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Business & Technology

Contrarian conservationist: Nature Conservancy’s chief scientist riles old-school greens

Biologist Peter Kareiva says conservationists are too focused on restoring pristine nature. Instead, he says, they need to think about creating a future we can all live with.


Keeping it in the family: BPA’s effects might last in our bodies for generations

Scientists who exposed mice to BPA at low-level, consistent doses found that it caused genetic and behavioral changes that persisted for generations.


Through a green glass, darkly: How climate will reshape American history

How does today's climate crisis revise our understanding of our collective past? Mark Fiege, author of a new environmental chronicle of the U.S., takes us on a natural history tour.


Rush Limbaugh says Obama manipulated hurricane forecasts to delay GOP convention

The conservative radio host spins out a truly wacky conspiracy theory.

Climate & Energy

Record drought sends cattle hoofin’ East [VIDEO]

American expansion took ranchers West. Now the drought is forcing them back East in search of greener pastures.


Cuts to food stamps will hit red state residents hardest

The states with the highest hunger rates include the GOP strongholds of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennesee, West Virginia, and Louisiana.


Ask Umbra: My dog’s pee pads are breaking my heart

A reader wants to find a sustainable alternative to her dog's disposable pee pads. Umbra sniffs around for an answer.


Monsanto’s 10 most misleading talking points on GMO labeling

The biotech giant will go to great lengths to spin the story on GMO labeling, even if that means making claims it can't support.


Two ways to concentrate and save tomatoes

Have a bunch of tomatoes lying around? Lucky you! Here are two delicious ways to make them last.