rest assured, rules for existing power plants are in the works.


What if Jay-Z ran a healthy corner store?

The founder of Atlanta's The Boxcar Grocer asks: When was the last time a corner store made a healthy lifestyle look fun and accessible to urban audiences?

Inside Grist

Grist spreads our new design’s wings

We rolled out our new look much more widely on our site. Let us know what you think!


Health-care reform: Collective solutions and the individualist tantrum

As the Supreme Court debates health-care reform, what's at stake? Our collective capacity to solve any of the big complex problems we face, that's what.