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Women take back the farm, and Grist takes to the airwaves

Grist contributor Lori Rotenberk talks about female farmers on WNYC, and takes a call from a “farmer’s husband.”


Climate change is making private heat islands for people of color

New research suggests that people of color are at a higher risk for extreme heat events.

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The Southwest’s forests may never recover from megafires

"Abnormal" fire risks have become the new normal in the parched Southwest.

Climate & Energy

Whatever happened to “green jobs”?

Four years ago, Obama's climate messaging focused on the benefits of a green economy. Why the sudden swing to science?


Ask Umbra: Is it OK to shop at IKEA?

A reader urges her boyfriend to choose upcycled furniture over IKEA indulgence. Umbra pulls up a chair to the negotiating table.


The genetically modified food debate: Where do we begin?

If we look past the rhetoric on both sides and review the science with an open mind and a skeptical eye, surely we can arrive at some trustworthy conclusions. Right?


This fish farm gives a portion of its product to predators

Veta La Palma takes sustainable fish farming to a whole new level.


Can bringing wetlands back to our coasts protect us from future megastorms?

Landscape architect Kevin Shanley says human-made marshes can act as buffers against storm surges, but will they be enough to save us from the rising seas?

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Solar-powered sedan hits Dutch streets

Stella is a solar-powered prototype car with a range of 270 miles, room for four plus luggage -- and a steering wheel that swells and shrinks.