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Solar Power

Why we pay double for solar in America (but won’t forever)

The barriers to cheap solar in the U.S. can be solved by policy, not technological, innovation. It's not too ambitious to assume the price of solar will keep falling.


D.C. unveils plans for awesome new green neighborhood

Pedestrian boulevards and museums will replace a no-man’s land of urban renewal projects gone wrong. A new park will reconnect the city to its waterfront.

Climate Change

Carbon causes extreme weather; in other news: Smoking causes cancer

We have no problem saying "smoking causes cancer." It's time to start being just as frank when talking about carbon pollution's negative effects.

Election 2012

Green streak: Green Party aims to stir up presidential race

This election year, the Green Party hopes to ride the spirit that drove the Occupy movement right into the mainstream.

Sustainable Farming

From sniper to farmer: Veteran redefines patriotism [VIDEO]

After six tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, this wounded combat veteran is raising chickens as a way to serve his country.

Farm Bill

Insult to injury: How the House snuck protection for GMOs into its farm bill

On top of huge cuts to food stamps and big giveaways to Big Ag, the just-passed House farm bill also includes a special provision to protect the biotech industry.


Blood on the bike path: What a tragic accident teaches us about safely sharing the trails

When an elderly woman was killed in a collision with a bicyclist, commenters on news websites unleashed a flurry of anti-cyclist vitriol. Not only was it unfair, but a few simple rules of thumb might …


L.A. braces for hellish heat waves while world leaders diddle

Los Angeles and other cities have been leading the fight against climate change. Now, they’re preparing for the inevitable.


Top chefs go to ‘food policy boot camp’

Chefs as sustainability advocates? Absolutely, says the James Beard Foundation, which invited 15 chefs to take a deep dive into issues of antibiotic overuse and the farm bill earlier this week.